2 October 2012

One Piece Review Chapter 683

OMG. OMG. OMG. Ovaries exploded. I bet this is the chapter all Trafalgar Law's fangirls have been waiting for... His fluffy hat... off! I squealed so loud I'm surprised my windows aren't shattered yet. I was kinda bummed that there wasn't a upload last week. So when I saw this, I said to myself "This better be good." 
Oda-sensei. THANK YOU! 
The overall chapter plot wasn't as strong as the previous but dayyuuuum, Trafalgar Law FINALLY without his hat is one huuuuuuuuugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bonus!

AM I SEEING WHAT I THINK I SAW? Hat... flew away... 
So Law is trying pretty hard to get his heart back because he can't really go against Doflamingo if Vergo has his heart. I wonder why did he miscalculate the fact that Vergo WON'T have his heart? He said he was planning to get his heart back but he miscalculated Vergo... silly Law-chan. Vergo showed you that he has your heart back in the cage... you should have remembered that crucial moment!
He looked absolutely badass in here! FINALLY. OH the suspense! My feels!

 YES, we get to see his sexy face without that hat and shadow always shading his eyes. (In case you guys didn't notice in the manga.)

 Smoker to the rescue. OHHHH YEAAAHHH. The fight between Smoker and Vergo is going to rock. Unquestionable. Go Smoker! Kick his ass!

Then we have Luffy who was fighting Monet while Ceasar escapes. So we know her Devil Fruit is snow-related (should be a logia then) and she can put somehow to sleep by hugging them (hypothermia?) But as usual, you can always rely on Luffy to break away from a gorgeous woman's spell. 

Awww Robin winced in pain. That's so rare. Kinda cute in a way since she is always so emotionless. In this screen, she looks like Boa Hancock. Woohooo~ but at least now we know she feels pain when her giant hands are wounded. I believe this is a new piece of information. 

Anyhow. I am really, really excited about the next chapter. Hopefully, it will be about Smoker and Vergo having an epic, mortal combat! Law needs to pull himself together because lying unconscious when 2 monsters are about to fight might not be the wisest. 

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  1. Law isnt really smart...
    If it were me, I'd have switched vergo's heart with mine. That way, my heart would be protected by his flesh while leaving his out in the open.

    1. LOL, *Fangirl-Me wants to protect Law's pride but logical-Me agrees*

      But hey, I am not going to complain. Law in his moment of vulnerability is adorable (sadist fangirl)!