19 September 2012

One Piece Chapter 682 Review

Holy Cow. I think my ovaries exploded from over excitement. Law and Doflamingo... you are going to ruin me! Take responsibility! This chapter is way too hardcore.

So we finally get to see what Law is sorta up to. Whatever this SAD is, it's going to piss off Doflamingo. And dayuuuum, I totally wasn't expecting him to have a manga appearance this soon. I'm glad he did. I probably squealed my house down. I. Love. That. Crazy. Pink. Man.
Well, Vergo is now Ironman. Officially.
I approve of this sexy maid lady Baby 5 (Oda... for once, that name is horrible D:). I wonder what is her relationship with Law... his sister? Who knows. But man she totally gets my thumb up. A woman brave enough to shoot Doflamingo in the face with a bazooka? That's one helluva woman! 

LOLOLOL Doflamingo with his legs up in the air... that's awfully hilarious! I'm surprise Baby 5 has the guts to go against Doflamingo in broad daylight and surrounded by his men. She has balls, that's for sure! I also like the gunner's appearance. So mysterious and sexy. 
Nevertheless, Trafalgar Law, what on Earth are you up to! What is SAD? I need to know!

It's funny why his men call him Young Master when he is 41 year-old! 
"Cute Law-Chan" ............. fangirl poker face is cracking.... CUTE + Law-Chan = Impossibruuuu

But awwww Doflamingo, you really want to kill Cute Law-Chan when you think of him as a little cute brother? Awww boo boo! Interestingly, Vergo gotta to the job and it seems he is quite attached to Law. I wonder why didn't he just do it on the spot since he has Law's heart. Vergo... you have a soft-spot?

HOLY COW! I can't wait! OMGOMGOMG. What vessel? What are you planning, Dofamingo! I can't wait to see these Baby 5 and Buffalo on Punk Hazard. It's going to be epic! Doflamingo's subordinates vs Straw Hats, Smoker & Law. ARE YOU GUYS AS EXCITED AS I AM? Holy Guacamole!

HAHAHAHA BROOK! Love your humor. But I sort of guess the little dragon would be Momonosuke. I mean when Samurai Kinemon went to look at the dragon, I felt it was more than meet the eyes. Poor Momonosuke, got cut down by your dad. 

Anyway, I really want to know what is going on! Law, what are you up to? What is SAD? When are Vergo and Law going to have a showdown? Doflamingo, you sexy beast! Ok I finish ranting. I love this chapter. It totally blew my mind as the last few chapters. Oda-sensei, you are amazing. 

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