30 March 2013

Polymer Clay's Little Wonders

Hey guys, today I would like to introduce you to the world of Polymer Clay! I have made some charms and they are extremely easy to make and are just soooo cute! Now I happened to come across this new hobby of mine while buying figurines (as I'm a new collector). I thought 'How did they make these figurines?'. So I did some research and came across Polymer Clay charms. 

So I went to the nearest arts craft store (Omer Deserres) and bought 3 Fimo clay packs (White, Black and Yellow) and a bag of eyepins. I started making Hamtaro, a panda, and angry bird. I realized then that I really enjoyed making these charms and made an effort to buy the acylic paints (White, Yellow, Red, Blue). I colored the Angry Bird red and Hamtaro. The panda was inked with a liquid gel black pen. 
Then I started working on the Pikachu, another cute success...
 I started to explore all the other aspects of Polymer Clay and I swear they do wonders. The clay stick very well to each other. You can just gently stick them together and bake them... they will be rock hard and firm. The bonds too. Quite amazing. 

 My first batch of Polymer Clay charms... I have to admit, they don't look half bad. Hohohoho...

 My 2nd attempt was to make clay pastry. They are sooooo challenging and fun to make! 
You have to be patient and carefully texture the clay to look like creams. I can say they are just sooo amazing. 

 Then I tried to make a gentleman Red Robin. The smaller one was made by my 4 year-old bro who was just too eager to sit aside and watched me have all the fun. He had to tried it out too. I helped him of course...

 So far, I am having a great load of fun with the polymer clay. If anyone is interested in this hobby, be sure to tell me and we can buddy up~ I just started learning about it in March 2013... so come and talk to me about it. I don't bite. 

As for those of you expected other categories' update, I do apologize. I'm actually pretty busy (hide this post). I got a work internship this semester and it required a lot of my time and energy. So I'm left exhaaausted. Anyway it's no excuse and I apologize for the wait. I will be back soon with the updates!

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