17 October 2012

One Piece Chapter 685 Review

Luffy meets Momonosuke, the dragon zoan logia. Of course, Luffy's first thought is to fill his stomach. So typical of him. Haha. The interaction between Luffy and Momonosuke is adorable. The dragon's expression is soooo cute. 
We see Momonosuke, a prideful samurai boy who was kidnapped from his samurai Washu Island. He is detached from the other kids, refusing to eat food and candy (that's why he is not addicted). Instead, he wandered into Vegapunk's old laboratory and ate the Man-Made Devil Fruit which was apparently a failure. Anyhow, Momonosuke escaped from Ceasar and hid in the waste room, hoping to get out and warn the other kids about evil Ceasar until Luffy came along. 

I am 100% sure that is Doflamingo that Momonosuke saw! That grin! That glasses! It GOTTA be Doflamingo! I don't quite understand what is their past together. Unless Momonosuke had seen Doflamingo when he was at the facility, there is no way they could have known each other. It seems too unlikely. So unless they know each other beforehand or Doflamingo sent his fear over from his vacation island to frighten Momonosuke. Wow. 
I hope Oda sensei will explain this appearance of Doflamingo soon. 

So Momonosuke was scared by Doflamingo's apparition in his mind and flew Luffy out of the waste room (as I had predicted last chapter!). I wonder who Luffy is going to fight soon, probably Ceasar since the rest of the crew will handle Doflamingo's men: Baby 5 and Buffalo.

 In D section, Law is watching the fight between Smoker and Vergo, unable to interfere because Vergo has his heart. Smoker gave Vergo an elbow punch! Aww yeah!

The rest of the Straw Hat crew (minus Luffy and Sanji) made it into the R section which was freezing (due to Snow Snow woman Monet). Monet attacked Robin when she tried to slow down the addicted children. Zoro came in and interfered! I doubt this battle will last long since Oda always lets the female characters fight each other. Always. So I expect this fight to end without a deciding victor very soon. 

Again, I can't wait for next week's release. This week's release happens on my birthday! So I am ubber happy! Happy Birthday myself! and belated Happy Birthday to Trafalgar Law on October 6! Hahaha.

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