23 November 2012

Amateur Blog Got 10 000 views!

OMG! I don't believe this... it's happening... Oh. My. God. *inhale deeply* YAY! 10 000 views! That's a lot of hits for a new blogger like me! I want to thank everyone who read, follow and support this blog. It makes me incredible happy and giddy. I aim to make this blog a great success and everyday, it seems to get better and better! The number of views are increasing more and more each day. It's like watching your child growing up! Thank you for making my goal flourish. Coincidentally, today the blog is exactly 3 months old and got its 10000 views! *happy tears* Thank you!

Tada, I decided to make a quick sketch of my grinning face (minus glasses because I hate them). Yes, yes, I know I look way cuter here than I give myself credit for... *eyes rolling* 

I was staring at the counter when it hits 9999 views. I was like OH BOY! *gripping my mouse* I refresh (my blog is not counting my own hits) and it went to 10001. I was like nuuuuu, I miss the 10000! But on the bright side, it means there are 2 sweethearts out there reading my blog at that moment. I am awfully happy. *maniacal giggle* 

Really, I want to thank my anonymous readers, followers and friends who support me. It means so much to me. I wish I could give you all a hug.

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Thank you all! Love and kisses (yes, woman calm down)!


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    1. I'm sorry but I don't quite understand what you mean. :)
      What is it that is not safe for Adsense?