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Showing posts with label Otakuthon. Show all posts

24 August 2012

Otakuthon (Anime Convention)

So I attended an anime convention (Otakuthon) on August 4 2012. It was an amazing experience. Many of the cosplays were magnificent. We saw all sorts of characters there. Blue mascot Happy from Fairy Tail, Dante from Devil May Cry, Kurono from Gantz, baby Goku, lolitas, Avengers gang...etc. Quite eye-opening. The energy in there was just explosive. People rushing here and there, taking pictures of other characters while other people taking their pictures. It was chaotic in a fun way!
Here we are at Palais de Congres, Place-d'armes (Chinatown) Montreal

Quick background information... Otakuthon has been going on for many years now. It's usually on August. The price is fair when you buy your ticket early. I bought mine on April for $40 (for 3 days). Otherwise it would cost you Friday ($30), Saturday ($40), Sunday ($30). Saturday is usually the busiest with a lot of attractions: Exhibition Hall, Market Place (where you go crazy on spending spree), Contest, Maid Cafe, Gaming Hall, Work Shop, Yurithon, Yaoithon...etc

           A beautiful Korra from Legend of Korra                                              Two adorable lolita girls
      This cosplayer captures Korra's feisty atttitude!

 If you dress up properly, you get to have paparazzi for 3 days. For sure. The camera goes off, blinding you with flashes. You get to enjoy the attention just like a celebrity would. Otakus will approach you shyly with their phone/camera and ask you for a photo. Girls drool after sexy male cosplayers who oozed manliness! Trust me. It's really fun. You don't have to be an anime fanatic to enjoy an anime convention. Just go there and enjoy all the bursting energy!

                           Assassin Creed Ezio?                                                                        Fem!Thor & Fem!Loki

Now we enter the market place where artists sell their merchandises. Posters, keychains, pins, toys, figurines and anime pillow cases are very popular. I was surprised to see many otakus walking around, very satisfied, hugging their anime girl pillow(s). However this pillow fetish isn't just exclusive for guys. I have seen girls buying Hetalia boys' pillow cases.

This is Miss Hamlet from Starfighter, Hamlet Machine. She is the yaoi artist.

This is one priceless poster my friend got. It's sooo adorable!

                     Here we see Happy. Very cute.                                         Well, what a surprise! Crossdressing nuns with                                                                                                                                     a machine gun!


We got some Takoyaki squidballs (4 for $4)
 Here is a video on how Takoyaki are made. It's quite impressive. It reminds me of a spider making its web.

Pretty girls. Those boobs...
They just froze there in the middle of the room, letting people take their picture.

                     Final Fantasy (Gabranth)                                                            Alphonso from Full Metal Alchemist.                                       

You can see a Newtwo and a Menos Grandes. Impressive costumes!

After one exhausting day (I just went for the Saturday) I spent much less than I expected. I was scared I will enter a spending spree so I limited my cash before hand. Turn out, it wasn't necessary.  There are a lot of stuff I wanted to buy but I didn't. Why! I saw the Squall Action Figure for $40! I  was sooo tempted to buy him. Then I get home and searched for him online. That's when I discovered TFAW selling him for $29.99! Woohooo~ (see Final Fantasy Dissidia Squall that I uploaded on August 2012)

Let's go through quickly what I got...

A poster by Hamlet with her autograph $8
A notepad (From Poppy Hill) $3
A keychain of Natsume (Gave it to my mom) $2
A Eustass 'Captain' Kid figurine $4.75
A Trafalgar Law's crew flag $3

It's a great deal!
They are so ridiculously cheap and worthy. 
No regret!

If anyone is going to Otakuthon next year, tell me (comment below). I am looking forward in meeting new people!
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Thank you very much for the support. 
See you guys next time.

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