7 November 2012

One Piece Chapter 688 Review

This week's One Piece chapter 688 is not as exciting as the previous chapters. Understandable since you will get bored of the fights if they happen in every chapter. So right now, we are at the 'calm' period. This chapter is about Mocha's selflessness to save her friends. It's quite emotional but not as emotional as Robin's in Water 7. 

Zoro carries Tashigi away from poison gas. That is... surprisingly cute. Zoro. Since when you start carrying girls around? This is certainly new! Sanji has a great influence on you, it seems. Zoro is like the reluctant anti-hero, who... angrily saves people. LOL that makes no sense. Next!

Chopper is telling Mocha about the consequence of consuming the Candy Ceasar made. As we know the candy is a drug that enhances 'giantification'. The subjects will die if they continue prolong consumption. Anyhow Chopper is ridiculously emotional in this chapter. Granted, he is a doctor. But boy, he sure is jumpy.  

So sad. The part where the kids want to grow up and set sail for the sea at 20 yet they might not be able to is... pretty sad. MY FEELS. TAKE IT! Chopper, stop crying. You are making me sad. It's not your fault. It's all Ceasar's fault. Let Luffy kick his sorry butt in the next few chapters. It will be super satisfying to read. 

Even though the Straw Hats tried to fend off the giant children, Mocha is still attacked. Poor Mocha. Really, I need to stop thinking about Mocha coffee. That's what happened when you are blogging in the morning. You think of coffee. I am such a bad blogger, currently distracting you from the main topic to other irrelevant subject. Hohoho. 
Taken from Health.com Mmmmm Mocha... Coffee...
So Mocha ate all the candy... (hopefully without the wrapper). Now she looks like a hamster. LOL I am so crude today. 

Chopper is extremely shocked. You can tell he is utterly mortified that Mocha ate all the candies. He doesn't even know what to say. Poor thing.  

Awww poor Mocha. This chapter is seriously messing with my FEELS! So Mocha is now dying from overdose. The other kids are freaking out. Chopper is going all BAMF on them. It's so rare to see Chopper this angry. Normally, he just cries and giggles. To see him angry in his chibi form, this got to be one of the first time.

 Sanji and his new squad of retarded marine arrive. They rough up the other kids. Aww yeah. Punch them good! They were mean with Mocha-chan! Sanji is totally enjoying this. Sanji sure is good at manipulating random men. Before, you have the okama running after Sanji. Now you have marine following Sanji. Yup. He is good. Next he will want the ladies to go after him. Sadly, that won't happen. 

AND FINALLY! Luffy is back on action! Awww yeah! Luffy is going to BAMF the crap out of Ceasar! That! My friends, will be awesome.
People have fur scarf, Luffy got a dragon maaaaaan. In yo face!
Notice: Next week, One Piece is on break. I will go sulk in my lonely corner now. I'm sure the next chapter will be bloody awesome. I hope it will be about Smoker and Vergo. PLEASE! 

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  1. zoro is just......AWSOME

    1. Someone obviously loves Zoro a lot! *wink*

  2. Well, uhm, Zoro carried Nami when they fought in Alabasta. She hurt her foot while duelling against a woman from Baroque Works :)
    However, then it was Nami to ask (oblige) him to carry her. Here it was Zoro's deliberate choice. Since I ship Zoro/Tashigi, this makes me really happy!
    Francesca (IT)

    1. Haha, interesting! I forgot all about the Baroque Works. You are right. Oda sensei is giving quite a lot of fanservice in the last few chapters. In chapter 691, you see a nice, decent panel shot of Zoro carrying Tashigi. I think they look so cute together.

    2. yeah i like it too ... zoro <3 tashigi XD ... thanks oda sensei