4 January 2013

The Hobbit Jokes in a Nutshell

So I finally watched the Hobbit after years of waiting since Lord of the Rings. I must say I am one of Peter Jackson's most avid fans. I love all the movies he directed. Anyhow, seriousness aside... time for some cracked jokes I found on Tumblr on the Hobbit... darn, I kept made typo mistake and type the Hottib. What is my mind trying to tell me? Mr. Freud, get back from your grave and tell me! 

Like many fangirls, I too suffer a fictional crush on scumbag Thranduil and 3 hot dwarves: Thorin, Fili and Kili
Let me show you what I mean. Buckle up!

And I absolutely love the scene where the dwarves barged into Bilbo's hobbit hole. Ok that sounds wrong. I mean his house! I think I squealed my guts out in the cinema when I saw Fili and Kili. I was like "SOOOO these are the hotties I heard so much about on the Internet! OMG they are so cute!" *Fangirling*
Their face says it all.
 Aaahhh Richard... what are we to do with youuu?

 This is how I feel when I see Gandalf counting the dwarves after their adventure through the goblin mountain.
Technically this isn't the Hobbit but what the hell, it's funny.

And finally, I also believe this is what happened in the Hobbit... because seriously... that's how it looks like!
I will post more jokes when I find them. There are so many good ones I have to pick the best. 

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  1. LOL LOL you made my day,you already know that I'm a fellow fan.Just 11 months till the second part comes out,wish I had a time machine in a moments like this :D here's an extra joke from me

    1. LOLOLOL That's a good one. I thought the same thing too. I was like... so much for being discrete when you're beaming bright blue in the dark. I want to watch the movie again and again. I don't think I will get enough of it. I lost count the number of times I rewatched the LotR trilogy.

  2. I know,I rewatched LOTR so many times that I learned it by heart,I even know the elvish lines :D I think that LOTR will forever be my weak spot.It's enough to mention it and I'm already on my way home to watch it again.If I ever become a parent,which is not likely to happen but if it happens I'm gonna make my children watch it,and Hobbit and Harry Potter

  3. Me too @Little Sukie it seems as we are soulmates :) I don't think I will be a parent either but if I became a mother one day, my kids should watch Harry Potter, Lord oft the Rings, The Hobbit and other fantasy stuff :)