14 January 2013

Do You Know Sci-Fi Film: R'ha?

R'ha is directed by a young 22 year-old German student, Kaleb Lechowski, who might just get himself a golden ticket to Hollywood production with his spectacular animation project. He had directed R'ha on his free time (7 months) and the result leaves many viewers speechless. Many movie company execs are no doubt hooked by his superb talent and I hope to hear of his success in the movie industry soon enough.

The story is about a cobra-liked alien with 4 limbs in the midst of an interrogation by a machine. The machine wishes to know the coordinate of his fleet. During the flashback, we learn that the alien's home planet had been defending the solar system from all sort of enemy. However, they were taken off guard when 80% of their own force, the machines, rose up and destroyed them. This alien's mission was to distract the machine away while his fleet hides. Unfortunately, he was captured and was tortured for information...

The machine had then told him that they had retrieved the necessary coordinates from the alien's spacecraft and would launch an attack at the alien's fleet. The alien somehow managed to escape and rushed back to his fleet to warn his people of the attack. Little did he know, it was all a trap. The machine had set him up. Purposely provoked him, let him escape, and tracked him. 

This is truly an amazing project Mr. Lechowski had done. I hope to see him become a big star director later in the future. And then, I can proudly say to my grandchildren in 1000 years later that I am one of his early fans. How awesome is that? To witness the birth of a super director! Best wishes to Mr. Lechowski.

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