23 August 2012

Final Fantasy Dissidia Squall Play Arts Kai

After waiting 15 agonizing days, Squall finally arrived today! Alright, some quick background information! I got him from an online store called Things From Another World (TFAW) for $29.99 (with $8.80 shipping). It's an amazing deal compare to the retail price which is $49.99 and with crazy shipping fee of $14-25. I was prepared to spend that amount to get him. (One cannot just see and leave Squall alone) I was lucky to stumble upon TFAW who was selling the cheapest, genuine Squall Play Arts Kai. Shameless-self-praising! 

When the package arrived, I was squealing my guts out. So this is how the packaging looks like. Pretty neat. Much to my relief, it's not a bootleg. Pheeww. Hope on online shopping: Restored. What's more... this last Squall TFAW had in store and I was surprised to see perfect condition of the box. Not a single rough corner or scratch. Very very impressive. 

 The action figure is just amazing. His eyes are ridiculously sharp and vivid. The details are flawless as well. I was handling him like a porcelain doll until I tried to pose him. That's when it got tricky and funny. I tried to articulate his waist and ended up snapping him in half. Thank the Lord it was ball-jointed and I was about to plop him back. I think my heart stopped for 5 seconds when I thought I ruined him. FOREVER. Viva Barbarian woman's strength.

Other than the waist-fright I had, the rest of the body articulates pretty well. The legs are a little bit weird because his left leg is shorter than his right leg (he is supposed to be leaning his weight on one leg). But once you get the hang of it, he is super fun to play with. 

One cannot take a picture of Squall without an ass shot.
Dat ass...

What more can I say about this beautiful specimen other than he is incredibly photogenic? I tried to get a shot of him from all sorts of angles and he still looks gorgeous. I absolutely love his face. The delicate lines and shape are just breathtaking.

He has a swag in his walk.

                       Squall doing auto-portrait.                                                        Squall as the Successful Kid
             "I'm so pretty even though I am brooding..."                                                "Hell Yeah!"

It took me awhile to get used to his grip on the Gunblade. At first it was really awkward. It felt as though I might destroy his fingers if I force the handle on him but after a few daring tries, it actually works! So if you own this figure, don't be afraid to be a little bit rough on him. He can handle it. Rawrrr... The result is totally worthy. He looks so much badass now that he is holding his Lionheart.

Oh yeah that big Gunblade.... (if you know what I mean)
This shot was unintentional. I was just playing with the angles and I laughed wayyy too hard when I realize how awkward the angle was. Oh well~

Pretty boy Squall engaged a battle with the little people. I bought those guys from Renaud Bray years ago. They cost $6.99 each (I just tore out their price tags)

Musketeer 1: Bloody Hell! I got the giant in the arse!    Musketeer 2: Good work, mate! Let me join ya!

Epic Butt-stabbing.
Musketeer 2 looks very, very focused on a certain piece of ass. XD I don't blame him. Squall does have one fine butt.

After his sour defeat, Squall escapes the battle on his blue lamb. Brooding and angry.

The end.

If any of you are interested in buying anime/cartoon figurines, feel free to ask me. I spent a lot of time stalking each online website. I have some knowledge as to which website has whatnot (best deal). So it will save you time to search for them.
Since this Squall is the last from TFAW, you won't be finding any more there. But I do know where you can get the second cheapest.

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  1. I'm first!
    Nice pictures and I didnt think he would look this good.

    From penguin~

    1. Squall looks good anywhere. To be honest, he exceeds my expectation. Now he is sulking on my shelf, craving for attention.

  2. Awesome review and photos
    Good thing I didn't get that old Play Arts version of Squall

    I also review some toys/action figures. Right now my focus is mostly Play Arts/Play Arts Kai. :D
    Can we link up?

    Here's my blog [Randomly Random] petrifieddesigns.blogspot.com (I'm a n00b blogger btw)

    Thanks :D

    1. Oh wow, that's an awesome idea. Sure. I'm in! Nice to meet you. I'm not sure how to link up but I welcome that idea. I check out your blog. It's pretty interesting. You buy/sell play arts. That's super cool. I will definitely discuss play arts with you~ I currently have 3 play arts kai figures (Squall, Gabranth, Nero) and I reviewed them. So feel free to stalk them.

  3. Lol, I already set my eyes on Gabranth because of his awesome armor. You should check out the play arts kai of Nathan Drake (Uncharted 3) and Cloud dissidia version, they're awesome. I hope they add Cecil (FFIV) or Garland (FFI) in the Dissidia Play Arts Kai line

    And check out Trading Arts Kai Mini too. They have a chibi versions of FF characters, and it looks like Square-Enix's version of Nendroid figures :D

    Anyway here's how to link up, it's like adding a gadget in the layout customization in blogger, select "Link List" then put my blog page address then click save. You can add different webpages too

    I already linked you up to my blog

    1. Cool! I linked up.

      I checked up your list of your must-get play arts. I too have been browsing for Play Arts and sometimes, I see some of the ones you want available for about $48 not including shipping like Kratos, Nathan Drake...etc. Not sure what's your budget but if you need the websites, just tell me. :)

      Oh, and I found a website with cheap Reno ($20) & Gabranth ($41) (not sure how reliable the supplier is, didn't research them yet)

      Reno: http://www.animeharu.com/shop/figure/anime-figure/final-fantasy/final-fantasy-advent-children--reno-play-arts-action-figure.asp

      Gabranth: http://www.animeharu.com/shop/figure/anime-figure/final-fantasy/final-fantasy-dissidia--gabranth-play-arts-kai-action-figure.asp

      And man... did you see how sexy Raiden from Metal Gear looks? The detail of that Play Arts is amazing!

    2. Right now, I don't have a toy budget. I'm currently saving cash for Gabranth and Reno figure. Thanks for the site you mentioned, this is a good store alternative in case that the local toy store here in the Philippines ran out of stock.

      Other sites like Play-Asia.com is also a great store that sells 100% original toys for a good price

      Yes, that Raiden is badass! I love play arts figures because of its high detail. I'm excited for this figure and the game. I'm planning to review them lol

      Oh! BTW...
      HAPPY NEW YEAR! ^_^

    3. Oooh, interesting. I'm currently saving up for Raiden. I found an online store selling him for $USD 56. Why are the Play Arts so expensive... >.< they are just so epic in their details.

      I can't wait to see all the Play Arts you have.
      Have a very happy New Year!