11 October 2012

One Piece Chapter 684 Review

Smoker versus Vergo's fight! So awesome. It was interesting. I expected Vergo to use Haki but so far, it doesn't look like he is using it. Either he 'forgot' or he doesn't know how (which I doubt... consider he is Doflamingo's men. I'm sure that badass chooses his crew very carefully.)

So currently, the people are spread:
Smoker and Law fighting Vergo in D
The Straw Hats in B 
Luffy and Samurai's son in C 
Ceasar in R 

Now everyone's goal is to get to R where Ceasar is... poor guy, gonna get his ass kicked so badly ...soon.
Trafalgar looks so wasted on the ground. Trololol~ I am so glad he is fighting Vergo now! Thank god (Oda) we don't have to wait 1000 chapters to see them fight. Strangely, every time I look at Smoker (especially after the 2 years skip), he reminded me of Terminator... Arnold *stand on furnace* "I'll be back" 

I wonder what's about the S.A.D. that makes Smoker creeps out. That gotta mean something!
Wow, so his 'iron' bamboo can shoot darts... hopefully, those darts aren't his saliva transformed into iron... that would be very awkward otherwise.

 Aaah Smoker's ability never ceases to make me gape. I really like how Oda draws Smoky Smoker.

 FALCON PUNCH! Ouufff so sexy! Again, Oda is good at creating memorable punching scenes. 
Oh! and Smoker actually hit someone bare-handed! He usually uses his jutte. I guess that direct punch means he is really, really pissed off. 

You said it, Smoker! His angry face is so cute *fangirl giggles*
Go kick Vergo's ass!

Haha, a cute comic relief. It's nice to see the G-5 is bonding well with Sanji. It's a bit sad that the G-5 men still believe that Vergo didn't betray them... oh well ignorance is bliss. 
Just as things start to look bright and happy, it went downhill. The gas is now flowing into B section where all the Straw Hats and Marines are. Run people run!

Meanwhile, we have Ceasar twisting his story. He makes Vegapunk a scumbag who deteriorates the gas explosion when Ceasar was the culprit. I actually dislike him. It's rare that I dislike a character (because I am pretty chill lolololol) but something about Ceasar rubs me the wrong way... *glare* Well, I guess that's a good move by Oda. It makes us involve in hating someone. Mouhahaha!
I... I wasn't .... expecting this. At. All. I thought the other dragon was Samura's son... *Facepalm* I wanted Samura-san to feel bad injuring the dragon... guess that won't happen. So is Luffy supposed to ride on this dragon to escape the trash hole? LOL If I'm right, I would laugh very hard. 

Again, I can't wait to see how the fight between Vergo and Smoker will turn out. I wonder who will be fighting Baby 5 and Buffalo. It's going to be epic. Law needs to recover soon man... lying on the floor doesn't do well for your image. Get up!

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