7 September 2012

Beautiful Malaysia (Part 1)

So summer is almost over. I just want to show you a trip I made to Malaysia. It's a beautiful place with a whole different culture and lifestyle. The place in part 1 took place on a small island called Penang. Fly to Malaysia and feel the fun!

When my family landed, it was night. This is how dawn looks like in Penang. You notice the mixture of green and concrete. It's not uncommon in Penang because there are still villages every here and there though the number is quickly shrinking. Old villages are being demolished to build new apartments and shopping malls. 

You can see the coconut trees (yes Penang is famous for their coconuts that seem to be able to grow just anywhere).  You see the little villagers walking about in their village. Children playing tags around the trees. The roads in the villages are very narrowed, so only motorbikes can squeeze through, making it not so dangerous to play on the roads. 

Beautiful pool on above ground level. At night, lights will shine from the bottom upward. It's gorgeous!

 Now we are at the "wet market" meaning it's not the supermarket but the natural "village-ish" marketplace. Merchants sell all sorts of things there: Meat, vegetables, snacks, local dishes, cute accessories, pirated stuff. Locals who are familiar with the prices are able to bargain like crazy. Here we see a vendor who is selling coconut juice. Yummy!

This is one super delicious pastry that I strongly recommend any tourist to try out. It's called Ban Chang Kuih. It's like pancake except it's super crispy. It has flour, butter, coconuts, peanuts and corns. Oh god, sooo good! My favorite snack ever! You can buy a big size for RM 0.80 (that's like $0.25)!!!! Super cheap and super good!

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See you then!


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