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Showing posts with label Pretty boys. Show all posts

13 January 2013

Play Arts Kai Review: Nero, Gabranth & Squall

I've decided to take the boys (Play Arts Kai) out to play in the snow. They are just so cool posing there. Besides, the lighting was perfect. I mean it brings out the cold atmosphere. I particularly like Nero's photos. His colors blend very well with the snow. They are the first who stepped on the virgin snow in my backyard.

Awesome Play Arts Gabranth and Nero posing. I lost Nero's sword in the woods (when I was photographing him among the autumn leaves... sad...). He just has his gun left which I forgot to put it on him. Still, we had a great time freezing our feet off. Gabrath's wicked swords posing. 

Gabranth is very worthy for the same price as the other figurines. I mean his armor is just siiiick. Squall looks dull in comparison. But Squall has a special spot in my heart since he was the very first Play Arts Kai I bought myself. Then I was gifted Nero from Devil May Cry 4 by my amazing friends on my birthday. So they all have the same importance to me and I love them all equally. I'm like their mommy... or pimp. Hahaha.

Didn't I tell you? Nero's colors are fantastic with this lighting. It makes him so much more alive. His clothes look so real than he would look like a real man if I took a pic of him from far away. 

Nero is like "I'm sexy and I know it." My beautiful boy~

Nero fell into the snow. So freaking cute. "Save me... woman... stop taking embarrassing photo of me in misery. My honor... what would Dante say?" Speaking of Dante, I really should get a Dante too... just to spike Nero. Troll Era Fey.

I nicknamed Squall the lost, pretty boy. He looks so confused. Gosh his blue eyes are so pretty. They are like... sparkling with life. So beautiful. 

I was posing him with his gunblade when he toppled backward. Dayum...

And there you go. My harem of very expensive and gorgeous boys. I will be posing more photos of them in different places when I have the chance.

I also bought Jeanne (from Bayonetta) and Snow (from Final Fantasy) and will be reviewing them shortly. Stay tune for more Play Arts Kai reviews, or you can check out older reviews in the link below.

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5 November 2012

Do You Know Kpop MBLAQ?

Now, the world is probably very familiar with a genre of kpop by now after the Gangnam Style video went viral. But if you think you know all of Kpop because you know Gangnam Style inside out then you are very, very wrong. Kpop is a very broad term and there are many, many talented groups within the mammoth kpop industry that people don't know about. Time to get exposed to other kpop bands, people!

Alright, MBLAQ fans. Be warned. I am going to mock this MV (This is War) because of its plot which I find to be ridiculous. Don't misunderstand me. I love MBLAQ since it came out years ago. But because I love them so much, I want make fun of them. It's like teasing, you know? Angry fangirls, please don't hurt me... *hide*

I screenshot This is War in high quality so that you guys can enjoy those sexy men and plot to the fullest. 
I absolutely love the song, the chorus, the actors and the dance. MBLAQ has so much potential and it's a pity there haven't been new release lately. Again, Lee Joon is going to play the tragic hero in this MV.

What I like about this MV is the lyrics. It's pretty unusual, even outside of the trendy kpop. It's not really about love. It's about friendship. A betrayed friendship. That's so rare. Nowadays, you hear a lot of broken heart sob story lyrics, new found love... etc. When was the last time you heard a song about 2 best friends (male) and their betrayed friendship? I had heard women singing this on rare occasion, but men?... this is definitely rare! I would strongly recommend you guys to take attention to the lyrics when listening to this song.

So you see Lee Joon with a sniper gun trying to kill the target. Then randomly, another assassin appears and also wants to kill the girl. Somehow Lee Joon is angered. He not only decided not to kill the girl but to save her. So instead of going the job of just sniping the assassin from the rooftop, he went down the building, grabbed the girl and started running. Logic... wait for it... Then the girl got shot on the shoulder. Angered, Lee Joon fought with the assassin using fists and kicks while HOLDING GUNS. Why not... just shoot at each other? Like I said. No logic. After killing the assassin, Lee Joon brought the wounded girl to his hobo friend's place instead of a hospital. 

Of course, said friend (Thunder) was like WTF? Y U BRING A DYING girl to my hobo trailer parked in the middle of a junkyard? Yo wtf bro! This is so not cool! 

Anyway, despite living in a hobo area, the trailer is way too clean. Lee Joon took care of the girl and all happy. This is so weird. LOL. It's almost like Edward-creepy. Almost.

Outside, Lee Joon would practice his shooting with... gun blueprints. So we are going to assume he assembled his own guns from the junk. Right?

Lee Joon then had to leave for unknown reason and asked Thunder to take care of the girl. So doing as asked, the girl and Thunder got closer... and possibly developed a romantic relationship.

Then Lee Joon returned and was EXTREMELY scandalized that his friend and his wounded former target are dating. He was like OMG HOW COULD YOU MESS WITH MY LOVE, BRO? THIS IS WAR! 
It makes. No. Sense. 
I thought you wanted to kill the girl? Ok I get it that you saved her... but dude, you don't even KNOW her. You have been with her for like what? Shooting, running, killing assassin, sitting on her bed... and you disappeared. Thunder, your pal, is the one who is taking care of the girl, INTERACTING with her. 
Anyway, I find the plot absolutely hilarious. Go on. 

Upset by his friend's betrayal, he dragged the girl outside the hobo trailer. Thunder then interfered (he has the right to... since she is HIS GIRLFRIEND).
Lee Joon then punched Thunder and ... wait for it... kicked him right in the balls! With a jump kick.
 I SOOOO SAW THAT DIRTY MOVE! Lee Joon! What... the... hell? LOLOLOLOL WUT?
 I don't even know man... Ok back to the plot. Then Lee Joon threatened the couple with a gun. He fired. The bullet curved around (he purposely did that while defying the law of physics at the process) and hit him in the neck. Why do you shoot yourself? I don't get it. You appeared randomly in the couple's life, threatened them and killed yourself in front of them because you don't get the girl. That's pretty messed up if you ask me! 

So he died. OH! Not before giving his friend two plane tickets. LOL WTF HAPPENED? My conclusion is that he wanted to go on a trip with the girl. (That's probably what he was doing after leaving the girl in Thunder's care... to go buy plane tickets) But since he is dying (after shooting himself... why?), he gave the tickets to Thunder so that he can go with the girl in his place. Then bleuh... he died. Everyone is sad. Ok I get it that Thunder is sad but WHY are you sad, girl? You barely know the guy! And he just pointed a gun at you! Why? WHYYYYY?

Anyway, if you are a MBLAQ fan, you will notice how many times there are "Angst Lee Joon" in many of their videos. He must really love to get tortured... emotionally. That's ... kinky. LOL. 
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3 November 2012

Zetsuen No Tempest Review

Zetsuen no Tempest is a new anime that I fell in love with. The art is magnificent. I love the solemn atmosphere and intriguing characters. The main protagonists are by no mean gentleman. As you can see from this gif (above) and screenshot (below), Mahiro (blond) kicked a woman in the face. That gotta hurts. 

Now, allow me to review Zetsuen no Tempest and introduce you to an anime you might not have considered before. 
On his very first real appearance in the anime, this is how it happens... Mahiro kicked Evangeline in the face. He had teleported from somewhere else to save Yoshino from being attacked by Eva. The story then gets interesting when Eva asked Mahiro if he had met a mage... so at first we are like "huuuh? There's magic in this anime?" LOLOLOL

Mahiro (blond): Lone-wolf, cold, fighter, handsome and rich bad boy.
Yoshino: Don't be fooled by his innocent charm. He can calmly aim a gun at you (happened in the anime)

The story begins with Mahiro being missing for 3 months after the death of his sister Aika (who is secretly Yoshino's girlfriend). Don't worry, I am not spoiling. You will know these fact straight out of episode 1. So Mahiro, angered by the murder of his sister, came across a wooden voodoo doll on the beach. That voodoo doll is sent by a stranded witch (3rd protagonist) who wished to stop a disaster. The two characters then formed a contract. Mahiro would try to stop the disaster (quite an interesting story line) which involved this disease that turns people into iron. On the other hand, the witch will help Mahiro find the murderer of his sister Aika. 

Along the way, Mahiro met up with Yoshino (his 'con-artist' best friend) who was being attacked by Eva the woman with the gun above) while Yoshino was paying his respect to Aika's tombstone. 

Cute Yoshino and Mahiro moment. Yoshino is like a mom taking care of her naughty son... hehe... naughty... *wink* maybe wife... seriously, what's with those hairpins. I can't help getting distracted the whole anime. I kept going... 'ah I love his hair... and where can I buy those hairpins?!'

A sad Yoshino quoting Hamlet.
Forty thousand brothers could not, with all their quantity of love, make up my sum.
Until now I have no idea what he means. He was probably mourning the death of Aika...
This is the disaster he are supposed to stop. This is a fruit that an evil sorcerer clan is trying to plant around the world. This symptom of the fruit causes people (without magic protection) to turn into stone. No only must the boys stop the disaster, they also must fight the evil sorcerers. That's when the anime is awesssoooome. The fight scenes are really beautiful to watch with lots of pretty blue lights (as they teleport here and there). Seriously, you have to trust me that the fight is damn awesome.

Now for the awkward moments in the anime. READY?
I can tell you in advance that the anime has quite a few fanservices. I swear.  So time to feel awkward!

Mahiro wiping a boo boo. It's their first conversation after 3 months of separation. When Mahiro did that, I was like... do best friends do that? I certainly don't do that with my female friends! Let alone 2 young men! Trololol! AWKWARD! NEXT!
NAKED MAHIRO! Well... *Cough* that was unexpected. Anyhow this happens in episode 4, after everyone turned into metal, Mahiro and Yoshino broke into someone's house to rest. It's not like the owners will get angry since they are... metallized. 

Seriously, this is fanservice at its best (for young women). The camera went from knees up to head. I was like (O.o)'''
For yaoi fangirls, this is the moment.
Too bad Mahiro rejects Yoshino. Kidding, Yoshino had randomly barged in bathroom and saw Mahiro naked. The reason Yoshino was surprised was that he had just looked away from Mahiro for a second and when he turned around.... well he got flashed or mooned... whatever you call it.

Sulking adorably for not able to join Mahiro in bath... Mahiro went to cook instead. Such a good wifey! I am sooo teasing Yoshino for being a wife until the day he stops wearing those hairpins! 
My Feels for these boys! 

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20 October 2012

Nero Devil May Cry 4 Play Arts Kai (Part 3)

So I brought Nero dearest with me on my trip to Ottawa, Capital of Canada. I think he had more fun than I had. So we visited the Museum of Fine Arts there. There was this huuuuge spider structure outside the museum. You can see in the photos that the spider is about ten times a regular person's height. Imagine little Nero there. He was like an ant.

Spider vaguely in the background, slowly approaching Nero from behind....

The Spider is getting closer... Nero is still unaware of the danger...

The Spider is now right above Nero!!!! NERO TURN AROUND!

 Nero turns around and gasped. "Oh snoooooppp~"

Behind Nero (next to the Museum of Fine Arts) is a nice church where a couple had just married minutes ago. They had driven away in nice beeping jeeps. It was a cheery moment. 
Nero then escaped the giant spider into the Museum of Fine Arts...

This is how Nero was found when I took him out of my handbag inside the museum. 
Nero: Oh for the love of God, what now? Don't tell me she wants to take my pictures again? I should be paid for putting up with this nonsense!

So there you go, Nero posing like a boss. I didn't dare to take him with real artwork (since camera are forbidden). Anyway the lobby-ish place is pretty wicked. The ceiling is really something when you are actually gazing at it. Like I said, Nero had fun in Ottawa. 
Nero, what are you doing? Nero. Staph. 

Nero: I think I'm lost. I'll still look cool for reputation sake. Does this angle make my ass looks bigger?

You notice the tulips banners in the background? Ottawa is very famous for its tulip festivals. In front of the parliament, you see a whole stretch of tulips. Absolutely gorgeous. 
I thought it would be cool to take Nero with a Canada flag. People must be looking at me weirdly. I look absolutely like a hardcore otaku with Nero Play Arts Kai and a camera. I didn't even see where I was going. I was constantly searching for cool places so I can show off Nero. Hohohoho! 

Stay tune for more Play Arts Kai reviews, or you can check out older reviews in the link below.

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