20 October 2012

Nero Devil May Cry 4 Play Arts Kai (Part 3)

So I brought Nero dearest with me on my trip to Ottawa, Capital of Canada. I think he had more fun than I had. So we visited the Museum of Fine Arts there. There was this huuuuge spider structure outside the museum. You can see in the photos that the spider is about ten times a regular person's height. Imagine little Nero there. He was like an ant.

Spider vaguely in the background, slowly approaching Nero from behind....

The Spider is getting closer... Nero is still unaware of the danger...

The Spider is now right above Nero!!!! NERO TURN AROUND!

 Nero turns around and gasped. "Oh snoooooppp~"

Behind Nero (next to the Museum of Fine Arts) is a nice church where a couple had just married minutes ago. They had driven away in nice beeping jeeps. It was a cheery moment. 
Nero then escaped the giant spider into the Museum of Fine Arts...

This is how Nero was found when I took him out of my handbag inside the museum. 
Nero: Oh for the love of God, what now? Don't tell me she wants to take my pictures again? I should be paid for putting up with this nonsense!

So there you go, Nero posing like a boss. I didn't dare to take him with real artwork (since camera are forbidden). Anyway the lobby-ish place is pretty wicked. The ceiling is really something when you are actually gazing at it. Like I said, Nero had fun in Ottawa. 
Nero, what are you doing? Nero. Staph. 

Nero: I think I'm lost. I'll still look cool for reputation sake. Does this angle make my ass looks bigger?

You notice the tulips banners in the background? Ottawa is very famous for its tulip festivals. In front of the parliament, you see a whole stretch of tulips. Absolutely gorgeous. 
I thought it would be cool to take Nero with a Canada flag. People must be looking at me weirdly. I look absolutely like a hardcore otaku with Nero Play Arts Kai and a camera. I didn't even see where I was going. I was constantly searching for cool places so I can show off Nero. Hohohoho! 

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  1. Oh No! the spider has taken a little kid in picture number 2!

    1. LOLOLOL you have sharp eyes, my friend. Mind I tell you the little boy was a willing victim? He bravely approached the spider on his own.

  2. Wow! Nero looks like a real person in your photos.