18 November 2012

Batman: Court of Owls (new 52) Volume 1 (1/2)

I finally bought my first DC comic especially with all the Superheroes movies coming out like crazy this year. As a new reader I decided to start with DC because it is currently revamping all its superheroes, making it more welcoming. Otherwise... boy, I have no idea where to start! There are like 60 years worth of comics. Thank you, DC for allowing me the chance to join your superheroes' universe. I ordered them (Batman Court of Owls, Nightwing and Invincible Iron Man) from Amazon because it's cheap and has free shipping. I am going to start reviewing Batman Court of Owls by Scott Synder and Greg Capullo. I have taken cool pictures and explain the story (I will warn you for big spoilers) as we go. Ready for it? Let's do this!

As you can tell by the cover, this series is going to be "hellish" for Batman. I thought he was attacked by zombies. Well... my guess wasn't too far, consider the "spoiler" happened at the end. 

First few pages of Batman and we see Batman fighting villains with Joker. Yup! I was pretty surprised. Wait for it...

Joker in Batcave with Batman having casual conversation... Well, even a noob reader like me was very surprised. I was like "since when did they become pals? Great! Did I miss something? Is this really a revamp? Crap, I am going to be soooo lost." Fear not. [Spoiler: This is Nightwing, Dick Grayson in disguise. That sure explains lots isn't it? Haha. DC got us good.]

Batcave is so amazing. Look at those Batmobiles! The artwork is simply fantastic. I wish I dare to open the comics wider but I didn't dare. I love to keep my book as brand new as possible. I had a fun time photographing the comics at the right lighting (morning sun). The pages are all so glossy, making it hard to photograph. You tend to see the overexposed areas... anyway I managed. Hurray!

Bruce Wayne hosting a party with Dick Grayson (Former Robin #1, currently Nightwing), Tim Drake (Former Robin #2, currently Red Robin, Teen Titan) & Damian Wayne (Bruce & Talia's son, Robin)
For some reason, this picture makes me really jelly. It's like awwww... so cute...!

 Bruce Wayne being targeted by mysterious attacker who belongs to the Court of Owls. This is where things get really interesting. You don't have to be a veteran reader to understand what is going on. The author explains everything in detail. 
Basically, Bruce wants to reconstruct Gotham but the Court of Owls are not pleased. They have been hiding in the shadows of Gotham, watching. Now, they plan to strike and reclaim Gotham... how are they going to do that? Read on!
 After being attacked by a mysterious member from the Court of Owls, known as the Talon, Batman starts to investigate their hideout. He discovered many hideouts which are literally in every building built by his ancestor, Alan Wayne. Alan was a very suspicious man so he kept the 13th floor of all his buildings empty... and that's where the owls have been hiding. 
I really like this part of the comics because the atmosphere is really dark and the foreshadowing is superb. Before his death, Alan Wayne was haunted by owls. He kept saying the owls are in his home, which upon Batman's discover of the Court of Owls' hiding places in his buildings... Alan was right. They are in his home. Just hiding in the 13th floor. Pretty creepy if you ask me!
 Batman is now actively searching for every single clues about the Court of Owls. He is very uncomfortable knowing that they are someone out there claiming that they know Gotham better than he does. He is definitely not amused. 

 Eventually, he suspected that the sewer is connected to the Court of Owls. Alan Wayne is somehow related to the Owls and he died in the sewer... therefore... could it be the home of the owls? [Spoiler: Turn out that the owls are also in the sewer and that is where Batman got seriously owned and tortured. Next weekend, you shall see what happened to our dear hero at the hands of the cruel owls.

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  1. Wow, the art is pretty good and the plot sounds very interesting. But I have to say, Batman and Joker as a team sounds real appealing, but that would never happen. Joker is like batman`s eternal rival.

    1. I wish too... Joker and Batman team will be so wicked.

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