16 November 2012

Amazon Fast Shipping!

On our birthdays, my brother and I received a gift amazon gift certificate from family. Excited, I ordered books I wanted and cartoon DVD for my little brother. I was sooo surprised by the shipping time. Aside from their free shipping (order $25 above), the delivery is faaast. 
This is how the recipient of the Amazon gift card sees. You can add notes and wishes there. This is my second time receiving amazon gift cards (I'm so geeky). Click to enlarge the pic...

At 11:49 am, I received a notification from Amazon that they had delivered my order. I expected it to arrive in 2 days. At 2:20 pm, the doorbell rang. Curious, I answered the door and saw the postman standing there with a package. I immediately recognized the package. After all, I ordered from Amazon a couple of times. But today is the fastest delivery I had ever seen! They mailed the order at 11 and I got it at 2... that's 3 hours! Omg. Do they have their warehouse next to my house or something? I'm really surprised by their speedy delivery. Very satisfied. 
This is how the order from amazon arrived in their usual packaging. The books and DVD are a bit disorganized during the handling but it's not big deal. 

 Tada! All arrive safely. My little brother's precious DVD and my books. I can't wait to read them. Hammer of God by Karen Miller will be an interesting read. It has pretty gory detail in the first book Empress but what I really like about the trilogy is the world Mrs Miller had created. It's so harsh and entertaining.

I was browsing around Amazon when I ran across Theft of Swords by Micheal J. Sullivan. I did a quick research about the book and the preview looks positive. So I'm going to give it a try.
Cat in the Hat is one of my brother's favorite. WordWorld is very educational. He starts going M-m-m mouse! So cute.

Again, Amazon did a good job today. They never ceased to amaze me. My expectation for them is now set to the highest! Haha. If you want to send someone a gift certificate, get it from Amazon. They have almost anything there. Toys, books, figurines, cooking, tools, electronics, you name it! You don't have to worry about buying the wrong gift. Let the recipient pick the ones they want.

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