1 October 2012

Do You Know about Bizarre Foods?

Alright, when my mom told me that there is this guy going around the world, eating bizarre food, I ask her what's so unique about him?

She said: "He ate moving tentacles, ate sheep head. eyeballs, heart, pig's brain...etc."
I was that close to run out of the house screaming 'bloody murder'!

Nevertheless, it's still an interesting food channel! Today, I decided to give it a try. Of course, my mom had to turn it on while we were having lunch. I cringed and winced the whole lunch. LOL. Though~ I learn quite a bit about different cultures.

Basically, this man (Andrew Zimmern) eats the MOST bizarre food around the world.
You have to watch his videos yourself! I can't explain how I feel.

Bizarre Foods: Morocco

Seriously, this guy is weird. I wouldn't be able to keep a straight, happy face if you dump me at those places. The Morocco market reminds me of Diablo's sand city. I expected some evil demons to pop out from the shadows. And those Goatsmen chanting nasty spells at you... yup. Too much game for me. Still, eating a goat's head? That's pretty nasty in my book. 

Bizarre Foods: Korea

Poor animals. Now don't get me started to animal cruelty or this blog will never end. I like how he explores different countries and tries out different food. But boy... those food he ate sure are bizarre!
"I think it was a brave person that first ate a sea squirt." ~Andrew Zimmern 
You are pretty brave too! I guess it's because he is a bizarre food expert, but as a tourist, I will be fainting left and right. Moving tentacles... that's like some Japanese anime went wrong! Seriously, aside from his exotic dish, how can he NOT have diarrhea after eating all those raw food? He must have a stomach made of gold! 

Stay tune for more life facts that will blow your mind!

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  1. If I ever go to Japan or Korea I don't plan to eat their food.You never know whether they served you a dog,bug or some other animal/thing that is not a cow or chicken...I don't dare to watch your videos because I have a weak stomach.Last time I watched a video about Casu Marzu (cheese full of maggots)I lost my appetite for a day...not to mention that pizza was out of question.

    1. Hahaha, I know how you feel.
      I have been to Japan, it's not as bad as you think. The food is really good and clean. Some are pretty artistic even. My dad has been to Korea, apparently, the food there is awesome as well. I think it's a misinterpretation that Asian food has stray cats and dogs in it. At least not in the city. Maybe in the more rural areas or poorer neighborhood. :)

  2. Omg you're so lucky to be able to go to Japan and I seriously envy your dad for visiting Korea.I whanna gooo too.They would be forced to deport me to my country...sigh....I know that street vendors sell stuff that is impossible to imagine as food but that wouldn't stop me to go or visit.I'm actually impressed with the amount of courage people have when they decide to try something brljsddhud,can't really say it.I know I never would but then again I always loose bets and end up doing crazy stuff,so who knows...

    1. I only went to a small part of Japan because of plane transit to Malaysia. It was really nice. The air was fresh. The bus brought you from the airport to the hotel passed through this little route that has lots and lots of leaves (it's like going to Spirited Away in modern style LOL).
      It's cute that they have a convenient store in the hotel itself and they sell manga (a huge tome like Weekly Jump for 500 yen... like $5). Then the hotel had buses that would bring you to the nearest shopping mall. It was a perfect experience. Next time, I would really like to go to Japan Tokyo and Korea for like a month or something.

  3. Don't say more please,I'll sell everything and move straight away...Japan,Korea doesn't matter.My dream is to enter a store and get lost among the shelves filled with manga.I would gladly spent all my pocket money on Vampire Knight,Tokyo Babylon,X,Digimon,Bleach and much,much more....wouldn't regret it for a sec.

    1. LOLOLOL don't worry. When you really want something, you will achieve it. Just save up the cash and hop on a plane next vacation!
      Ps. Yes, you get very lost in the 'bookstore'. The shoujo area is like just rows after rows of pink and white. I bet my dad felt awkward standing beside me as I went "OMGOMGOMGOMG! DAD I WANT TO BUY THEM ALL!"