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27 October 2012

Resident Evil: Damnation

Having watch Resident Evil: Damnation, I decided to buy the DVD the next day so I can screenshot high quality pictures for my wonderful readers. Feel the love! First of all, I absolutely adore RE: Damnation. The atmosphere was suspenseful and the graphic is amazing. The characters (both male and female) are ridiculously gorgeous. I also like the idea that Alexander (Buddy) can control the Lickers. At first, you are like diiiieeee Lickers, but after the movie, you are like "Stop hurting the Lickers! Noooo, I want a Licker too!" Anyway, I rewatched the movie three times in a span of 24 hours. The first time, I was too busy drooling about sexy Slavic Alexander and Leon. The second time, I watched it for the plot. The third time is for screenshots. 

Isn't he cute? He has such beautiful eyes and cute hairstyle. Sexy Slavic accent too! Until now, I am still not too sure what is his name. They called him Alexander, Buddy, Sasha... so I think we will just pick Sasha for the blog.

The story begins with Leon being sent to Slavic Republic where citizens are rebelling against the government. Yada yada. Leon's purpose there is to find out about the involvement of BOW (monsters). Along the way, he was kidnapped by the Freedom Fighters whose the leader (an old man) could control the Lickers like pets because he had injected the dominant strain of Plaga into his body.

You see Leon getting flashed by JD (a cheerful Slavic fighter and sexy Sasha's best friend). They got ambushed by soldiers and Buddy decided to put an end to their very sick plaga-infected leader (to end his misery). Meanwhile, they got attacked by zombies in the underground passage... the tension was amazing. 

Having lost their leader who could control the Lickers, Sasha decided to take the matters into his own hands. He would be the one who will host the Plaga into his body to allow him the same power.
Leon's gif is sooo funny. Especially the one on the left that goes "Yeah, you do that." 

Next, we see Ada Wong, sexy woman extraordinaire who I admire for her slyness, intelligence, strong will and beauty. Anyhow, as you can see, she lost in a fight and was tied up. I won't spoil you what happened since it was an epic cat fight and awesomeness.

Sasha injected the dominant plaga into himself. Side effects: Red eyes, exruciating pain. Benefits: You get to control Lickers. They are kinda adorable when they are helping you out.

Sasha looks hot with red eyes. I'm just saying. Viva high quality snapshots of RE. It was worthy to buy the DVD and admired the wonderful graphics.

So Leon and Sasha escaped extreme danger and seemed to develop a steady friendship even though Buddy had just tried to kill Leon with his Lickers like minutes ago. Together, combining their strength, they fought side by side against terrifying foes.

You see Sasha controlling the Lickers. He looks so boss having those Lickers following his orders. The music played at that moment is sooo beautiful. It makes you feel like yeeesss, Lickers are your friendssss. 

Leon was almost killed by a Tyrant when Lickers came to his rescue. While the Lickers were no match at all against the Tyrants, they were good sources of distractions. Seriously, those big guys are almost invincible. It was entertaining watching Leon and Sasha struggled to take out one of these Tyrants. The Lickers fought bravely despite the odds. 

Sasha activated his power to help Leon. Again. Another emotional moment of RE: Damnation.

 Bromance. Something so beautiful... I mean friendship! Yeah, that's what I mean. 

Conversation in movie: 
Leon: Wanna go grab a few beers?
Sasha: Are you buying?
Leon's face is like "Crap. Why did I even suggest? Hasta la vista paycheck."

Sasha's puppy face in the following is are tooo much. MY FEELS. ~ ( = v =)~
I feel like giving him a hug and hide him in my basement. And have Lickers as guard dogs. Aww yeah.

Anyway, you have to watch the movie. I don't want to spoil too much. I am here to provide high quality pictures of Resident Evil: Damnation and review the CGI movie. 

Nevertheless, it was a really touching moment. Their struggle for survival had bonded them a good, solid friendship. Sasha's facial expression is sooo adorable. The other characters had less of a character development. Leon did show his human side when he was talking to Ada... anyway.

Sasha who was ill from the Plaga in his body suffered throughout the movie and wished for death. He attempted to suicide but Leon interfered and shot Sasha in the spinal cord to remove the Plaga (and paralyzed Buddy from waist downward). Oh well, at least he lived. I thought Leon killed Sasha the first time. I was raging against my computer. Only the second rewatch that I realize there was an extra ending after the credits. Such troll, Capcom.

Before I finish, I had the pleasure of stumbling across these 2 gif that made me LOL-ed. It was never this apparent in the movie but these gif hinted something completely different.
I would behave like the President too if I see Leon LIVE.

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