5 October 2012

Beautiful Malaysia (Part 3)

Prepare to have the breath knock out of you! Behold this stunning beauty that left my jaw dropped.
We have already seen plenty of interesting stuff about Malaysia (Life and Food) but there are so much more to explore! Let's hop on our blog-mobile and speed off!

And of course you can't go to Penang and not visit their famous Buddhist temple: Kek Lok Si. Currently the impressive front gate is under renovation. It's truly a beautiful place. Very peaceful. At night, pretty lights will brighten the temple to a truly magical castle. Definitely, you got to go there when you visit Penang.

Just magnificent. This is where Buddhists mediate. The golden bowl is where they place the incense sticks. You can also purchase (donate money) the candles. No, these are not orange juices. They are candles which you can either buy home or pay respect to the deities. Very beautiful. The atmosphere of the place is just soul-relieving!

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  1. Wow this temple is beautiful beyond words...I remember seeing parts of Malaysia in the movie "Anna and the King".I was really fascinated.Yeah I'm cheap...it's so easy to impress me.I'm sure you had a lot's of fun I know I would.And one day I hope I will :))

    1. Hahaha, it's a truly beautiful place (city is crowded but once you leave the noise... the landscape absolutely stunning)
      I hope you will be able to visit Asia as you dream. Apparently a ticket from Korea to Malaysia is just $300. You can like dedicate 1 week for Korea and 1 week right away for Malaysia. Hohoho. I plan to do that one day when I'm independent enough (still need mommy and daddy to bring me around *sulk*) hehehehe

  2. It's different in our country.I live in Bosnia and here bureaucracy is a bitch.I also live with my parents but there is nothing worse for me than asking money from them.It's a big no,so I usually find a job every summer and save some money.It's nothing big just enough to pay for my school fees and books and to have for some basic needs.My friends want to try couchsurfing so I'm thinking about joining them.I won't get to see Asia but I will see something new.When I find a regular job I guess I will be able to plan big.Who knows maybe one day we'll meet in person :)))

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