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Showing posts with label Shopping. Show all posts

21 September 2012

Online Shopping Experiences

Online shopping! If you are new (or interested) to the online shopping trend, relax and enjoy this blog. Ok, my very first purchase online was with Amazon. Buying books. If you are scared of shopping online, my recommendation is that you start with some really, really trusted websites. Most of the super uber famous stores should be safe. Once you purchase from the trusted websites and got your orders delivered to your house, you will feel more daring afterward and venture to the less popular sites.

I strongly recommend you do some research before buying. You want to know their reputation, their policy, etc. Normally I read about other customers' reviews on places such as Resellerratings (http://www.resellerratings.com/). Not only do you get an idea how the stores deliver their promises but you also feel more secure after reading the good reviews. Also, it's important to know the store's return policy. The policy differs from stores so you might want to know what exactly you are dealing with.

Now I will talk about some experiences I have with online shopping and some awesome online stores...

Let's start from local to international goodies. For local deals, I visit Teambuy and RedFlagDeals for updates. I believe they are Canadian websites. So if you are in Canada, you're lucky. If not, don't panic. I'm sure you can find your local coupon stores if you search it up. Anyhow, the deals these sites have are pretty good.

Here are some deals we bought:

  • Yeh, Yogurt and Cafe --$5 for $10--

You make your own delicious yogurt ice cream with all sort of yummy topping. It's like going to Honeyduke at Hogsmeade... delicious!

  • Beaver Tail and Moozoo --$5 for $10--

 Doesn't the food look so yummy? Totally worthy! You can see how a Beavertail looks like in the first picture. It's on the board. You can also buy Moozoo (smoothie). Look at those beautiful ice cream. Seriously, some flavors gave me toothache. That's how sweet it is. And I have high sweet tolerance! But anything can be cured with a nice, large smoothie made of fresh fruits! 

That's it for local for the moment.

Now we head to international online shopping! Fly awaaaaayyyy to....


I bought really the most random books from Amazon like Diablo: Legacy of Blood, Hunger Games (Yes I read it before it was even cool. I was such a hipster back then), a bunch of Harry Potter books, a Karen Miller's trilogy and unfortunately, I also bought some random books that I don't quite like. It happens. I was tricked by the beautiful book covers *insert guilty, kick-puppy face*. They usually come in a brown box with an Amazon smiling logo on it. The cardboard is pretty thick and hard so you don't have to be afraid of crumpled goods. From experience, the delivery is fast. Hmmm, what else? Gift certificate can be trusted. I received gift certificates on my birthday (Ahem, nerd) and I can tell you that it's safe even though it's a big amount like in the hundreds. Anyhow, Amazon is a really reliable site, at least for books. I never tried out the electronics so I can't say much. In Canada, the shipping is free if you purchase more than $25 (used to be $35 back in the days). So it's a really good deal. I loooove Free Shipping!

Visit Amazon here!

Now let's take the AliExpress! 

For cheap clothing, I shop at AliExpress. The price is ridiculously cheap compare to retail stores. And my favorite thing about this site is.... FREE SHIPPING! You heard right! The shipping is free! UNCONDITIONALLY. I bought this dress for $5 and the shipping is free! Tell me where else can you find such good deal? Of course, I did a bunch of research before I buy from AliExpress because the deal is just too good to be true. Much to my relief, the goods came by Airmail and are good quality. They don't tear and the material is soft and comfortable! So yes, I will be buying more from them.

To buy Things From Another World (TFAW)!
I was actually searching for a specific product (Final Fantasy Dissidia Squall Play Arts Kai .... see my old posts in August) when I came across this site. It was offering the cheapest Squall so I immediately jumped onto it. Of course. With a great amount of research. Much to my surprise, the Resellerrating was very very very positive. So I was sort of suspicious but I still gave it a try anyway. Now that I received the goods, I understand why people are so happy with their purchase. 
Let me explain. 

I bought Squall for $29.99 whereas the retail price is $49.99. So I was already pretty happy. So the box came like this. It has little cute Styrofoam to protect the gorgeous Squall box. At first I saw the little flyer with Zero Month. Then beneath it was Squall's box. It was only a day later that I was letting my baby brother play with the Styrofoam that we realized there was SOMETHING ELSE in there. We dispersed the Styrofoam and to our surprise.... IT'S A COMIC! 
Omg. I was quite surprised. TFAW gifted me a comic. Ha! Speaking of excellent customer's satisfaction. I love their style! You gotta admit. It's pretty sweet!

So yup! Now I am uber happy (doesn't take much to make me happy, isn't it? XP)!
TFAW has a great variety of comics and figurines. You can get the comics really cheap. Lots of DC and Marvel and co! Super cheap shipping! Simply stunning. Who knows, you might get a free copy too and one free future shipping! Sweet deal!

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31 August 2012

Shop at Second Hand Stores?

For this week's Era Fey Experiences, we'll be looking at second hand stores and their products. I'm sure they are a few in your local area (unless you are super rich and dandy then no). Just go check them out sometimes. They might have some good things. Remember the saying "One person's trash is another person's treasure".

Many of you (especially if you live in North America) have visited second hand stores like Value Village, Renaissance...etc, so you know more or less how it looks like. Rows and rows of worn clothing, shelves after shelves of used tableware, a cluster of furniture and many other junks with dirt cheap price.

My family rarely buys anything from secondhand stores because my mom is full of pride and we aren't financially struggling. On rare occasions, my dad bought a shoe rack for like $5 and a gorgeous atmospheric lamp for $10. My mom would throw a fit when she realized where the furniture came from. Anyhow, I love to go to secondhand store for one purpose (one that my mom allows me to have concerning secondhand stores)... Curious? Here's why.

I'm sure every one of us go there for a reason. Some buy secondhand goods because they want good bargain while others are collectors of antique. I'm going to tell you why I am always excited to go to secondhand stores. When I walk through their front door, my eyes scanned the place very quickly until I see a huge pile of books. You can see my eyes sparkle BLING! BLING! Yup! I am a book scavenger! I absolutely love book hunting. The secondhand stores satisfy that weird hobby of mine perfectly. Sometimes you find goodies, sometimes you don't. Your failures added up and turn into sweet happiness when you got what you like. To me, finding a good book at thrift stores is a fun challenge that I'm always ready for! So when I see a bookshelf, it has my 200% attention. I don't even bother to look at anything else. I'm going to show you one of my proudest collection of books I bought from thrift shops... behold and be jealous... well not really unless you are huge Harry Potter fans like me!

My beautiful collection (I just realize my OFTP is soft cover... must go hunting again) I bought them all from secondhand stores (trip after trip) Of course I have some I bought new from the stores but if I show them, it will beat the purpose of this post. Anyway, just see how beautiful they are. *Tears*

My favorite prices! See below for price comparison...

(See how new they are? It's like I just bought them straight from the bookstore!)

If I estimate correctly, I spent $21 on the whole series! OMG! Mother of sweet prices... Let's see how much this would have cost me if I had bought them at a retail store... (note: hardcover price)

Harry Potter and:
The Philosopher's Stone: $19.95 ($1.99)
The Chamber of Secrets: $19.95 ($1.99)
The Prisoner of Azkaban: $19.95 ($1.99)
The Goblet of Fire: $35 ($3.99)
The Order of Phoenix (Soft cover): $18.95 ($2.99)
The Half Blood Prince: $41 ($2.99)
The Deathly Hallows: $45 ($4.99)

That's a total of $199.80!!!! Holy Guacamole! I thought they would be expensive but I didn't know it would be that much! WOOHOOOO! I feel like a winner for buying $200 worth of books for $21! That's 10% of the original price!

I have never been that proud. The books are all in brand new conditions. If fact, I like them so much I bought a double for some (because of their cover). I'm that crazy for Harry Potter books. Let's see I have 3 Book 1, 2 Book 3, 2 Book 4, 2 Book 6 & 2 Book 7... crazy!

Of course I bought other books too! They are obviously cheap and worthy! LOVE BOOK HUNTING!

My advise (f you are buying books) is to scoop around your local thrift stores. If you can't find it then go ahead and buy it at retail/online stores. You just can't win at everything. I'm lucky enough that I found these books on my visits. Let's say if I had gone to the stores a day late, the book might not be there anymore. So yeah... it's like my calling to buy those books.

Hmmm for the other products, I'm not an expert. I do know you can find branded clothing if you are lucky. I would recommend you to buy non-branded clothing in retails unless you are in love with those you saw in the secondhand stores. I don't remember the exact price for a shirt... somewhere around the range of $3.99. I mean it's still cheap but it's not worthy when there's a retail clothing store next door that was selling fancy shirts on promotion for $5-$10. It's just $1 difference. Might as well get it new.

You should only buy things that you feel really happy on getting. Don't just buy it because it's cheap otherwise it will just end up as junk at your place. My motto for shopping is "You must be in love with the product. It's a 'If-I-don't-have-it-I-might-faint' disease." Trust me, it works like magic once you get a hang of it. You will be a happier and richer person.

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