15 October 2012

Do You Know Devil May Cry 5?

Stop whining people. It's not like Capcom forces you to pick between the old DMC and the new DmC. They are just trying to release new ideas to make the game live. Dante from DMC is done with his story already. He defeated Vergil. Done. Then we have Devil May Cry 4 with Nero. I remember people used to bash Nero and yada-yada. But you have to understand, Capcom is sort of mentally preparing you for DmC. Already in DMC 4, you spent most of your time playing Nero, less of Dante. Dante appears here and then to troll Nero. He wasn't a main character anymore. I think that is a good move. Sometimes, when a hero's story is done. It's done. No point trying to drag him into another adventure that makes fans feel as though they just got slapped across the face with a sloppy pizza. Think of DMC 4 as a transition between the old DMC to DmC.

Here are some of my favorite artwork/screenshots of DMC 4. Aaah the looks in their eyes. So fierce.
The people who creates DMC can't go on making Dante do the same thing in different setting. I think that's why they develop DmC. They know fans are going to be surprised. They know some will judge it. They are willing to take that risk. That should mean something. I would rather them taking this approach than recycling old cliches.  

Anyway, I happen to like the design of Dante in DmC 5. Granted, this young man is no longer our favorite sex on leg Dante who loves pizza. Let's give this game a chance, shall we? There are people dedicating their time and money to make this game a success so I don't think we should just bash on it because it looks slightly different. Accept changes and go with the flow. Again, you aren't forced to like just one version of the game. Just enjoy both version and be a happier person. There. Problem solved.

Besides, the young Dante doesn't look bad at all. A bit brooding for my taste but his design is appealing. 

I suppose this is a trailer that shows more information than the gameplay trailer. You see Vergil and Dante teaming up in DmC. It's going to be interesting. By the end of the trailer, I also sense a split... dun dun duuuun~
I love the graphics and I would definitely give Devil May Cry 5 a try when it is released. Can't wait!

Oh and I've gotta show you my favorite DMC 4 scene. It's the epic battle between Dante and Nero. I absolutely adore it. Oh. Just pure awesome. The fighting. The moves. The humor. Nero is like an angry kitty. Awww.

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  1. I actually prefer the new Dante design. He looks significantly more realistic and less like something plucked out of Final Fantasy.

    1. The new version is more punkish whereas the older Dante was more of a sexy pimp. I love both designs. :D