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Showing posts with label Cute. Show all posts

8 October 2012

Do You Know Patapon?

Patapon is one of the cutest and unique PSP games I have ever played. We bought a PSP because we wanted to play this game! You have to try it out... or at least know what it is about!
While I am not the patient time to play a slow game, this game is surprisingly fascinating. It's a little bit boring watching people play but when you play it... boy! It's amazing! I speak from experience. Basically, your little eyeball people move as you drum along with the music. If you are off beat, they will be awwww... The game is pretty straight forward and easy. You don't need to be a music expert to play the game.

(Disclaimer: The pictures are not mine. Just a bunch I took from the internet. I would have screenshot them myself but ... I'm dead lazy.)

Absolutely adorable. My dad and I both enjoy this game very much. It's not very violent so kids and grandma can play. No sweat. You might thing it's like Angry Birds but it's not exactly the same. The art is a tiny bit similar but that's it. Angry Birds is more much more merciless than Patapon lol. Poor piggies are just there hiding in their ruined houses. Anyway, I highly recommend Patapon to anyone. Give it a try, you will love it.

Here is Patapon 2 trailer~ soooo cute! 

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23 September 2012

Final Fantasy Dissidia Squall Play Arts Kai (Part 2)

So on August 23 2012, right after Squall arrived to my doorstep, I was immediately in love with this amazing figurine I got from TFAW. Seriously, he is really, really pose-able. I strongly recommend any figurine lover to buy one Play Arts Kai and try it out. You will love it. If you need help with any online figurine website, don't be shy and ask me. So let's see what other poses Squall can do...

Squall's articulation is perfect. Once you know where to twist, he can do any pose. When I saw him posing with his blade behind his head (on the back of the toy box), I immediately tested it out but his arm refused to bend backward. Today, I decided to give it a try and carefully rotated his shoulder-joint. TADA! He made it! Woohoo!

A front view of him holding his sword with two hands. 

 He is so cool when he wants to. I admit. He looks pretty girly compare to other anime heroes but as a sucker for cute guys, I just gotta fall head over heels for this brooding, angry fellow.

Squall admiring the sunset... always the lone wolf.
That was... before he toppled backward and fell down the stairs. Not rolling down the stairs. Literally plummeted down a 2 stories high stairs and shattered into 4 pieces (torso, bottom half, his white fluffy thing around his waist and his right hand). It was gruesome. Thank god Squall is a super hero and he was able to survive that dreadful fall. In reality, I used my superior Barbarian woman's strength to plop him back.

Save 40% on DC's New 52 Second Wave comics now!

AWW YEAAAHHH! That pose is just so boss! I'm still amazed he could stand on his own! Taking account gravity... this is really amazing.
Squall dumped Rinoa for Barbie (Facepalm)... that 'Love at first sight' staring contest... yummy!

In conclusion, I am very pleased with Squall. Good news is now that I tested out my very first Play Arts, I am going to purchase other figurines. He is slightly fragile compare to Gabranth (also from Final Fantasy Dissidia). Gabranth is the beast! I will be posting a review on that stunning figurine next week.

You really don't want to miss out on Gabranth! Look at that badass!

See Squall Part 1 Click Here.

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21 September 2012

Online Shopping Experiences

Online shopping! If you are new (or interested) to the online shopping trend, relax and enjoy this blog. Ok, my very first purchase online was with Amazon. Buying books. If you are scared of shopping online, my recommendation is that you start with some really, really trusted websites. Most of the super uber famous stores should be safe. Once you purchase from the trusted websites and got your orders delivered to your house, you will feel more daring afterward and venture to the less popular sites.

I strongly recommend you do some research before buying. You want to know their reputation, their policy, etc. Normally I read about other customers' reviews on places such as Resellerratings (http://www.resellerratings.com/). Not only do you get an idea how the stores deliver their promises but you also feel more secure after reading the good reviews. Also, it's important to know the store's return policy. The policy differs from stores so you might want to know what exactly you are dealing with.

Now I will talk about some experiences I have with online shopping and some awesome online stores...

Let's start from local to international goodies. For local deals, I visit Teambuy and RedFlagDeals for updates. I believe they are Canadian websites. So if you are in Canada, you're lucky. If not, don't panic. I'm sure you can find your local coupon stores if you search it up. Anyhow, the deals these sites have are pretty good.

Here are some deals we bought:

  • Yeh, Yogurt and Cafe --$5 for $10--

You make your own delicious yogurt ice cream with all sort of yummy topping. It's like going to Honeyduke at Hogsmeade... delicious!

  • Beaver Tail and Moozoo --$5 for $10--

 Doesn't the food look so yummy? Totally worthy! You can see how a Beavertail looks like in the first picture. It's on the board. You can also buy Moozoo (smoothie). Look at those beautiful ice cream. Seriously, some flavors gave me toothache. That's how sweet it is. And I have high sweet tolerance! But anything can be cured with a nice, large smoothie made of fresh fruits! 

That's it for local for the moment.

Now we head to international online shopping! Fly awaaaaayyyy to....


I bought really the most random books from Amazon like Diablo: Legacy of Blood, Hunger Games (Yes I read it before it was even cool. I was such a hipster back then), a bunch of Harry Potter books, a Karen Miller's trilogy and unfortunately, I also bought some random books that I don't quite like. It happens. I was tricked by the beautiful book covers *insert guilty, kick-puppy face*. They usually come in a brown box with an Amazon smiling logo on it. The cardboard is pretty thick and hard so you don't have to be afraid of crumpled goods. From experience, the delivery is fast. Hmmm, what else? Gift certificate can be trusted. I received gift certificates on my birthday (Ahem, nerd) and I can tell you that it's safe even though it's a big amount like in the hundreds. Anyhow, Amazon is a really reliable site, at least for books. I never tried out the electronics so I can't say much. In Canada, the shipping is free if you purchase more than $25 (used to be $35 back in the days). So it's a really good deal. I loooove Free Shipping!

Visit Amazon here!

Now let's take the AliExpress! 

For cheap clothing, I shop at AliExpress. The price is ridiculously cheap compare to retail stores. And my favorite thing about this site is.... FREE SHIPPING! You heard right! The shipping is free! UNCONDITIONALLY. I bought this dress for $5 and the shipping is free! Tell me where else can you find such good deal? Of course, I did a bunch of research before I buy from AliExpress because the deal is just too good to be true. Much to my relief, the goods came by Airmail and are good quality. They don't tear and the material is soft and comfortable! So yes, I will be buying more from them.

To buy Things From Another World (TFAW)!
I was actually searching for a specific product (Final Fantasy Dissidia Squall Play Arts Kai .... see my old posts in August) when I came across this site. It was offering the cheapest Squall so I immediately jumped onto it. Of course. With a great amount of research. Much to my surprise, the Resellerrating was very very very positive. So I was sort of suspicious but I still gave it a try anyway. Now that I received the goods, I understand why people are so happy with their purchase. 
Let me explain. 

I bought Squall for $29.99 whereas the retail price is $49.99. So I was already pretty happy. So the box came like this. It has little cute Styrofoam to protect the gorgeous Squall box. At first I saw the little flyer with Zero Month. Then beneath it was Squall's box. It was only a day later that I was letting my baby brother play with the Styrofoam that we realized there was SOMETHING ELSE in there. We dispersed the Styrofoam and to our surprise.... IT'S A COMIC! 
Omg. I was quite surprised. TFAW gifted me a comic. Ha! Speaking of excellent customer's satisfaction. I love their style! You gotta admit. It's pretty sweet!

So yup! Now I am uber happy (doesn't take much to make me happy, isn't it? XP)!
TFAW has a great variety of comics and figurines. You can get the comics really cheap. Lots of DC and Marvel and co! Super cheap shipping! Simply stunning. Who knows, you might get a free copy too and one free future shipping! Sweet deal!

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1 September 2012

Yankee-kun to Megane-Chan

This week's Other Anime Discussion, we'll be viewing Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. It's a slice of life, shounen, comedy, school life manga. While I don't read comedy and slice of life, this manga gets my vote! For the more veteran manga readers, you probably recognize the art and its resemblance to Rave Master and Fairy Tail. Not big surprise. This mangaka (Yoshikawa Miki) is in fact Fairy Tail mangaka's assistant. Anyhow, the art is actually quite distinct once you start reading it. Without further ado, here is a teaser of what the manga is all about!

The story is basically about this group of students having fun in high school. There's no dramatic climax or epic battle with lots of angry grunts but the manga does have serious action time. Sometimes, the fight is comical. Sometimes, it's pure awesome. Brief background info: Adachi Hana was a former delinquent who turned a new leaf. She is now clumsy, silly Student President. Then we have yankee Shingawa Daichi who was once an elite student. Together with their other friends, they show us how much fun studying really is. It's great to inspire lazy students (ahem...me) to study and find enjoyment in it.

Their strategy to stay awake is scary. haha. I'm sure everyone experiences that many painful ordeal times as students. Studying last minute, straining your eyes open and cramming as much info as possible...*table flip* Painful indeed.
TROLOLOLOL I laughed. It's just so cute. 
I told you it's cute and funny. Now the student council is playing an online game to persuade a 'hermit' student (who refuses to go to school and indulges in that game) to come back to school.
LOLOLOLOL yeah. They are hilariously horrible in that game. Nevertheless, they train hard... let's see how our favorite merchant Shingawa is upgrading...pffft!!!
I am soooo going around with bananas and say to random people "And I can sell bananas now!"

For more Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, check out the manga at http://mangafox.me/manga/yanki_kun_to_megane_chan/

If you have any recommendation for next week's manga recommendation, leave it at the comment section before. Don't forget to click on Join This Site on the site bar and click Follow This Blog afterward. See you next week!

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(picture by Anon)

24 August 2012

Otakuthon (Anime Convention)

So I attended an anime convention (Otakuthon) on August 4 2012. It was an amazing experience. Many of the cosplays were magnificent. We saw all sorts of characters there. Blue mascot Happy from Fairy Tail, Dante from Devil May Cry, Kurono from Gantz, baby Goku, lolitas, Avengers gang...etc. Quite eye-opening. The energy in there was just explosive. People rushing here and there, taking pictures of other characters while other people taking their pictures. It was chaotic in a fun way!
Here we are at Palais de Congres, Place-d'armes (Chinatown) Montreal

Quick background information... Otakuthon has been going on for many years now. It's usually on August. The price is fair when you buy your ticket early. I bought mine on April for $40 (for 3 days). Otherwise it would cost you Friday ($30), Saturday ($40), Sunday ($30). Saturday is usually the busiest with a lot of attractions: Exhibition Hall, Market Place (where you go crazy on spending spree), Contest, Maid Cafe, Gaming Hall, Work Shop, Yurithon, Yaoithon...etc

           A beautiful Korra from Legend of Korra                                              Two adorable lolita girls
      This cosplayer captures Korra's feisty atttitude!

 If you dress up properly, you get to have paparazzi for 3 days. For sure. The camera goes off, blinding you with flashes. You get to enjoy the attention just like a celebrity would. Otakus will approach you shyly with their phone/camera and ask you for a photo. Girls drool after sexy male cosplayers who oozed manliness! Trust me. It's really fun. You don't have to be an anime fanatic to enjoy an anime convention. Just go there and enjoy all the bursting energy!

                           Assassin Creed Ezio?                                                                        Fem!Thor & Fem!Loki

Now we enter the market place where artists sell their merchandises. Posters, keychains, pins, toys, figurines and anime pillow cases are very popular. I was surprised to see many otakus walking around, very satisfied, hugging their anime girl pillow(s). However this pillow fetish isn't just exclusive for guys. I have seen girls buying Hetalia boys' pillow cases.

This is Miss Hamlet from Starfighter, Hamlet Machine. She is the yaoi artist.

This is one priceless poster my friend got. It's sooo adorable!

                     Here we see Happy. Very cute.                                         Well, what a surprise! Crossdressing nuns with                                                                                                                                     a machine gun!


We got some Takoyaki squidballs (4 for $4)
 Here is a video on how Takoyaki are made. It's quite impressive. It reminds me of a spider making its web.

Pretty girls. Those boobs...
They just froze there in the middle of the room, letting people take their picture.

                     Final Fantasy (Gabranth)                                                            Alphonso from Full Metal Alchemist.                                       

You can see a Newtwo and a Menos Grandes. Impressive costumes!

After one exhausting day (I just went for the Saturday) I spent much less than I expected. I was scared I will enter a spending spree so I limited my cash before hand. Turn out, it wasn't necessary.  There are a lot of stuff I wanted to buy but I didn't. Why! I saw the Squall Action Figure for $40! I  was sooo tempted to buy him. Then I get home and searched for him online. That's when I discovered TFAW selling him for $29.99! Woohooo~ (see Final Fantasy Dissidia Squall that I uploaded on August 2012)

Let's go through quickly what I got...

A poster by Hamlet with her autograph $8
A notepad (From Poppy Hill) $3
A keychain of Natsume (Gave it to my mom) $2
A Eustass 'Captain' Kid figurine $4.75
A Trafalgar Law's crew flag $3

It's a great deal!
They are so ridiculously cheap and worthy. 
No regret!

If anyone is going to Otakuthon next year, tell me (comment below). I am looking forward in meeting new people!
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Thank you very much for the support. 
See you guys next time.

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