15 September 2012

Era Fey Self-Portrait

Special post!
Some of you must be wondering how I look like. And since I'm not particularly keen of blasting my identity in big screen, you guys get a sketch of me. TROLL FACE. If there is any proportion inaccuracy, it's my mistake. It has been awhile since I last attempted a life portrait.. so my skills are way off the bat. Though my broad shoulders and my short torso are correctly depicted. I'm not that short... just have longer legs. My hair is as bushy as ever. I'm not wearing my glasses (hate them anyway). After taking the pic of the drawing, I realize how awkward the sketch looks. I seem to be missing pants... LOL. It's tight gym pants... but whatever I'm too lazy to update another picture of the shaded version. 
I look a little bit too pretty here... mehhh... So yeah guys. This should give you a rough idea. Enjoy!

This (up) is what I look like... then this (down) is what I would like to look like and be doing...

And who I would very like much to stalk whenever I'm bored...

So now that you are done scrutinizing the sketches, I will have you know that I'm embarrassed to the core for posting them. It's like auuughhh why you attention whoreeeeee.... but *cry* I'm just drawing for fun... don't bash me. University is stressful and I'm currently not motivated to work on my other hobby (writing psychological novel). So I was like Why Not Zoidberg? I mean... drawing?

Alright, I'm done bragging and time to go back to study. Nooooo!

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    1. LOL, my dear... it's like drawing superheroes with their tight suits... the thought of shading the pants escaped me when I took the picture. It's only after I update it that I went "Oh crap"... And since I know 0 thing about photoshop... my self-portrait will have no pants.

      Ps. LOLOLOL Bigger boobs... why, such a fine compliment!


  2. Nice to meet you...again.Maybe I should do a self-portrait as well since I don't like taking photos.Anyway yours is cute and it shows that you have talent.Other drawing is one bad-ass chick and I definitely wouldn't mind a bit to look like her.And L,I swear I recognized him before I read the name at the bottom so yeah you should continue with your artwork and post more of your drawings.I totally like this post from head to bottom.You nailed it completely by comparing university with Mordor...Did I mentioned that LOTR is my favorite movie like of all times.Great since I'm thinking about it I have to go and watch it for gazillionth time

    1. Haha thank youuuu. I'm glad you find it decent consider your amazing artworks. *big admiring eyes*
      And... my dear... Lord of the Rings... that trilogy is my favorite. I cannot emphasize hard enough how much I worship Lord of the Rings. I rewatch the trilogy twice a year (Christmas and Summer). I just so happen to finish watching Two Towers and about to start Return of the King. Aragorn... is just... one perfect human being.
      AUuuughhhh, so happy to finally find someone who appreciates LotR!

    2. I'm a big big big LOTR fan.When my friend from primary school see me the first thing that comes to their mind is my obsession with the trilogy and Orlando Bloom...Man I was crazy back then,spent so much money on magazines and gadgets from the movie...and you know what I will do the same when Hobbit comes out :Pp

  3. oh and I forgot to ask you something...my freind e-mailed me a picture of my banner asking what is that grey stuff around it...I didn't know what to say because somehow I only see a picture and a black edge around it no grey stuff anywhere...so I need your opinion about what you see and how to remove it...I tried with adding css codes but it obviously didn't work :(

    1. Alright, I get what your friend means. I see the picture and some gray areas on the two sides of the rectangle. It seems to be something off with the inner header section. Are you using a blogger's template or your own? My advice (though not reliable) is to shrink your sexy boys picture a little bit. Maybe the picture length is too long so it sorts of creates extra space to balance out. I will send you a screenshot of what I mean.