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Showing posts with label Batman. Show all posts

23 December 2012

Nightwing DC comics (New 52) Volume 1 (1/2)

Everyone knows Batman. Now some people might not know who Nightwing is. So with the DC revamp of all the series, it makes it easier for new fans to start following a superhero they like. I was always interested in how little Dick Grayson (former Robin) was doing. So when they released his Nightwing series, I had to get my hands on it along with the Batman: Court of Owls and Iron Man: Invincible (To be updated soon).

Aw sweet Jesus, the art is fantastic. The coloring makes his armor so smooth and slick. I love the metal coloring. Just beautiful. It starts off with Nightwing battling random petty villains as he returns to  back to Haly Circus (he and his parents worked there as acrobats before he became Bruce Wayne (Batman)'s ward.)

The story starts with Dick Grayson now as Nightwing encounters a villain (Saiko) who wishes to assassin Dick Grayson (without knowing Nightwing is Dick)
He wants to kill Dick is because "Dick Grayson isn't innocent. Dick Grayson is the fierce killer in all Gotham and he doesn't even know it."
Suspense. Dick and the readers were like "Huh?" Lololol. 

I love the artwork and the coloring. It's so pretty. Even the blood looks nice. I glance at the other issues of Nightwing (after volume 1) and apparently, Nightwing seems to get stabbed a lot. Meaning this exact scene with his killer crouching on top of him is a common occurrence. 

Men in tight suits fighting in a dark alley... on the floor. Sounds legit.
TROLL FACE. Srry Nightwing and Saiko, I really had to ruin your epic moment. 

Nightwing used"HADUKEN". It's very effectively. Saiko fainted.

Nightwing rescued Mr. Haly (his former boss from the Haly Circus) after Saiko attacked him to find something... that might relate to Dick Grayson. The truth is actually pretty amazing. You will see a parallel connection with Batman Court of Owls (part 2). I don't want to spoil it just yet. I will reveal the  spoiler in my next update. 

Like everyone, the first thing I saw was a big transvestite or an hermaphroditic person. Anyway. I suppose that is an interesting way to capture your attention. 

So Mr. Haly is dead and everyone from the Haly Circus is mourning. Dick Grayson will inherit the circus, much to Haly's son's disappointment. Note: That will play a key factor later on in the story.

Nightwing remembers of his past. He was confronting his old friend Zane who is currently working for the wrong crowd. Zane then mindblasted him.

Nightwing remembers his acrobatic parents. Man... the dad is pretty fit. The mom can easily pass for Natasha Romanov/ Black Widow. Heeeeyyy sexy laiiiidaaaayyyy. Oop oop.

Dick getting harassed by his nightmares/flashbacks. 

Nightwing telling Zane to find a better job after defeating him with bat sonic wave. They are like Pokemon... seriously. Ok enough jokes. I love the muscles drawn in here. Very well articulated. The clothes stretched around the limbs... just ingenious artwork. As a woman staring at these pages... I have nothing to complain. XD

Wicked. Too wicked. I love these 2 pages!
So a mysterious (it's revealed in the comic who it is right away) man hired Saiko to terminate Dick Grayson. While the man and Saiko have different reasons, they both want Dick dead. What could Dick possibly had done to enrage these 2 individuals? Remember. they want to kill Dick not Robin/Nightwing. Stay tune, all will be revealed in next week's update. 

Batman Court of Owls Volume 1 PART ONE!
Batman Court of Owls Volume 2 PART TWO!

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Disclaimer: Credits go to the original artists and writers, publishes and gang. I am just spreading the awesomeness. 

24 November 2012

Batman: Court of Owls (New 52) Volume 1 (2/2)

Batman is captured by the Court of Owls as he was investigating Gotham's sewer for the owls. This is where the comics tone went dark. Very, very dark. Batman is forced to psychologically transformed. He was tortured mentally and physically by being trapped in an underground labyrinth of Gotham which he takes pride in knowing every crook and corner. The Court of Owls is implying that they know Gotham better than Batman and this is where they will defeat him. 
 Batman is dumped in the underground under the statue of an impressive owl. Throughout the comic, it kept saying owls prey on bats. They destroy their prey's nest and live in it. Just like what the Court of Owls is doing to Batman and his city (aka nest). Gradually, you see Batman being broken... page by page, panel by panel...

The comics then turned 90 degree ... as in I have to turn the book sideway to read it. At first, I thought it was a printing problem... but I realize it's the author and artist's brilliant scheme to show the distortion of Batman's mind as he wondered aimlessly in the court of owls.  

 You see Batman being tortured. After he was truly broken, the owls prey on him, cornered him and hurting him.

 As he was on the verge of death, he saw a portrait of his great-great grandfather Alan Wayne who was killed by the Court of Owls. They had taken pictures of his last moment to brag of their power.

This picture makes me... LOL. I was so into the dark tension when this page appears. I can't help but chuckle dryly. 

 This picture is quite scary. It shows that Batman is completely defeated and is transformed into an owl.

 The Talon then stabbed Batman. Look at the meticulous detail of the blood, the clothes... just perfect.

 However, Batman isn't going down so easily. He fought back like a drying lion and defeated the Talon. 

 After his escape from the court of owls, Bruce investigated the Talon's body. 
[Spoiler: This Talon had been dead for decades. The Court of Owls have been preserving his corpse for the day they decide to claim back Gotham from Batman. Double spoiler: This man is Dick Grayson's great grandfather. The Court of Owls have been training 1 child every 10 year to become the Talon. Dick is supposed to be the most recent Talon but due to his parents' death, Bruce adopted him and unknowingly prevented him from becoming a Talon. Instead... someone else was chosen to be the Talon... Coincidentally, I also purchased Nightwing and the 2 stories actually run parallel, giving me extra info. I will be reviewing Nightwing next week. I will show you the connection between Nightwing and the Court of Owls.]

Batman, you really need to stop abusing Robin... well... Nightwing now. Really, that poor guy got slapped/ punched by you way too many times for the past decades. TROLOLOL!

Oh, and Nightwing is the worse babysitter ever. EVER! LOLOLOL. Already Damian is naughty... you standing there with an approving look on your handsome face is not exactly helping, Nightwing. The kid is too violent for someone his age, mannn... 

Remember I told you I bought Nightwing too? Well, these are the comics I will be reviewing the following weeks. I can't wait to show you guys all the cool artworks. Batman Court of Owls Volume 2 will be released next year in March 26 2013. I can't wait. Really can't wait. Batman is going to have a hard time fighting all the other Talons. I wonder what is going to happen to Nightwing since he was supposed to be a Talon. Will the court try to recruit him or kill him...? We shall see...

Batman Court of Owls Volume 1 PART ONE!

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Disclaimer: Credits go to the original artists and writers, publishes and gang. I am just spreading the awesomeness. 

18 November 2012

Batman: Court of Owls (new 52) Volume 1 (1/2)

I finally bought my first DC comic especially with all the Superheroes movies coming out like crazy this year. As a new reader I decided to start with DC because it is currently revamping all its superheroes, making it more welcoming. Otherwise... boy, I have no idea where to start! There are like 60 years worth of comics. Thank you, DC for allowing me the chance to join your superheroes' universe. I ordered them (Batman Court of Owls, Nightwing and Invincible Iron Man) from Amazon because it's cheap and has free shipping. I am going to start reviewing Batman Court of Owls by Scott Synder and Greg Capullo. I have taken cool pictures and explain the story (I will warn you for big spoilers) as we go. Ready for it? Let's do this!

As you can tell by the cover, this series is going to be "hellish" for Batman. I thought he was attacked by zombies. Well... my guess wasn't too far, consider the "spoiler" happened at the end. 

First few pages of Batman and we see Batman fighting villains with Joker. Yup! I was pretty surprised. Wait for it...

Joker in Batcave with Batman having casual conversation... Well, even a noob reader like me was very surprised. I was like "since when did they become pals? Great! Did I miss something? Is this really a revamp? Crap, I am going to be soooo lost." Fear not. [Spoiler: This is Nightwing, Dick Grayson in disguise. That sure explains lots isn't it? Haha. DC got us good.]

Batcave is so amazing. Look at those Batmobiles! The artwork is simply fantastic. I wish I dare to open the comics wider but I didn't dare. I love to keep my book as brand new as possible. I had a fun time photographing the comics at the right lighting (morning sun). The pages are all so glossy, making it hard to photograph. You tend to see the overexposed areas... anyway I managed. Hurray!

Bruce Wayne hosting a party with Dick Grayson (Former Robin #1, currently Nightwing), Tim Drake (Former Robin #2, currently Red Robin, Teen Titan) & Damian Wayne (Bruce & Talia's son, Robin)
For some reason, this picture makes me really jelly. It's like awwww... so cute...!

 Bruce Wayne being targeted by mysterious attacker who belongs to the Court of Owls. This is where things get really interesting. You don't have to be a veteran reader to understand what is going on. The author explains everything in detail. 
Basically, Bruce wants to reconstruct Gotham but the Court of Owls are not pleased. They have been hiding in the shadows of Gotham, watching. Now, they plan to strike and reclaim Gotham... how are they going to do that? Read on!
 After being attacked by a mysterious member from the Court of Owls, known as the Talon, Batman starts to investigate their hideout. He discovered many hideouts which are literally in every building built by his ancestor, Alan Wayne. Alan was a very suspicious man so he kept the 13th floor of all his buildings empty... and that's where the owls have been hiding. 
I really like this part of the comics because the atmosphere is really dark and the foreshadowing is superb. Before his death, Alan Wayne was haunted by owls. He kept saying the owls are in his home, which upon Batman's discover of the Court of Owls' hiding places in his buildings... Alan was right. They are in his home. Just hiding in the 13th floor. Pretty creepy if you ask me!
 Batman is now actively searching for every single clues about the Court of Owls. He is very uncomfortable knowing that they are someone out there claiming that they know Gotham better than he does. He is definitely not amused. 

 Eventually, he suspected that the sewer is connected to the Court of Owls. Alan Wayne is somehow related to the Owls and he died in the sewer... therefore... could it be the home of the owls? [Spoiler: Turn out that the owls are also in the sewer and that is where Batman got seriously owned and tortured. Next weekend, you shall see what happened to our dear hero at the hands of the cruel owls.

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