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Showing posts with label Halloween. Show all posts

22 October 2014

Did You Know about Halloween Light Show?

Halloween is around the corner and how are you decorating your house? Lots of chubby pumpkins and gravestones and creepy ghosts? Well some people took it to the extreme with LIGHT show with famous songs. It's incredibly amazing! My jaw dropped when I discovered the sheer ingenuity of this! People are just so creative and have lots of time and money (lol) Hope in humanity... RESTORED!

Check out some of the videos! Totally going to ROCK your world!
(Mute the auto music from my blog below to enjoy these videos! Oops! You may replay it later.)

Micheal Jackson's Thriller - Steve Jandick
Queen's Bohemian's Rhapsody - Steve Jandick
I took some screenshots for you guys. Seriously, this is PURE dedication for Halloween. The amount of decors this household put into is simply .... MASTER-level amazing!

This one is a bit simpler in decors but it is just as amazing! The little pumpkins are so adorable. I need to get some of those! I wonder how much on electric they are paying... They are the real MVP.
This is Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas) - Light on Ice Crystal
These are just samples I found on Youtube. You will be able to find more if you type Light Show Halloween/Christmas. 

BONUS: I know I am too early to talk about Christmas but this is SO COOL I had to share with you guys ASAP!
I give all these geniuses a grande applaud! Take my LIKE take it! I insist!

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Definitely leave your comments below. I want to know what do you guys think about this!

9 November 2012

Rich & Awesome Halloween Houses

This year's Halloween, we decided to have a go at the rich folks' place! Woohoo! Awesome decorations, high quality candies, amazing time and mega huge rich houses. What a nice combination to spend a lovely night knocking on people's door with a smile and go Trick or Treat. Granted, I am over the age limit buuuut I have a little brother who is eligible! Rock on! So, let's start! 

I had to skip class on Halloween night because I want to tag along to take pictures so that YOU GUYS can see them. I was so busy thinking how I should impress you guys with a Halloween blog post. Anyway, this is the result. It was really dark when we went Trick or Treat. I am so happy my camera managed to capture the beautiful moment without flash. I hate flash. So enjoy!

Currently, we are heading up the rich people's area in Montreal. It is known as the Westmount. Obviously the houses are all located on a tiny mount. The higher you go, the bigger the house, the more expensive they are! My guess, at least 7 digits $$. Right now, we are probably at the 5 digits. The houses are absolutely lovely. You guys have no idea. The atmosphere and the weather was prefect for Halloween. It must have sucked for the children whose Halloween is ruined by Hurricane Sandy. 

Now we are getting to the bigger house. Cute Halloween decorations. Little plastic tombstones, skulls...etc. You see my little brother (aka Spiderman who refused to wear the stuffy mask) going for his 3rd Trick or Treat. I was a very proud sister, motherhen-ing him all the way. 

Again, another lovely house. I love the pumpkins lamps they stuck in the yard. Very cute. Now that I pay a closer attention, the yard looks like a mini park with a park bench... Ok I am officially jealous. 

Ohhhhh! This is one awesome house next to my High School (yay to crazy Catholic all Girl School in the middle of the mountain where communication is scarce... just kidding. Thank god it's not a boarding school. No kidding. My school's neighbor had a red Ferrari. Everyday I get to sit on the school stairs, watching a beautiful Ferrari drove by and parked inside the house's garage... ah... wonderful high school days.) 
Alright, back to this manor looking house, did you see that driveway? It's like going to a freaking castle! My high school (next door) was a gigantic manor too. Apparently, the former owner's wife died in the courtyard after an icicle fell on her. Yes.. my school also has secret passages. You can have 7 different ways to get to the school's cafeteria. We have a science skeleton tucked in one of those walked in closet in school... the nuns will start chanting at 6pm... and the classrooms will be all vacant and dark... wooohoooo... anyway, I will save my awesome high school years for another blog post to whoever interested to learn about a quiet all girl school in the mountain. Trololol.

Another gorgeous house. Its solarium is so dazzling at night. Don't let the look deceive you. It's freaking huge, that house. We walked to the door and I was like... it doesn't look that big from far... what sorcery is this?

Now we are pretty high up (middle) of the mount. The houses are getting bigger. Big chunk of land...etc. Absolutely gorgeous. Can't you feel the chill? Like horror scenes you see in scary movies... do you sense a bad omen? That's right. These richly decorated houses in a spooky night gave just the right scary vibe. Kudos!

This is one of my favorite houses. The creativity for decoration is top notch. You see the scattered limbs, bones and other gory details on the stairs. My little brother is obviously puzzled and was like "whyyyy is there an arm on the stairrrssss?". When he rang on the door, a teenager opened and gave him candy. I peered inside the house and my jaw dropped. I don't even know how to start describing the BEAUTY of the interior design. (I have a great passion for interior decors). So basically you see alllll the way to the back of the house. It's a gigantic living room. With a 1/2 wall size plasma TV. There is a little 2 steps stairs going to the awesome cinema-room-ish. It's huge. Trust me. I have been to many fancy big houses (yay to rich classmates for team projects), this one is amazing. Ok so I did go to a friend's house who had 2 living rooms on one floor. TWO! Rich people... 

This house is MAGNIFICENT. You can't see it clearly but you see a nice yard. A very loooong house (you can just see the width... sadly) behind me, there is a nice contemporary fountain. I can't believe there are so many of these beautiful houses right next to my high school and I didn't even go and explore them! Granted, I would be trespassing and might get arrested. LOL. That's why, my frends, I was willing to skip class to go knock on their door. My love for beautiful house... is grand.

A wickedly cool contemporary house. You see the glass door. Finally! One with wall-sized glass door. Ok so they are rich. They aren't scared to get robbed because... pssh... their neighbors are all millionaires. They ain't going to get mugged. You see them without curtains. They don't care if you see them. They know they are safe. So nice to be rich. Sadly this house didn't answer the door even though we knock on it. 
Note: If you have Halloween decoration on Halloween night, you are expected to give candies. If you ran out of candies, you are supposed to turn off the lights to tell people you are OUT. That is the unsaid rule of Halloween. I remember when we gave candies, I will be hiding in my room, hoping the kids will go away because we felt bad for running out of candies so soon. They were too cute, so we gave them a whole chunk! Poor late-comers. 

Among all the other houses, this one wins the Best Halloween Decorated House. What you see is just a small portion of the house. It's a gigantic house. They placed stereo system around their yard that will shriek randomly (for Halloween spirit). Totally wicked. 

Oh! And a rare treat to my readers. That is meeee! Squatting like a hobo (homeless) in a rich man's yard. YUP! Definitely sounds like something I would do. I am wearing a wolf-hat-scarf. It's really cute. The sides of the hat dangle all the way to your hip. They are supposed to be paws and you can stick your hands in those pockets and pretend those are your paws. Pretty neat.  

I am still proud that my camera works in the dark otherwise I won't get the chance to show you guys all these beautiful houses. Thank you *kiss camera*! I couldn't get a shot of the other decors of the this particular house because lots of people were going Ooohhhh Ahhhhhh... 


  1. I remembered back when I was a kid going Treat or Trick at the same neighborhood, one of the houses was so big that they turned their yard into a small maze. The owners would tend approach you from shadowed corners with CHAINSAWS! (well it made noises but no blades) I was like MOMMMYYYYYY!!!!! 
  2. Also, another one time, I followed a bunch of other kids into a house. They closed the door behind me and I was like OMG WHAT? Apparently, I followed that bunch of kids to their home. The parents were like "Who is this?" I was like "I wanna go hooome." My parents who were waiting outside were like "Did they just try to kidnap youuuu?"

So I hope you guys have a better understanding of Canadian Halloween. Well, now you can go brag to your friends about these awesome rich houses you see here! 

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Leave your comment below. Tell me about your own Halloween experiences. Any funny/awful moments? Come on, I shared mine. Bow chica bow wow!

25 August 2012

Let's Hang Out Montreal!

For those who wonder what is there in Canada, buckle your seatbelt for one amazing ride around town! Today, I will be talking about Montreal! And ....No. We do not live in igloos and have polar bears as rides. 

Let's start with Halloween! October 31 is every kid's favorite (next to Christmas). It's the time of the year for kids to dress up as vampires, werewolves, Spiderman and other monsters/superheroes. What's more? You get FREE candies by knocking on people's door and go "Trick or Treat"! How great is that? I used to be so excited about Halloween but then I grew up. *Cry* I guess I can always pretend to be a little girl who time traveled into the future. Anyhow. Scroll down for more wonderful things Montreal has!

Bring my baby brother to his first Treat or Trick. Finally, he is old enough to go! Woohoo! *Proud big sister grin*
The trick with Trick-or-Treat is to go to the most wealthy neighborhood. They give you the biggest chunk of candy EVER. Like one big bar of KitKat, not some cheap candy you can see at the dollar stores. Their decorations are also very, very impressive.

Sometimes, you just want to sit in a nice coffee shop and relax... Sometimes, have some friends along and act wild. Really. We were hobo-ing on the floor on beansacs. Life is good.

How to celebrate birthday student-style. Yep, my good friend bought me a Premiere Moison cake. Uber cool. We celebrated it in the college school's cafeteria then we partied at McDonald's with virtual candles. Haha. Love my friends. 

Montreal is fun. You can play giant chess on the Saint-Catherine street. 

Then you can have fun at McGill's Eaton Center. They have all sorts of stores there, not just in the building but along the main road. My favorites are the Candy Factory store (I have sweet tooth!) and Kernels (Love popcorns)! And I also have immature moment such as trying to make the figurines mate... yay maturity!

You can also buy epic sushi from Sushi Shop. They are more expensive for a reason. It's GOOD. High quality ingredients. Just awesome. If you are wondering what I am having, I will tell you. On the top left, wrapped in salmon is called Twin Salmons. Then we have the Karai on the right. At the bottom is one of the best called Volcano with seared salmon and red masago (fish eggs) on the top. 

Winter. Snow. Pretty. COLD. But no amount of cold can prevent us from hanging out and be stupid... I mean have fun!

Next, we went to Les Glacieurs. The  expensive and yummy cupcakes. They are very very cute. The toppings are the cutest I have seen. Little, detail star shaped candies...etc. We can also enjoy the atmosphere by reading wedding magazines. 

YOU ARE JEALOUS RIGHT? So am I! Of my past-self! Mother of Sweet Meal! Look at that gorgeous pizza-pancake! Summer time, perfect to sit next to open window where bypassers stare at you as you eat. Well, I bet I made lots of people jealous of this awesome lunch! For those living in Montreal and wonder which Heaven I was in, this is Cacao 70 on Saint-Catherine. The meal costs about $14. It comes with all sorts of chocolate. Dark chocolate, hazy nuts and other heavenly variations. I just couldn't help but be mesmerized by this beautiful meal.

Of course, you cannot enjoy summer without the Beaver Lake. It's a gorgeous lake at Mont Royal. In winter, the lake freezes and people can skate on it. Very neat. For now, it's all green and beautiful. Little fish swimming between the water plants, people going there to jog, get cozy, picnic...etc. A lot of fun things to do there!

So I went there with my friends for an epic BBQ. We had some trouble starting the fire and we were all pre-historic about it. Hurr Hurr. Fire. Start. Hurr Hurr!
In the end, all went well and we had a full stomach. 

Since we are all immature old brats, we brought bubbles, cards and kites to fool around. It was all worthy. We made a lot of noises though. Haha. The ice cream man must had felt awkward standing next to us as we partied hard. After awhile he ran away. 

Next we head to Old Port Montreal. It's the one of the hype-est places. Thousands of people go there everyday. There are always street performances, horse carriages, painters, fancy restaurant and other attractions. We are lucky to go there when you see the Cercle du Soleil! It's a really, really popular circus that toured around Canada and maybe international. You must be wondering why all those boats? Well, Montreal is in the middle of a gigantic river (Saint Laurent River) so of course there will be boats. 

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