3 December 2012

Do You Know How to Study for Finals Exams?

So the dreadful December before Christmas holiday is here. Students... be afraid. Be very afraid. In fact, I am not too sure why I am blogging when I should be studying. That means I love you guys so much and I can't bear to be away from my blog. I am going to give some personal tips on how to study. I like to think of myself as an average student who did studied pretty hard yet get an average mark and still ended up in the first school and subject of my choice. I went through a hellish competitive Health Science environment. But I got bored of science and switched to Business. So I knooow all sort of academic pain students go through.. (except if you are in Arts then)

1) You get off the Internet right after you read this post. Seriously. My trick is that my dad will disable my Internet until exam period is over. If I need Internet, I gotta go use the kitchen laptop which I am too lazy to walk there. YUP! You have NNOOOO idea how easy it is to study without internet/phone distraction. Go to the library if you must. Be away from distractions.

2) You don't study in group
That is gotta be the most bullshit lie you tell yourself if you think you can even concentrate in a group study. Hell no. 
I tried that. I ended up doing absolutely nothing. So did my friends. We were like "WHY WE SO STUPID?"

3) Rewrite your notes
If you have time, read through your notes and at the same time, write down what you feel is the most important on a separate piece of paper. It's your cheat sheet. You just studied it the hour before your exam. Save you time and refresh your memory reaaaal quick. 

4) Do exercises!
Oh for the love of god, do exercises. I had this one computer exam (I was like whyyyy? Whyyy computer when I am majoring in Business? Whhyyy) anyway this exam, I really didn't have time to study for it. I had too many important exams before that one. So I read the summary notes the instructors provided. (Note: I know nuts about computer. I don't even know what a RAM does!) I printed out alll the past exams and spent the DAY BEFORE the exam doing them like crazy. I was sooo sure I was going to fail and I was like "NO GUTS NO GLORY!" So I studied my ass out that day. I went to the exam, did it, and got an A. I was like OMGGGGGGGG. MIRACLE! 

This is my usually 'neat' desk during my midterm. Note: ONE midterm. Basically, you see my computer is off. I have my notebook on my left. That's where I write down everything teachers said in class. Then I printed out the PowerPoint slides our teachers posted. Then I made my summarized cheat sheets (You see 2 of them. One is beneath my pencil and the other is leaning on the monitor) Then on the top left, that's the past exam that I am practicing on. Overall, that's how your desk should look like too during exams. 

So remember. After another few more weeks of horror... you will be done. Christmas HOLIDAY!
Christmas songs everywhere till you want to find the nearest person and hug their breath out!
Wonderful Christmas presents waiting for you!
Beautiful white snow on the ground and you make snowman with your family.
Go ice skating with your friends. Snow boarding in the woods...etc.
I have sooo much planned for this Winter break. I can't wait. At all!

Soooo not to spoil your winter holiday, you should really study your bum out so you won't have any lingering regret on Christmas! STUDY AND GOOD LUCK!

(Disclaimer: I took the following pics from Google. I just gotta share them!)
My god, this place is gorgeous! Good luck in your finals. May the Study Spirit be with you.

After exam...
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  1. This is really helpful.I think that good organization is the key and a bit of patience and concentration.OH and I see Batman comic there,so much about my concentration haha.I've also read the previous post about job hunting .Good luck when it comes to that :D

    1. Hahaha, I knooow Batman is a photobomb. I saw it when I was blogging the picture. I was like *narrowed eyes* ... what is it doing there? Distraction! Begone! XD
      Kyaaa I can't believe Finals is here (well in North America). Run around the house, arms in the air.
      But then I am incredibly distracted by a TV series. Sooo distracted. And my dad wants to watch it doesn't help either. Like I am studying, then my dad comes into my room and goes "Hey, wanna watch?"