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Showing posts with label Shikibukai. Show all posts

29 August 2012

One Piece Shikibukai

For this week's One Piece discussion, we will talk about the Shikibukai! It's going to be super exciting for all One Piece fans.
Just look at them! Let's give these awesome characters an exuberant applause! They just look so bad-ass and prepared for the grand battle. Donquixote and Moria look wayyy too excited while Boa and Mihawk are posing like top models!

Shikibukai (Royal Seven Warlord of the Sea) are 7 notorious pirates who collaborate with the World Government. While other pirates scorned them as Government Dogs, they fear the Shikibukai for their badass reputation.

Each shikibukai has their own unique personality and their own level of awesomeness...

Trafalgar Law is my favorite Shikubukai. Heck, I like him back at Shabondy when he appeared for like 3 chapters. I was already his hardcore fangirl. When he appeared on Punk Hazard, I happened to read that chapter in class. My excitement tolerance was tested. I fought so hard not to squeal and giggle in class. Oh lord. What a painful memory.

Anyhow, Law is one punk-ish character when he first appeared in his skinny jeans, hoodie shirt and goatee. His power is quite strong as he was about to take out Smoker's heart when the guy is a logia user (does it mean his power has Haki in it?). Law is also quite honorable despite his nasty reputation. He helped Luffy out at Marinford even though they are both rookie Supernova competing for One Piece. Currently together with Luffy, they formed an epic alliance (nearly as epic as Kid-Apoo-Hawkin Alliance)

Boa Hancock (Pirate Empress) who is appears to be a very rude and self-centered woman is actually a maiden at heart. She was terribly in love with Luffy and will go any length to help him out (Impel Down, Marine Fort Battle, Healing at Amazon...etc). I like her a lot and I believe her to be the prettiest woman in One Piece (I am not fond of Shirahoshi at all. Her character is too bleak to my liking.) Boa fighto!
Sir Crocodile has the lowest former bounty among the shikubukai. Yes, he got defeated by Luffy but he is still one of my favorite characters. He dares to challenge anybody who gets in his way.

Heck, he even went after Whitebeard! Then he went to fight other Shikibukai, then he went to troll the Marine and Admirals... He is such a troll at Marineford war. Haha! This man has so much BOSS in him. Seriously, Crocodile... Y U SO COOL? Even though he is former Shikibukai and has the lowest former bounty, he still kicks so many bigshots' ass. Still glad he sliced Akainu in half! Ha! Take that!

Donquixote Doflamingo (Joker) is one flamboyantly dressed person in One Piece. But you know that if you even dare to laugh at him, you will be one very sorry human being. When he first appeared in the comic, I knew he is going to be super cool. I'm not wrong. He is one of the mysterious Shikibukai who has secret connections here and there. He apparently collaborates with people higher than Sengoku. He is also the only Shikibukai that Luffy had never met. Before Ace's lineage was announced, he had the highest bounty shown.

Dracule Mihawk (Hawk-Eyes & Greatest Swordsman in the World) is Zoro's biggest rival. Whenever I look at Mihawk, I just can't help but think he looks very Spanish and I expect him to hold a Spanish sword and go around leaving his initial everywhere. Like... The Mask of Zorro (the movie)... Imagine Oda named Mihawk Zorro... it will be so damn confusing! Zoro fights Zorro! Which Zor(r)o are you talking about? What! Yeah, awkward much?

Anyway, I will always remember the first time we are introduced a Shikibukai at Baratie. It was just so shocking and illogical when he sliced Don Kreig's ship in halves. I was like ... what just happened? lol Then he fought Zoro with his puny knife. It was pretty funny watching that fight.

In short, Mihawk is one of the most poker-face characters in One Piece. He rarely shows any emotion. He is in good term with Shanks and trained Zoro to kill him one day. Joy!

Bartholomew Kuma was once part of Revolutionary Dragon's crew. He is the only one who seems to obey the World Government's orders quietly while the other Shikibukai troll around. Apparently, he used to hate WG but after turning into a Pacifista, he lost his free will. He helped the Straw Hats twice: Thriller Bark and Shabondy. I have nothing more to say about him other than he was secretly a good guy. I wish the manga talks more about his past and his relationship with Luffy's dad.
 Totally agree with Franky and Robin. XP

Gekko Moriah has the largest ship in the world known as Thriller Bark. He is a gigantic man, winning Kuma by 3cm. He seems very bitter about the New World as his old crew was crushed by yonko Kaido. 

An interesting fact I read from One Piece wiki is quoted as following: "In Oscar Wilde's short story the fisherman and his soul, the fisherman had to remove his soul by cutting off his shadow with a pair of scissors in order to live with the mermaids. Ironically the Straw Hats were on their way to Fishman Island before their shadows were cut off by Moriah.

Isn't that a cool trivia info? I think so!

Jinbe (Knight of the Sea) is an honorable pirate who helped Luffy to rescue Ace. He also became a Shikibukai for the sake of the Fishman Island. Despite being a pirate, the Ryugu royal family welcomes him as a friend and the citizens on Fishman Island respect him greatly. If I notice correctly, I believe Jinbe is the only Shikibukai who doesn't have Devil Fruit ability. 
Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard) is the only Devil Fruit user who is capable of having 2 abilities because of his body structure or something around the line. Luffy and Blackbeard met at Mock Town, fighting over food. Like Luffy, he also has D in his name. Perhaps he knows about the Will of D? Anyhow, before he took Crocodile's place as Shikibukai, he had ZERO bounty. His time as Shikibukai was relatively short as he abandoned the title after killing Whitebeard. While he is all powerful, he is aware of his own strength and fled when Akainu comes after him. 

I absolutely love this saying by Blackbeard. I think he is an interesting character and I can't wait to see him in New World. 

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