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Showing posts with label Characters. Show all posts

17 December 2012

Do You Know Les Miserables

Les Miserables is going to be a phenomenal movie. There are so many amazing, big name actors playing: Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfield...etc. I just have to take a glance at the trailer and saw Hathaway's brilliant acting and I am SOLD! I think she really stands out beautifully. Her emotions were raw and passionate. It was simply breath-taking. 

What is even more amazing other than their acting is that they can SING! Bloody hell! It's quite mindblowing! Catwoman and Wolverine can sing! Here is an interview of the actors talking about their experience working with LIVE on stage singing. Basically, they were filmed as they acted and sang. It wasn't studio recorded. It's not other professional singers' voice. It's their real voice being sung as they acted. I think it's something to be highly praised for. Their talent continues to astonish me.

The story goes briefly about Fantine (Hathaway) was a factory worker but due to unfortunate circumstances, she had to turned to prostitution. Somewhere, she met Valjean (Jackman) who helped her and her illegimate daughter, Cosette (Seyfield). Valjean used to be imprisoned for stealing bread and was released by Inspector Javert (Crowe) on parole. But he broke the parole and Javert is now hot on pursuit to imprison him again. (Time skipped) Cosette grew up to be a beautiful young lady under Valjean's care and fell in love with Marius. Then BAM! REVOLUTION in Paris! 
You have to watch the movie and appreciate the beauty of it. Seriously. 

(These pictures are taken from Les Miserables official webiste. I own nothing.)
 Fantine the factory worker. 
They cut off her hair. It looks so painful in the trailer. I can't imagine someone roughly yanks and cuts your hair. Must be a hellish experience. So I assume in this scene, Fantine was gradually turning to the path of prostitution.

Fantine met Valjean who rescued her... I assume. 

 Aww Hathaway's red nose. TT v TT 

 Russell Crowe as Inspector Javert who hunts Valjean.

 I am just staring at these actors... waiting for them to explode into other character. Fantine turned into BAMF!Catwoman halfway through the show. Valjean goes all furry and claws hands and stuff... with his Wolverine badass-ness. Inspector Javert will be like "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED" and takes a sword and goes Gladiator-mode.

We also have Helena Bonham Carter, the wife of the innkeeper who abused Cosette until Valjean came to help her out and raise her. Trust Carter to play the villain. She is so good at playing the bad guys.

 Cosette (Seyfield) grows up under Valjean's care. (Since I have never watched a Les Miserables play before, I am eager to know what happened to Fantine (Hathaway). I don't see her anymore further in the trailer... did she die? That will be the most unfortunate.)

The crew working. This shot is beautifully captured. I love the decors, the lighting, the actors...etc. Marvelous!

So guys, do go watch Les Miserables which will be released on Christmas (December 25 2012) in US or January 11 2013 in UK! I'm sure it will be worth your money. In a dark theater... actors' brilliant singing... oh wow, it's going to be amazing. 

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26 November 2012

Do You Know Iron Man 3?

I can't wait for Iron Man 3 to come out. Let's see what all the excitement is about, shall we? On Youtube right now, the official trailer has about 45 million views! That's even more than other Marvel movies! Avengers has 38 millions. I'm surprised! Anyhow, everyone loves Robert Downrey Jr. for his cocky attitude and badass quotes. 

So the synopsis (even wikipedia is not saying much so I have to use my own deduction skill to predict): Tony Stark is depressed after the incident in New York City. Meanwhile a powerful enemy (the Mandarin) is attacking Tony's loved ones and destroying him, physically and mentally. If I understand the trailer correctly, the enemy seems to be using his Iron Man suit against Tony. What a bummer! Poor Tony. I guess Tony must fight his way from scratch and find the mastermind.
We shall know more when the movie is released in April/May 2013.

Tony Stark in his lab with his Ironman Suits. So baws!

The trailer is pretty dark, I feel like it's very similar to Batman: the Dark Knight Rises. The atmosphere, the depression, the destruction, the music, even the villain! 
In the trailer, the bad guy was saying "Some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher."
He said with with that foreign accent that reminds me sooo much of Bane. Seriously! Don't you agree? 
Bad guy destroys Iron Man's home... Bane destroys Gotham. 
Anyway, I am fans of both movies so I will shut up now. 

 Personally, I am not used to this particular Iron Man Suit. I prefer the old, yellow and red one. 

 I keep thinking Tony Stark is wearing Google Glasses... trololol

Captain American Iron Man Suit. Seriously, am I the only one who think this suit should belong to Steve Rogers? 

Badass ambushing Tony in his vacation home with helicopters armed with missiles. 
Tony, you better have insurance covered. Sexy billionaire or not, that's one big cost to pay! 

Tony and Pepper flying. Dude, how did the actress manage the blast shot with those gorgeous high heels? And my gods, what in heaven is that bunny doll in the background? Its arms look like boobs! Tony! What the hell?!!!

I feel so bad seeing the Iron Man Suits getting blasted to smithereens! What a waste! Why? Whyyyy?

 Tony defeated in the snow. So pitiful. My womanly feels!

 Tony dragging his ruined suit is so freaking sad! I mean he must be freezing too in that tight t-shirt too. I love this scene. It's beautifully shot. Really show you how the mighty falls. Poor thing. 
I really can't wait for the movie to come on. On the mean time, I suppose I can rewatch the trailer over and over again. 
(Disclaimer: I don't own any of the pictures. I'm just screenshooting and spreading the good news.)

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13 November 2012

The Hobbit Coming Out Soon!

I bet everyone is excited about the epic fantasy movie coming out at the end of the year! THE HOBBIT an Unexpected Journey is finally out! I first heard of the movie in Jan and had been longingly for it. Finally, in 1 month, it will be in cinema on December 14 2012! Now, I would like to share a few of its beautiful captions of the movie. Again Peter Jackson pulled a marvelous job at maintaining the wonderful atmosphere of Lord of the Rings. I bet it will be just as awesome. Maybe more... but I do love Lord of the Rings very, very dearly. Come on, Mr Jackson, surprise us with the Hobbit!

The Hobbit synopsis: The story is set 60 years before the Lord of the Rings and the creation of the Fellowship. Of course, we would recognize 2 of out favorite of characters from LotR: our hobbit, Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) and the wizard, Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen). Together, they went on an epic journey, accompanied by 13 dwarves and Thorin Oakenshield. Their goal is to reclaim the Dwarf Kingdom from a dragon. Then on their journey, they encounter the Gollum... my precious.
Ooohhh, I simply can't wait for the movie! Hurry up December! Now onward with some beautiful screenshots I had taken from the website. 

 Bilbo reading a long message while the dwarves looked at him. Omg! My jaw dropped when I realized Bilbo Baggins is John Watson from Sherlock Holmes! Epiphany! I didn't recognize him at first since he looks so much younger than he was in Sherlock. Must be because of his brown hair. Anyway, I am still mindblown.

 Bilbo and the dwarves enjoying themselves at Bag End. Unlike Gandalf, these guys are just the right height for tiny Bag End. I still can't get the idea that this is not John Watson... I can so imagine him telling Sherlock all about the Ring and Middle Earth to Sherlock... kyaaa~

Everyone seems to be having a blast at Bag End though... they looked very... photoshopped. The lighting is all wrong... but as a loyal fan, I will just keep quiet about it.

The dwarves traveling through the rocky mountains. I love their outfit. Very fantasy-seque. The old man looks like Barbarian from Diablo 3. 

Now, let's see some cool shots of those characters. I don't know their name yet except Bilbo and Gandalf. Give me one more month and I will have them remembered.
Gandalf looks very wizard-ish in this. Love the colors and his sincere aura. Don't you agree?
Bilbo on the other hand looks like a young (well the actor Martin Freeman is 41 year-old) man going on his first adventure. He is all ready and firm in his resolve. I like the view of the mountains in the background. 
I believe he is Thorin Oakenshield, the legendary person. He looks like a rather serious character. 
Ah, I can tell this is going to be the jolly bunch. The type that is playful but when it comes to action time, they go BAMF! 
Is it just me or I find this character Kili absolutely sexy. Ok that's my geeky side talking. I am still sulking by the fact that he is going to be a dwarf... WHYYYYY? It seems wrong fangirling a dwarf... Anyway, I am going to assume he is like Aragorn's father or something... whatever works!!!! My wishful thinking...

Now for the Hobbit trailer! I loooove the song they sang... so dark and mysterious. Bone-chilling awesomeness!

Oh and this is one cuuuuute New Zealand aiplane ads. It's really brilliant. Watch it, you will see. Normally, I get bored watching the same airline guide videos but this one... I can watch it 1000 times, no problem!
Pretty neat, right? So creative. I would never expected an airline doing ads like this. Ever. So kudos, New Zealand. Be proud of your country and your beautiful landscape (did you see how beautiful the mountain range is in Lord of the Rings? I would totally want to go there one day... which I will!)
Stay tune, I will do a proper movie review after December 14. I can't wait. Really can't wait. Middle Earth, here I come!

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10 November 2012

Usogui Review

Usogui is truly a gem among the rocks that I stumbled across. While the manga is mainly about gambling, it has amazing fight scenes. What's more? People actually suffer severe consequences in this manga if they lose in a gamble. I had read a few gambling manga (More for the thrill of it) but none had reached the awesomeness of this one. Liar Game wasn't too bad but it's getting boring recently. Anyhow, you don't have to be a gambler to appreciate Usogui. I have no idea how to gamble at all, yet I love the manga. You'll see in a minute what's so good about this manga. 

The story starts with Kaji, your average citizen, meeting Baku "Usogui" (aka Lie Eater). Of course, most plot, Kaji is in trouble and Usogui, a stranger they coincidentally met on the day of trouble, decided to help him. So Usogui has an epic gambler with loan shark and won. 

What we learn about this manga is that Baku (Usogui) is not exactly the saint protagonist. He is capable of watching his opponents getting hanged from losing a game. Well, it's either he dies or the opponents. Nevertheless, Baku is shown to be pretty sadist and manipulative. When he owns his opponents, it's always satisfying. No half ass ownage... but serious kick-ass ownage. 

The art is absolutely breath-taking. I love how the artist draws their body line. And Hooooly shit, the suit. Men in suit are the sexiest. I swear. That was an biiiig bonus for me. I am always busy ogling the sexy male characters than understanding the gamble. 

 Awww Yeah! The art is gorgeous, isn't it? You have to be blind not to agree with me. The flawless detail, the tension, everything! Perfection! It's like drawn by Chuck Norris or something. Seriously, when was the last time you read a manga with such great beauty? I shall now ogle the men in peace... *hide in corner and drool* Anyhow, don't forget to leave a comment below and stay tune for next week's manga recommendation!

To read Usogui chapters: http://mangafox.me/manga/usogui/

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14 October 2012

Nero Devil May Cry 4 Play Arts Kai (Part 2)

I can't believe I smuggled Nero (Devil May Cry 4) with me to my family trip. I admit... I was behaving like a little kid who is so attached to her toy she won't let go. When I took Nero out from the luggage at the hotel, my mom was facepalming. LOL! I am that immature. For the rest of the trip, I had him in my handbag so I could take pictures of him anywhere. Yup. I would love to bring Squall and Gabranth along but I don't dare to push my luck. XP 
Anyway, this post is dedicated solely on Nero Play Arts Kai!
Nero rolling in autumn leaves. So. Freaking. Happy. 
Nero: Hurray! I love dried leaves and Canada!
I am envious of his freedom. If I were to start rolling in leaves in public...nahh
Nero: This tree is so fascinating... philosopher mind.

We are actually at a playground. I am way too obsessed with Nero to care about the children running around. I am the cute-fiction-boys-pedo-noona. Absolutely harmless. The lighting was perfect for photography so why not? Beside, I was really excited to take his pictures. He looks so handsome I just have to do it asap! Seriously, you have to admit, he looks good. Really. Uber. Good. *grin*
Nero terrorizing children in the playground. 
Like I mentioned in my older post, Nero is super stable. For far, he hasn't broken a single limb despite my rough handling (sometimes). So I am very pleased with Nero's design and quality. 

RAWR~ so sexy! Nero holding his Blue Rose and Red Queen. The second picture is absolutely gorgeous. The sun was shining his legs but the torso is in the shadow... *throw confetti*
We are actually at the capital of Canada (Ottawa) for Thanks Giving. A beautiful, peaceful place with lots of trees and lakes. I was like omg... if I live here... I will be taking photo of my boys every single day. I wish I had brought Squall and Gabranth along. They would have had an epic battle in the children's playground. Oh well. 

 Next week, it'll be aaaalll about Nero's adventure combatting a gigantic spider. Here is a sneak peek! Teehee!

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