5 September 2012

One Piece Chapter 680 Review

For this week's One Piece Review, we will be looking at ch 680! So Don't you agree that this chapter is so full of satisfying kick & punch! Let's start off slowly page by page. So right now, Smoker and Luffy are heading towards the C section to fight bigshots' ass, leaving the rest to run away from poisonous smoke. Trafalgar Law is off somewhere to rescue the giant kids and plan their escape. The Straw Hats are riding on Brownbeard as they were too tired to walk themselves. Tashigi and the rest of the G-5 are mourning over the death of their comrades when an expected fiend approaches them.... drumroll! This chapter is going to kick ass! Let's see how the characters are going to own up to their awesome reputation.

Zoro. You are the best. I mean his logic is flawless! Haha, he always says the darnest things... I guess that's why we love his character (aside from his kickass skills and sexy looks). 

I wasn't expecting Vergo to make an appearance that soon. It's really tragic what happened to the G-5. I mean they lost their comrades last chapter and now their respectful idol turned out to be a traitor. What was that bullshit like "One day... you might even be able to care for them" line? But I don't 100% dislike him. I still think he is a cool character despite his betrayal. I wonder what is his background connection with Doflamingo and Trafalgar Law. He seems like a pretty good guy... when he is not evil... (could the good-side be an act?)

I totally wasn't expecting Sanji to kick Vergo. It was after a few seconds that I was like "Ah... I forgot how much a lady-man he is!" Still pretty brave of him to confront a Vice-Admiral. Then again... they are the Straw Hats... they have no fear!
I have a feeling Sanji won't be fighting Vergo for long. Vergo is like a big boss... and big boss should be defeated by bigger boss (I'm not saying Sanji is no Boss but you get what I mean). It just didn't feel right that Sanji should fight Vergo... it lacks something I cannot describe. 
Also they can't continue to fight at that passage since Ceasar is going to poison the place... so will there be a truce while they run (again, somehow that doesn't feel right either). Anyway that's my thoughts, onward!

AWWW YEAH! Here comes the satisfying Luffy-punch! Seriously. Luffy always has the best punch... like with Bellamy at Mock Town, the Celestial Dragon at Shabondy, now Ceasar! I love Ceasar's surprise face. I would too if my two badass enemies appear at my front door. 

Poor Smoker though... he flew all the way to C section (lololol C section...) and Vergo isn't there. I wonder what can else can he do there while Luffy fights Ceasar... Do you think he will fight Monet? What do you guys think? Leave your comments below and we'll discuss!

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