13 November 2012

The Hobbit Coming Out Soon!

I bet everyone is excited about the epic fantasy movie coming out at the end of the year! THE HOBBIT an Unexpected Journey is finally out! I first heard of the movie in Jan and had been longingly for it. Finally, in 1 month, it will be in cinema on December 14 2012! Now, I would like to share a few of its beautiful captions of the movie. Again Peter Jackson pulled a marvelous job at maintaining the wonderful atmosphere of Lord of the Rings. I bet it will be just as awesome. Maybe more... but I do love Lord of the Rings very, very dearly. Come on, Mr Jackson, surprise us with the Hobbit!

The Hobbit synopsis: The story is set 60 years before the Lord of the Rings and the creation of the Fellowship. Of course, we would recognize 2 of out favorite of characters from LotR: our hobbit, Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) and the wizard, Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen). Together, they went on an epic journey, accompanied by 13 dwarves and Thorin Oakenshield. Their goal is to reclaim the Dwarf Kingdom from a dragon. Then on their journey, they encounter the Gollum... my precious.
Ooohhh, I simply can't wait for the movie! Hurry up December! Now onward with some beautiful screenshots I had taken from the website. 

 Bilbo reading a long message while the dwarves looked at him. Omg! My jaw dropped when I realized Bilbo Baggins is John Watson from Sherlock Holmes! Epiphany! I didn't recognize him at first since he looks so much younger than he was in Sherlock. Must be because of his brown hair. Anyway, I am still mindblown.

 Bilbo and the dwarves enjoying themselves at Bag End. Unlike Gandalf, these guys are just the right height for tiny Bag End. I still can't get the idea that this is not John Watson... I can so imagine him telling Sherlock all about the Ring and Middle Earth to Sherlock... kyaaa~

Everyone seems to be having a blast at Bag End though... they looked very... photoshopped. The lighting is all wrong... but as a loyal fan, I will just keep quiet about it.

The dwarves traveling through the rocky mountains. I love their outfit. Very fantasy-seque. The old man looks like Barbarian from Diablo 3. 

Now, let's see some cool shots of those characters. I don't know their name yet except Bilbo and Gandalf. Give me one more month and I will have them remembered.
Gandalf looks very wizard-ish in this. Love the colors and his sincere aura. Don't you agree?
Bilbo on the other hand looks like a young (well the actor Martin Freeman is 41 year-old) man going on his first adventure. He is all ready and firm in his resolve. I like the view of the mountains in the background. 
I believe he is Thorin Oakenshield, the legendary person. He looks like a rather serious character. 
Ah, I can tell this is going to be the jolly bunch. The type that is playful but when it comes to action time, they go BAMF! 
Is it just me or I find this character Kili absolutely sexy. Ok that's my geeky side talking. I am still sulking by the fact that he is going to be a dwarf... WHYYYYY? It seems wrong fangirling a dwarf... Anyway, I am going to assume he is like Aragorn's father or something... whatever works!!!! My wishful thinking...

Now for the Hobbit trailer! I loooove the song they sang... so dark and mysterious. Bone-chilling awesomeness!

Oh and this is one cuuuuute New Zealand aiplane ads. It's really brilliant. Watch it, you will see. Normally, I get bored watching the same airline guide videos but this one... I can watch it 1000 times, no problem!
Pretty neat, right? So creative. I would never expected an airline doing ads like this. Ever. So kudos, New Zealand. Be proud of your country and your beautiful landscape (did you see how beautiful the mountain range is in Lord of the Rings? I would totally want to go there one day... which I will!)
Stay tune, I will do a proper movie review after December 14. I can't wait. Really can't wait. Middle Earth, here I come!

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  1. I can't wait to watch it.I'm a big,big,big,huge,the biggest fan of LOTR :DDDD
    That's an undaying love I can tell you.I wished the whole fellowship was in it.OMG after eleven years I finnaly get to see dwarfs and elfs and hobbits in a new adventure.wah so excited,can't think of a way to describe it :D

  2. I swear God that I left you a comment but I dunno what happened cause it's gone,shame it was such a good commment,showed all my love towards Middle Earth and its inhabitants.I'm a big,big,huge,the bigest LOTR fan.Can't wait to watch this movie.Wow can't believe I first watched fellowship when I was in eigth grade.I feel so old now.Too bad fellowship won't be complete :(

    1. Haha, it happens to me once for one of your posts. A comment just vanished. Anyway, I wish I can grab your hands, hop around, squeal and giggle about how excited we are. "It's coming out! Finally! Our baby is coming out in one month." I'm sure we will get a fair share of odd looks. XD

    2. Hahaha I can totally imagine the two of us doing that.As far as the odd looks are concerned I get those on a daily basis so I'm used to it.Lucky you,you will get to see it in a month.But I won't unless some good soul puts the CAM video online.But I guess I will wait for the original to come out just so I don't spoil myself the pleasure of seeing in in HQ

    3. Aww your poor soul! It's not going to be released in cinema in your country? *flip the table* Nooooo, who shall I share my thrill and gossips? I will be sure not to spoil it for you. If I slip, just push me off the chair.