11 September 2012

One Piece Chapter 681 Review

Oh my God... this chapter was amazing as expected of One Piece. Oda sensei doesn't drag his plot on and on forever. Each chapter actually has good, revealing mini-plots. That's what I like about One Piece. So this week's release is earlier than usual so I will do the review today instead of my usual Wednesday. 

A quick recap from last chapter, Sanji is battling Vergo who we discovered today that Vergo is an ironman... Tony Stark you have some explanation to do...
Then we have Luffy and Smoker confronting Ceasar and Monet.
And Trafalgar Law's mysterious plan to turn Punk Hazard into a 'hazardous' place. 

To see Smoker get kicked around by Law is somewhat disturbing and satisfying. I'm such a sadistic fangirl. I just love how Law is so calm and analytic about everything. Oda sensei really successful in showing the characters' personality subtly. The characters are so alive on their own. Sometimes I forget they are born from a genius's imagination. Go Law show us what you got!


This revelation makes me want to give Doflamingo a high five. (probably get killed afterward)
Before we have a brief idea that Monet knows Joker (Doflamingo) but now it's confirmed. It's interesting that his subordinates are aware of the danger yet they obey him. That gotta show something about Doflamingo. I just love that pink sadist. 

 AWWWW YEAHHHHH~ THAT EVIL SMIRK WINS MY HEART! TAKE IT! JUST TAKE THE GODDAMN HEART, you heart surgeon. That evil smirk just won me over again and again.

I can soooo imagine him with sunglasses on and say a CSI Miami pun joke. 
CHALLENGE: Which of you are witty enough to come up with a CSI Miami pun joke? (I certainly can't) 
Taken from Tumblir

Anyway, do you guys think the new yonko is Doflamingo? It's quite possible! I mean Law was his subordinate and now is rebelling against him. That's probably why he wants to defeat a 'mysterious' yonko and Luffy is completely okay with the choice! Omg... Oda! Let this prediction be trueeee!

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