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Showing posts with label Amusement Park. Show all posts

19 October 2012

Montreal Amusement Park: La Ronde! (Part 2)

We are back to La Ronde! Now it is getting a bit colder but it doesn't stop people from lining up hours for the ride of their lifetime! Here you see the ball slingshot (the arc-like structure). You seat 2 people in one ball and they SHOOT you up in the air. I was like ohhhhh myyyy goooooddddd just by looking at the thrill-lovers. Crazy I tell you. Next to it, it's the Ferris Wheels and another ride which I will explain later below. You can also see the lake within La Ronde (an island by itself).

Now this is the mild ride called the Toboggan I believe. Pretty relaxing. Appropriate for little kids and family. It brings you uuuuup at fort-like-structure and flows you down. WeeeeEEEEeeeee!

Among many food areas, it is my favorite place. It gives you a sense of Western Cowboy atmosphere. It's after lunch hour, so it's pretty vacant since everyone is lining up for their favorite rides.

Like I say, awesome atmosphere. The bar is also pretty nice. There's a cool cloudy smog in the air like the type you see in cowboy tavern... totally wicked!

I ordered nachos. It's $12 but with my awesome season pass coupon, 50% off! Aw yeah! I'm a little bit disappointed by it because half of the nachos were burned. What the... sad.

A panoramic view of the food court.

This is a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the breeze (with people's cries of terror in the air LOL)

I'm going to introduce you my favorite ice cream at that place, the MINIMELTS! O. M. G. It's soooo delicious. I wish they sell them everywhere! I bought this banana-split for $6 (expensive but worthy). I just have to show you guys how beautiful and fantastic it looks and tastes. Are you drooling now? 
Anyway, I might return to Laronde for Halloween! Boy, I'm sure that place is going to be wickedly decorated! Woohoo! Stick around.

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28 September 2012

Montreal Amusement Park: La Ronde! (Part 1)

Buckle up! We're in for one hellavu ride! Welcome to Montreal's thriller island: La Ronde! You heard it right! The freaking ISLAND is one paradise for family and young people to hang out and chill! So La Ronde... sweet La Ronde. Every kid-teen-young adult's fantasy world. The price is expensive about $50. I managed to buy the early seasonal pass for $48. Wooohoooo. Totally worthy. With the season pass, you can have 3 free passes! How cool is that? It also comes with a bunch of other coupons for cinema, Beavertails, nachos...etc. Craaazy!

So onto what's La Ronde alllll about! You guys are all here to see what are the rides, right? 

This is Ednor. You are hanging off the trails. You aren't sitting the ride like traditional roller costers. You are like overgrown bats dangling off the rails on straps. Then it goes on high speed, spins you around. I was laughing like a maniac the whole ride! All you hear are scream of terror and my hysterical laughter. 
I. Love. Thriller. Rides.

This is a view of the amusement park-island from above (sitting on another ride to take these photos). What you are seeing is the Saint-Laurent River. Montreal is located in the middle of a gigantic river. The island on which La Ronde is on (Jean Drapeau) is a tiny island beside Montreal.

This steel beauty is the MONSTER. It's crazy. It brings you inside the colossal structure and you are like "WHOA! Where are we? OMG my head is going to smash against the steel! NOOOOO" Yeah that's my reaction. Many people share my fear. That's what Monster is famous for. The line up for this buddy is at least 1 1/2 hour.

This super awesome roller coaster is the newest thriller ride called the Goliath. It's gorgeous to look at and scary as hell to ride on. Look at how steep the first part! At the right side of the photo, you see a flat semi-circle right? You think it's all safe and happy, right? Well, it wasn't! You are 90 degree from the ground! You are like "Holy Cow... I'm going to call off... I see the light!"

The front view of the DROP. See how steep it is? CRAZY! It's almost a free fall! I sat on the front row twice. When it drops, you feel your whole butt levitate from the seat. Holy shit.

This one is another exciting ride called the Vampire. Like Ednor (from above), you are strapped by your shoulders and off you go! From down here, all you see is people's legs sticking out of the ride. It's funny to look, scary to ride! Woohoooo~
The photos are too heavy so I had to split this trip into a few parts. Next week, it will be about the other more... passive rides and the awesome food section at La Ronde!

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