14 October 2012

Nero Devil May Cry 4 Play Arts Kai (Part 2)

I can't believe I smuggled Nero (Devil May Cry 4) with me to my family trip. I admit... I was behaving like a little kid who is so attached to her toy she won't let go. When I took Nero out from the luggage at the hotel, my mom was facepalming. LOL! I am that immature. For the rest of the trip, I had him in my handbag so I could take pictures of him anywhere. Yup. I would love to bring Squall and Gabranth along but I don't dare to push my luck. XP 
Anyway, this post is dedicated solely on Nero Play Arts Kai!
Nero rolling in autumn leaves. So. Freaking. Happy. 
Nero: Hurray! I love dried leaves and Canada!
I am envious of his freedom. If I were to start rolling in leaves in public...nahh
Nero: This tree is so fascinating... philosopher mind.

We are actually at a playground. I am way too obsessed with Nero to care about the children running around. I am the cute-fiction-boys-pedo-noona. Absolutely harmless. The lighting was perfect for photography so why not? Beside, I was really excited to take his pictures. He looks so handsome I just have to do it asap! Seriously, you have to admit, he looks good. Really. Uber. Good. *grin*
Nero terrorizing children in the playground. 
Like I mentioned in my older post, Nero is super stable. For far, he hasn't broken a single limb despite my rough handling (sometimes). So I am very pleased with Nero's design and quality. 

RAWR~ so sexy! Nero holding his Blue Rose and Red Queen. The second picture is absolutely gorgeous. The sun was shining his legs but the torso is in the shadow... *throw confetti*
We are actually at the capital of Canada (Ottawa) for Thanks Giving. A beautiful, peaceful place with lots of trees and lakes. I was like omg... if I live here... I will be taking photo of my boys every single day. I wish I had brought Squall and Gabranth along. They would have had an epic battle in the children's playground. Oh well. 

 Next week, it'll be aaaalll about Nero's adventure combatting a gigantic spider. Here is a sneak peek! Teehee!

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  1. Very nice pictures!
    But what is that spider like structure?

    1. Haha thanks. Nero had so much fun. More fun than me because I was too busy staring at him and not appreciating the trip... *facepalm*

      The spider structure is huuuuuge. You will see it from other perspective next post. It's located in front of the Museum of Fine Arts Ottawa. I was very tempted to take pictures of him inside the museum... hohohoho!

  2. LOL you're so funney...And I thought I was the weird one because I carry Ikuto form Shugo Chara on my backpack.People stare at me like I was a nutcase.Well I probably am cause I carry him around for everybody to see.You should bring Squall and Gabranth next time...hide them well and take them out only when nobody is looking :)

    1. Hahaha! I definitely will! I don't want to play favoritism with my boys. I'm glad I'm not the only one carrying favorite toys at our age. hahaha, we rock!

      During the trip, my very little brother said to me: "Are you going to bring your guy?"
      Me to mom: "He makes it sounds like I am dating."
      In this context, guy = Nero the figurine.

  3. Yeah we do,rock I mean :) and your brother's comment,so cute...I bet next time when he asks are you going to bring your guys your mother will deffinitely become suspicious...
    btw in my last post I worte about reincarnation and there is a test which can tell you what were you in your past life.It's just for fun.It turned out I was living in South Japan.I'm dying to know what were you,maybe we were neighbours

    1. Hahaha, apparently I was born a woman in West Australia around 1750. And I was a sailor... but I was a woman... how is that possible...? hahaha.
      And baby brother was born in Alaska in 1225 as a designer... LOL

  4. Oh wow you were so ahed of your time if you were a women sailor back in those days.I would deffintiely be very proud to have met you.Who knows maybe your brother will follow in his sister's footsteps and become maybe a fashion blogger or the next Tom Ford :)