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30 November 2012

Students' Job Hunting and Interviews Experiences

As a student, I applied to my university extra program called the Co-op program which allows students to work for 1 semester and study the next semester alternatively. The Coop searches for companies who are interested in hiring interns for a semester and the students have to apply to those jobs available. So I will share with you my experiences applying to jobs as students.

First of all, you write write a good CV/resume. Make sure it looks professional and use strong action verbs that relates to the jobs you are applying. Then it's always good to write a Cover Letter. That's where your employers get to know what kind of a person you are. In your cover letter, brag about yourself. A job interview is about selling yourself (legally, lol). Try to attract your potential employers to you so that you can get an interview.

Do not be discouraged if you don't get the job you applied for. When I first started applying for jobs, I was like "I'm so going to get interviewed." It's alright to feel like that. Though sometimes, things don't work out exactly. I'll tell you why. I customized my cover letter for each job and applied to over 30 jobs within the month. (that's the time frame given by the coop) and I would say 10% will contact you.  So this week (the interviewing week), I had 3 job interviews. It's tough and scary. I know. I was scared witless when I am waiting in the reception hall for my interview.

Dress formally. You would have a better chance getting the job if you over-dressed than under-dressed. You can bring a bag with you to put your stuff. A formal, black bag would be nice. I put my own copy of CV and Cover Letter with me in a thin, black folder. You want to look professional and assertive. Groom yourself to perfection. The employers aren't going to hire a poorly-kept person.

Remember you aren't the only person they are interviewing. Don't think you are already a winner when you get a job interview. They are also interviewing other candidates that might be more qualified than you. So don't let your guard down.

So horror stories of interviews. Haha, don't be scared. This is where you learn where your weaknesses are and improve them for your next interview.
My first interview was at a bank. I went there 30 minutes in advance and wait in the lounge. My heart rate was going crazy. I jumped every time the door open and smiled/grimaced to everywhere. Oh god... why... *facepalm*

Finally, my interview came. A man probably in his thirties. We went to his office. Sat down and I was tensed beyond reality. The key thing is to appear calm. I tried to compose myself, cross legs (for females) and don't straighten your back tooooo straight (that will show you are tense). Smile at the interview.

Anyway, first interview is always scary. You get the drill after a few interviews. So the interview asked me the following questions (at least those that I can remember).

Tell me about yourself
me: ehhhhh... I'm a very people-person and responsible... yeah. (Awkward right? Don't do that! Always elaborate your answers!)

So this is your first work term. You haven't learned a lot about (business position) yet.
Me: I am taking (business field) classes and I am learning about (business terms).

Oh? So what is a stock, preferred share and bond?
I have to say... my brain froze at that time. I was like dafuuuuuq I didn't prepare for this! Stupid! I should have! Aaaaauuuugghhhhh! I am soooo screwed. 
Anyway I answered some gibberish my brain could think of.
Lesson: When you answer a question, you better as hell be prepared to elaborate on it. If you can't, you will look extremely stupid. Trust me. I went through that.

Do you have any cold call experiences? (cold calls is mentioned in the job posting)
Me: No, I don't. (Interview made a face that I knew I am screwed) But I have experiences taking phone orders (Try to turn your answers positive. Always)

Do you have any question? 
Ask the interviewer! You should prepared some questions beforehand. You want to show your interviewers that you are passionate about the job. You want to learn more...etc.
Go to their website, do extra research to learn about the company.
Anyway I probably won't get that job since I screwed up so badly. It was my first interview so I won't be too harsh on myself. Onto my second interview (the very, very next day).

It's a government job. I'm not going to talk much about it because I promised I won't speak of the interview. Before applying for the job, I went to their seminar to learn about them. They came to my university to talk about it. So it didn't hurt to spend an hour listening to the job. It's advantageous because you can mention it in your cover letter. That shows to the interviewer that you make an effort to learn about that. That makes them happy. So they might schedule an interview (chance of getting the job increases!)

The interview itself went well. The interviewer recognized me from the seminar. She was like "You came to our seminar." See? Go to their seminar if you have a chance. It's worthy.

The interview tests your personality. We had a roleplay on phonecall services...where she grades you based on how you handle the situation. So if you are applying for a job about phonecall, be prepared for a roleplay situation. Be polite.

Sometimes, they will test you on your bilingualism. She asked me some questions in another language and I have to give a firm answers in that language. The interviewer can harm you that they are changing the language or they can just start talking to you in another language. Don't be scared. If you are not comfortable, just tell them that you are learning that language (you better be!) in extra course. Don't lie in an interview. It's going to backfire (not that I have experienced that before since I am honest in my answers).

The last one I went to was with a theater. I was like 'okay... why am I a business major doing in a theater firm?' There were 2 interviews and they were both relatively young. Apparently, we had a lot in common and we joked around. It was one of the nicest interviews I had been to. No stress. It's like meeting new friends. The questions they asked had a genuine curiosity and more personal feel than generic questions. When we finished, they showed me around the building and yada yada. Overall, quite entertaining.

Anyway, I got a job offer from 1 of the 3. Whooopiiieeee...

As funny as it is... don't say this in an interview. lol. 

Don't get to bummed up if you don't get an interview or a job offer. Harry Potter's author (J.K.Rowling was rejected many, many times before a tiny publisher house signed her up)!

Sometimes, you are just bad luck. See true story example below. That was my assignment grade. 
Make. No. Sense.


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For those anxious about their job process, relaaax~

28 November 2012

One Piece Chapter 690 Review

Oh. My. God. This OP chapter rocks so hard I think I exploded. Seriously, just when I thought this arc was getting boring, BOOM! EPIC-ROCK YOUR SHIT OUT!Chapter. Well done, Oda-sensei. This chapter was just sooo pure amazing, filled with lots of ownage.

So we see Luffy punching Ceasar last chapter.

And Ceasar aint looking pretty after receiving Luffy's BAMF! punch in the face. I almost feel bad for him. Almost. Then he had to start throwing Doflamingo's name everywhere and I got irked. 

Gas Lazer beam~

Not. Luffy's epic punch again. Alright, poor Ceasar now. You should really just lie down and pretend to be death. Luffy is piiiissed. I think Ceasar is the only villain who got punched by Luffy in the face twice. Did Rob Lucci got punched like that too? I don't remember much. 

When I saw this scene, I KNEW it was going to rock ass. I was literally flailing my hands in the air. This is a fight I have been waiting for for months! MONTHS! Finally!

Smoker being overpowered by Vergo who used Haki. I didn't expect Smoker to get pushed back this far since he is a vice-admiral. Granted that Vergo is higher in rank but ... I wanted Smoker to fight... wait for it.

OMG Poor Smoker *fangirl tears* His proud jutte... broke! Noooooooooooo! Vergo you ass!

Smoker defeated. My feels. My womanly feels. This is the second time his jutte broke. First time was done by Boa Hancock during the Marine Ford War. Her epic kick shattered it. That's my girl.

Those pants... those spotted pants that I recognized a universe away... this. is. going. to. rock.

Trafalgar Law looks like Luffy here... minus the droopy eyes. Anywayyy, he got his heart back frm Vergo! Thank you sooo much Smoker! You did own Vergo after all! I am so proud of these men!

Beautiful teamwork. Smoker got my respect. He helps a pirate twice (the Straw Hats during Arabasta after they escaped Crocodile's casino). That's really something. It took me a few seconds to understand what Trafalgar Law was going in the third panel. He was... teleporting his hat... =.= lol wut. Don't put on the hat, Law. Let the fangirls see more of your precious hair that you keep hiding! Jealous guys might joke that you are bald and need a hat!

OH HO! SUCH NERVE! Trafalgar Law said that with such conviction that he is going to crush Vergo. My hero.

Aw yeah, Law is being all bawsy. I got a scare at first, I was like OMG Doflamingo is on Punk Hazard? WHAT? Then I saw he was talking to a Den-Den mushi. Disappointed.

I love Law's attitude so much. He is telling big bad Doflamingo that his favorite subordinate lost. (EVEN before they even fight. You have no idea how awesome that is) Law is so confident and trust Luffy to get his job done. Again, beautiful teamwork.

Law... you are so amazing *fangirl hysteric giggling* You kick ass with words!

Aww shit. Vergo is pissed. Very black and pissed with muscle bulging. He needs to run more to get some leg muscles or he looks disproportion. So Law did piss off Vergo in the past and got traumatized as a result... I soooo want to know what happened. (evil kinky smirk) Did he get spanked? AHAHAHA. Oh boy... *wipe tears* Ok I should calm down or I will scare away my male readers. Sorry guys, hormones got over me. 

Doflamingo is so confident in Vergo's haki. I bet the possibility that Law would defeat Vergo even cross his mind. Prepare for a surprise buttsex! I mean... prepare to be mindblown. 

My jaw dropped. Trafalgar Law cut Vergo like he is a purple colored pudding. Just how powerful is this guy? I am so shock. I didn't expect such a fast victory. Not only that, Law just destroyed all of Doflamingo's plans! He destroyed the SAD production! Doflamingo is NOT amused at all. He lost his most valuable man and his factory all in ONE cut by his former crewmate. That's gotta burn. Someone give Joker some water to ease the burn. 

Screw that! Trafalgar Law just sliced the goddamn factory! Omg... ZORO A RIVAL! THERE! THERE! Before trying to own Mihawk, you should try having a friendly spar with our dearest Law! Look at Law's evil smirk on the left. This is the first time I see Doflamingo THIS pissed off. Oh man. So satisfactory. Law-chan you better be prepared for him. Thank god you teamed up with Luffy or I fear fans have to fear for your life. Speaking of allies, where are Law's crewmates? I want to know so desperately. I miss Bepo, Penguin and Shachi, hell even Jean Bart. I miss his freaking yellow submarine! Seriously, why didn't anyone think of sailing in a submarine? It's so useful avoiding marines!

I see Eustass Kid in there. My ovaries exploded. Not counting the Straw Hats, my personal favorite pirates are: Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid (I like them before they were even cool! Hipster fan), Doflamingo, Crocodile and Boa (because she is beautiful... pun intended)
Seriously, that scar looks good on Eustass Kid. Make him real manly now. Hohohoho. 

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26 November 2012

Do You Know Iron Man 3?

I can't wait for Iron Man 3 to come out. Let's see what all the excitement is about, shall we? On Youtube right now, the official trailer has about 45 million views! That's even more than other Marvel movies! Avengers has 38 millions. I'm surprised! Anyhow, everyone loves Robert Downrey Jr. for his cocky attitude and badass quotes. 

So the synopsis (even wikipedia is not saying much so I have to use my own deduction skill to predict): Tony Stark is depressed after the incident in New York City. Meanwhile a powerful enemy (the Mandarin) is attacking Tony's loved ones and destroying him, physically and mentally. If I understand the trailer correctly, the enemy seems to be using his Iron Man suit against Tony. What a bummer! Poor Tony. I guess Tony must fight his way from scratch and find the mastermind.
We shall know more when the movie is released in April/May 2013.

Tony Stark in his lab with his Ironman Suits. So baws!

The trailer is pretty dark, I feel like it's very similar to Batman: the Dark Knight Rises. The atmosphere, the depression, the destruction, the music, even the villain! 
In the trailer, the bad guy was saying "Some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher."
He said with with that foreign accent that reminds me sooo much of Bane. Seriously! Don't you agree? 
Bad guy destroys Iron Man's home... Bane destroys Gotham. 
Anyway, I am fans of both movies so I will shut up now. 

 Personally, I am not used to this particular Iron Man Suit. I prefer the old, yellow and red one. 

 I keep thinking Tony Stark is wearing Google Glasses... trololol

Captain American Iron Man Suit. Seriously, am I the only one who think this suit should belong to Steve Rogers? 

Badass ambushing Tony in his vacation home with helicopters armed with missiles. 
Tony, you better have insurance covered. Sexy billionaire or not, that's one big cost to pay! 

Tony and Pepper flying. Dude, how did the actress manage the blast shot with those gorgeous high heels? And my gods, what in heaven is that bunny doll in the background? Its arms look like boobs! Tony! What the hell?!!!

I feel so bad seeing the Iron Man Suits getting blasted to smithereens! What a waste! Why? Whyyyy?

 Tony defeated in the snow. So pitiful. My womanly feels!

 Tony dragging his ruined suit is so freaking sad! I mean he must be freezing too in that tight t-shirt too. I love this scene. It's beautifully shot. Really show you how the mighty falls. Poor thing. 
I really can't wait for the movie to come on. On the mean time, I suppose I can rewatch the trailer over and over again. 
(Disclaimer: I don't own any of the pictures. I'm just screenshooting and spreading the good news.)

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25 November 2012

Vote to Prove Him Wrong!

Are You Human?

So my dad challenged me to prove to him that my blog readers are humans. He is convinced that it's the internet crawlers that are viewing my blog posts. Right in my ego! Ouch! To prove him wrong, I decided what better way than to let you readers help me out! PLEASE help me defeat my dad! PLEASE VOTE!

         My (Era Fey) answer                                              My readers' answer

It happened to me once... Fate in Computer Trolling... Restored to the infinity!

Seriously guys! Please vote. 
Allow me the chance to pwn my dad!
Come on! Human Power!

24 November 2012

Batman: Court of Owls (New 52) Volume 1 (2/2)

Batman is captured by the Court of Owls as he was investigating Gotham's sewer for the owls. This is where the comics tone went dark. Very, very dark. Batman is forced to psychologically transformed. He was tortured mentally and physically by being trapped in an underground labyrinth of Gotham which he takes pride in knowing every crook and corner. The Court of Owls is implying that they know Gotham better than Batman and this is where they will defeat him. 
 Batman is dumped in the underground under the statue of an impressive owl. Throughout the comic, it kept saying owls prey on bats. They destroy their prey's nest and live in it. Just like what the Court of Owls is doing to Batman and his city (aka nest). Gradually, you see Batman being broken... page by page, panel by panel...

The comics then turned 90 degree ... as in I have to turn the book sideway to read it. At first, I thought it was a printing problem... but I realize it's the author and artist's brilliant scheme to show the distortion of Batman's mind as he wondered aimlessly in the court of owls.  

 You see Batman being tortured. After he was truly broken, the owls prey on him, cornered him and hurting him.

 As he was on the verge of death, he saw a portrait of his great-great grandfather Alan Wayne who was killed by the Court of Owls. They had taken pictures of his last moment to brag of their power.

This picture makes me... LOL. I was so into the dark tension when this page appears. I can't help but chuckle dryly. 

 This picture is quite scary. It shows that Batman is completely defeated and is transformed into an owl.

 The Talon then stabbed Batman. Look at the meticulous detail of the blood, the clothes... just perfect.

 However, Batman isn't going down so easily. He fought back like a drying lion and defeated the Talon. 

 After his escape from the court of owls, Bruce investigated the Talon's body. 
[Spoiler: This Talon had been dead for decades. The Court of Owls have been preserving his corpse for the day they decide to claim back Gotham from Batman. Double spoiler: This man is Dick Grayson's great grandfather. The Court of Owls have been training 1 child every 10 year to become the Talon. Dick is supposed to be the most recent Talon but due to his parents' death, Bruce adopted him and unknowingly prevented him from becoming a Talon. Instead... someone else was chosen to be the Talon... Coincidentally, I also purchased Nightwing and the 2 stories actually run parallel, giving me extra info. I will be reviewing Nightwing next week. I will show you the connection between Nightwing and the Court of Owls.]

Batman, you really need to stop abusing Robin... well... Nightwing now. Really, that poor guy got slapped/ punched by you way too many times for the past decades. TROLOLOL!

Oh, and Nightwing is the worse babysitter ever. EVER! LOLOLOL. Already Damian is naughty... you standing there with an approving look on your handsome face is not exactly helping, Nightwing. The kid is too violent for someone his age, mannn... 

Remember I told you I bought Nightwing too? Well, these are the comics I will be reviewing the following weeks. I can't wait to show you guys all the cool artworks. Batman Court of Owls Volume 2 will be released next year in March 26 2013. I can't wait. Really can't wait. Batman is going to have a hard time fighting all the other Talons. I wonder what is going to happen to Nightwing since he was supposed to be a Talon. Will the court try to recruit him or kill him...? We shall see...

Batman Court of Owls Volume 1 PART ONE!

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