9 September 2012

Shingeki no Kyokin

There are just so many manga out there and you don't know which to try out? Well, you come to the right place. I have been reading manga for a decade now. So don't worry, I know my stuff. Now skipping those super mega popular manga, I would like to recommend you some really good manga that are obscured to many (a pity, really because they deserve all the likes).

Now, this week's manga will be particularly gory but bear with me. It's totally worthy. The story plot catches my attention (gotta be quite a feat consider how picky I am when it comes to good story plot). Do not let the art discourage you. I'm going to throw you a few pages from the manga. You don't have to read the manga right now. Just enjoy the teaser and be freaked out.

Note: This manga is not for faint heart. If you get freaked out easily, please skip this and wait for next week's manga recommendation. If you have a heart of steel, then let this manga impress you... Allow me to present you this week's Other Anime: Shingeki no Kyojin by Isayama Hajime...

Yes, you must be wondering who are the mysterious enemies the soldiers are fighting? Read on and be freaked out! An invasion had started... the 'enemies' are coming and destroying your world...
The first time I read this, I thought my soul went away. It's surprisingly scary! I mean you see the regularly drawn characters then this weird-looking gigantic man-eating titan appears. My brain wasn't quick enough to digest the shock when it happened.
Then our beloved hero grew up and became all vengeful towards the strange specie that devours human unconditionally. Note: They don't need to eat humans to survive. They just do it for fun. D:
Can you starting to feel the tension building up in you? The desire to know what's happening next? What are the people going to do to get out of their terrible predicament? Can you imagine if you are one of those unfortunate people?
A very touching scene...Heroic Eren saved his friend Armin from a certain death but he himself was less fortunate. Well don't panic, since this is part of the early chapters, main characters can't just die so quickly (though a whole bunch of secondary characters died). He DID get eaten.
It's a gory scene but you just can't help but find this scene beautiful. A tiny glimmer of hope in that mad world. A titan fighting another titan to save humanity. 

But this scene was uplifting. It felt much like looking at the physical manifestation of humanity's anger...

Beautifully expressed. The definition of "Sweet Vengeance". 

For those who are dying to know who this mysterious titan is, I will tell you. [SPOILER AHEAD!!!]

Beautiful, isn't it? The arm reaching to stop the canon from destroying his dearest friends. Yes. You are correct. The handsome titan is Eren who was supposedly eaten by a rogue titan. Why is he so special to survive being eaten? 

That's it for this week's Other Anime. You can also give your manga recommendation by leaving it/them at the comment section below.

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