29 May 2013

Cacao 70 (Aka Chocolate Paradise)

Cacao 70 has been one of my favorite restaurants. I love the interior decors and the chocolate! Cacao 70 is the chocolate expert and has been a splendid job. I would recommend the pizza and the waffles (see pics) if you have sweet tooth. If not, they have other meals that make you drool too! What I like about the store other than the decors and food is that the unique food decorations. I could just stare at the food all day. They are just too pretty to eat! Everything I eat, I felt like a criminal for ruining such beautiful arts. 
 The Choc-Nut Waffle ($13.50)
The waffles are very smooth and soft. The Vanilla ice cream is a perfect addition. I never thought one can eat waffle with ice cream. Again, Cacao 70 introduced me to a new discovery. The strawberries are sweet and the bananas are dipped in caramel sauce. What I love is to dip the strawberries in the dark chocolate sauce. I absolutely love how the chocolate slowly slides around the strawberries surface and fell back into the cup. Just pure fascinating.

 The Chocolate Hazelnut Pizza ($14.95) & Feel Good About Yourself ($12.75)

At first when I saw the pizza on the menu, I was a bit skeptical. I was like how can a shop specializes in chocolate be selling pizza? Then the waitress, a charming lady, explains to me that the pizza is more of a dough with chocolate toppings instead of tomato sauce (because mixing chocolate and tomato sauce with pepperoni will be weird). So I ordered it and boyyy was I surprised when the waitress came with my order. 
Splendid! Absolutely gorgeous! Look at that pizza! We ordered half of the pizza which cost $14.95. It was quite heavy because you might get too hyper after that. So my recommendation is that you should order something else with a friend and share the pizza. If you eat it alone, you will be very energetic. Haha. Also, the plate is very heavy. You will need two hands to lift that thing. I wonder if it's made of marble. It sure looks like it. 

The House Special
My friend ordered this which I suppose is delicious since everyone finished everything. 

A banana waffle with whipped cream. The melted chocolate looks so good. My friend ordered this and I wish I had too! But I wasn't hungry at that time. I certainly am now! Must. Resist.

On my third trip to Cacao 70, I ordered a Banana Parfait for $10.25. That's pretty costly for like... a glass filled of 3 banana and some whipped cream and chocolate drip. But I love it. I especially love the chocolate chunk you unexpectedly find with the banana. It is way too heavy for one person's dessert. I went there with friends who hadn't had lunched. So this is like my... tea time snack. I was completely stuff 2/3 through.

My friend ordered some yummy looking waffle with ice cream on it. I forgot the name. He also ordered a cup of hot chocolate. According to everyone on the table who tasted it, it was the best hot chocolate they have ever had. I tasted it a bit and thought it tasted like dark chocolate. I believe that cup cost $6. His brother was a bit upset about the price but quickly agreed that it was worthy after drinking it. Haha. Boys.

 This is an extra. We celebrated my birthday at Cacao 70. The chefs had agreed to keep the cake in their fridge beforehand and surprised me just when we finished eating. How mean~ hahahaha. I have to thank my friends for the little surprise. They can be quite discrete when they want to, it seems.

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  1. I'm dumbstruck...This is heaven on earth,you lucky girl @_@

    1. Hahaha, I am sure they are pretty pastry stores in your country too! Now that I am staring at those pics... I grew incredibly hungry. >.<