21 November 2012

One Piece Chapter 689 Review

 One Piece this week sent chills down my spine especially the last few pages. Luffy and Ceasar confrontation. And Luffy isn't going to play around anymore. That glare. 
Anyway, let's go step by step through the chapter. We have Brownbeard trying to convince his friends that Ceasar is not as good as he appeared to be. Of course, they dismissed his warning.

 Ceasar nose picking is... weird. I'm just saying. Maybe it's because of the lines on his face but he looks like someone who had drug addiction or those old grandma who uses beauty products to cover up their wrinkles... very poorly. 

Aww poor Brownbeard. No one believes him. That's too bad. I knew they wouldn't. That's the thing with One Piece... there are always misunderstanding. Like in Fisherman Island, they thought the Straw Hats were evil because Madam Shelly predicted that Luffy will destroy Fisherman Island (which I think he will. After a fight with Big Mom (I think), the island will start to disintegrate and the people will have to escape to the land above via Noah.) I am pretty sure that's what going to happen. 

Ceasar admitted to the truth. Ahhh don't you want to punch that face? Wait for it...

Poor Brownbeard, you don't stand a chance. The suckiest part is that you got injured by the very people you are trying to protect. That sucks. Very hard. 
My feels. 

 AWWW YIIISH, BAMF LUFFY! So close... so close.

That pose... he is ready. Yup. Massive kickass action is coming! BIG TIME!

 Ceasar buying his life.. I mean time. He explains his project and what Law's possible intention with Sad.

Doflamingo... he is so awesome without doing anything... just by appearing... he makes my day! So Doflamingo, the mysterious Shikibukai who is very well connected to the underworld and with the higher ups in the Marine, he is behind the SMILE production. 

Alright, this is where I get confused. What's the difference between SAD and SMILE? So is Sad some chemical that changed into Smile in Doffy's factory? If you guys have any clue, enlighten me!

 SMILE, it creates Zoan Type devil users... for science! I wonder who else has eaten the SMILE and not the natural zoan type devil fruits. Maybe in the future, we can start guessing every single zoan-type users that appear. Remember they gotta be big names.

 My biggest bet is that it's Big Mom. I mean we already see Big Mom's subordinates on Fisherman Island. One was a lion and the other was a super tall fellow... What do you guys think? Any speculation?
That eyes... Luffy is calm. Too calm. It's the Calm Before the Storm. Ceasar, brace yourself, a Punch is coming.
I lost count the number of times Luffy delivers his epic punch. Ah... so satisfying. Luffy is so cool. Ceasar thought of scaring him into surrender. How wrong that guy is. He chose the wrong opponent. 
"I have been taking on guys like them many times!" Luffy
Oh, you tell him! I'm so proud. *wipe tears*

So the next chapter should be about Luffy fighting with Ceasar and kicking his ass with Haki. That leaves the fight between Vergo and Smoker to the last... then Doflamingo's Baby 5 and Buffalo should arrive at the last moment (possibly trying to stop the Straw Hats from something). Ha! That's 3 epic fights we will be anticipating about! Oh, I can't wait. Really. 

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