10 September 2012

Do You Know about This Blog Facebook Got Locked Out?

Have you ever got locked out from your Facebook? Oh yes, it happens to me. After reading many articles on blogging and ways to improve traffic, I followed their guidance and created a Facebook account for this blog only to have it locked out. *Facepalm* Seriously, I was just getting started. I put on the cover page and a troll face as my profile pic (lol... karma) for the heck of it. So I was happily uploading pictures of Squall, I got kicked out of Facebook. Utterly confused, I logged in again. Facebook kicked me out once more and locked down the account. I was like .... what just happened?

I tried again and again to log in but the lock-out persists. I then tried to change my password and Facebook thought I was the suspicious looking one. Wuuuuuut. They wrote something like "You want to change the password when the account for locked down? Suspicious..." *Cry* Then they wanted me to prove my identity via ID... I was like 'no way I'm handing my ID info to Facebook of all people!' So I just let it be and hope Facebook pity me and let me have my account back.

From a pessimistic point of view, the account was just minutes old when it got locked down. So there's no 'friend' I can use as security questions. AUGH! I haven't even had the chance to set up security questions when I got locked out... frustration. (That's why I am ranting it here... hope the issue will be solved soon)

From an optimistic point of view, the blog had nothing. Just a bunch of Squall's pictures that I'm sure the internet won't mind having. There's hundreds of his pics on the net anyway. I bet fangirls would love the addition. But then again, they might not see the photo since I was 'uploading' them when I got kicked out. I never had the chance to click on the "publish" button. So I guess that account was pretty blank.

Nevertheless, I'm still slightly worried why the hacker was trying to do to my blog Facebook account? The account was so new they might as well create their own account. lol.

Sigh... now I am waiting for Facebook to unlock it from its temporary lock-down.

I really hope it's not a mean hacker. Please let it be a Facebook glitch. Seriously. My friend is worried that the hacker might be my blog's competitors. I just chuckled. "My blog? Rivals? Haha! Since when did I get famous enough to have haters? I just started blogging and mind you... I'm super nice. So why the hate, hackers? Why hack me, a nobody called Era Fey when there's a big shot celebrity called Tina Fey with almost the same name?" Of course, I don't wish for this annoying problem to befall on Tina Fey. In fact, I wish this to nobody at all! I think it's quite possible that it's just a Facebook technical glitch. However, if this is the work of a hacker... then he really needs to get a life and a falcon punch from me.

Oh! While I was searching up fellow Facebook users who are locked out on Google, I stumbled upon this nasty youtube video which teaches you how to lock people out of their Facebook! OH NO THEY DIDN'T TEACH PEOPLE THAT! AUGGGHHH *RAGE* Do they even know how frustrating it is to the innocent users? I'm not that worried about my account since I didn't do much with it yet but to other people... facebook could easily be their life! Those immature pranksters are screwing with people for fun! Don't tell me they don't deserve my falcon punch and nut kick!

Anyway, please don't let it be a hacker or a hater. Also, I'm really glad for my friend's support throughout this stressing moment. Always good to have someone who listens to your trouble while you rant on and on about injustice and your attempts to maim the villains.

I swear you guys better appreciate the LIKE Facebook button you see on my blog eventually because I went through blood and sweat for it. If you don't... *narrow eyes* I might look small but I'll hurt you! Nah...

News update: I just recreated another account with another email last night.

Also, if anyone out there had this locked out problem before, please share your experiences in the comment section... I'm sure many other distressed Facebook users would love to hear them out.

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