15 September 2012

Are You Alice?

For any Alice in Wonderland and manga fans, I believe I have the right manga for you that fused both of your interest! Allow me to present you Are You Alice? A manga living up to the original story's strangeness. I have a love for Alice in Wonderland and even took a class to analyze the story in great details. Anyway, I was really thrilled to have finally found a manga that matched the story's whimsical craziness. 

Left to Right
Dormouse (sexy man), March Hare (little boy), Jabberwocky (the mute who got cake in the face), Red Queen (former playboy... thus... male D:) and Mad Hatter
So the brief story plot is about this boy (who readers wonder about his real identity) stumbled into Wonderland without the White Rabbit's invitation. He is the 89th Alice to have come to Wonderland and was the first to claim the name Alice as his own (normally, the WR invites you and gives you a name). Anyhow, in Wonderland, there are a whole set of rules that differ from one individual to another. 

For example the Hatter can kill anyone harmful to Alice. Since he had given his time to the Red Queen, he must obey her(his?) orders. If he wish to get his time to move again, he has to disobey the Red Queen 3 times. 

Each character has their own rules. It gets complicated but it's still entertaining. 

Here we see Alice's first day in Wonderland. He wondered around until he met the Cheshire Cat who called him Alice. When he insisted that the Chesire Cat had mistaken him with another, he failed to 'know' his name. 
Soon, he was approached by girls who want the name Alice back. They claimed that the name Alice is their own. However, their time of being Alice was over... they are nothing but Regrets. Now it's the time the boy Alice takes the name Alice and finish the story by killing the White Rabbit.
So we have a non-stereotypical Alice (other than the fact that Alice is a MALE), he is feisty and... violent. Together with the Hatter's personality, they are a good team. The humor is sometimes quite unexpected and manages to pull a smile out of you.

The plot thickens as it's subtly revealed that the Boy Alice was the real Alice's unborn brother. She agreed to share her name with her unborn brother... in the story, there are 'revelation' that Boy Alice had murdered his sister to claim the name as his own.
This is the Dormouse entering the castle to finish his purpose... damn sexy!
For those who think this is a fluffy bunny story... you are wrong. This manga shows the strange world of Wonderland and the wickedness lies in the darkness. People get beheaded and killed. Even Boy Alice would eventually be attacked in a gruesome fight (don't worry. It's not that gruesome... just blood here and there)
It's really an interesting manga. If you like Alice... you found a jackpot. If you don't... it's still good! Be warned: The plot might confuse the hell out of people. If you need clarification, don't be shy and ask me or around the manga forum.

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