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Showing posts with label awesomeness. Show all posts

22 October 2014

Did You Know about Halloween Light Show?

Halloween is around the corner and how are you decorating your house? Lots of chubby pumpkins and gravestones and creepy ghosts? Well some people took it to the extreme with LIGHT show with famous songs. It's incredibly amazing! My jaw dropped when I discovered the sheer ingenuity of this! People are just so creative and have lots of time and money (lol) Hope in humanity... RESTORED!

Check out some of the videos! Totally going to ROCK your world!
(Mute the auto music from my blog below to enjoy these videos! Oops! You may replay it later.)

Micheal Jackson's Thriller - Steve Jandick
Queen's Bohemian's Rhapsody - Steve Jandick
I took some screenshots for you guys. Seriously, this is PURE dedication for Halloween. The amount of decors this household put into is simply .... MASTER-level amazing!

This one is a bit simpler in decors but it is just as amazing! The little pumpkins are so adorable. I need to get some of those! I wonder how much on electric they are paying... They are the real MVP.
This is Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas) - Light on Ice Crystal
These are just samples I found on Youtube. You will be able to find more if you type Light Show Halloween/Christmas. 

BONUS: I know I am too early to talk about Christmas but this is SO COOL I had to share with you guys ASAP!
I give all these geniuses a grande applaud! Take my LIKE take it! I insist!

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28 January 2014

Hannibal NBC Series

I have been a huge fan of Thomas Harris's works for ages. So imagine the thrill when I discovered Bryan Fuller directed an artistic, emotionally tormenting series featuring Hannibal and Will Graham. I suppose Hannibal was more famous with Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lamb. I wasn't particularly into Red Dragon back then but with the series out, I am reading it with big appetite. It's really fun to read it and watch the series simultaneously because the director, Bryan Fuller, is just sooo clever in making this interesting. In the series, they changed the subplot here and there, maybe changing a few genders... lol. Really, Freddie Lounds and Alana Bloom are both male in the book! I love how they added new characters to represent some part/events of the main characters' struggles. It's simply fascinating. 

Though, I must say, this show is definitely NOT for weak stomach. The crime scenes are very, very explicit. I cringed in most of the scenes yet they are somehow... very artistic. It's all morally wrong~ don't judgeeee!!!
I convinced my dad to watch it with me and he was like "This is so gory. I can't. This is not good for your soul." But he still watches it with me because hey, I'm daddy's little girl. *Wink wink* Ok jokes aside. The show is gory (I shit you not. I don't think I can emphasize that enough) I watch the show for the pure... emotionally torment torture and the... soul-crushing relationship between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham. It's all masochistic. Will Graham... poor sweet neurotic Will... 

Now, let me charm you into becoming a Fannibal by introducing you to the 2 gorgeous main characters.

Hugh Dancy as Will Graham                                                               Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter

 As you watch the show, you will notice the amount of cannibalistic jokes Hannibal kept dropping. It's so witty that everyone thinks he is kidding. If only somehow would take him seriously, there wouldn't be much of a plot. 
So I was in my university library, happily studying... not really, but anyway browsing through Hannibal fanpage when I came across this. I laughed so hard in the library. Man... I'm just SO BAD. 

OK before I get carried away with more jokes, I will wrap up a quick summary without spoiling too much. 
So Will Graham is a very talented FBI profiler (not really an agent but whatever) who has the ability to empathize so completely with people (meaning he can assume anyone's point of view). His boss uses him to help catch serial killers by becoming them. Then Will started to get a bit neurotic because he has been in the mind of too many bad people. SOOOO Jack Crawford, his boss, decided to introduce him to a psychiatrist, Dr. Hannibal Lecter... the ban of his existence and the sassiest man of the show. So Hannibal is very fascinated by Will's empathy and continues to torture him to see how far he can go. And he does his manipulation so subtly that no one knows any better. Dude, he feeds people to his guests and it's like food porn! (Yes, Food Porn... said the director of the show, Bryan Fuller)

To sum the series up, Hannibal is a sassy dick. Will is a kicked puppy who takes care of stray puppies. 

Be thankful I'm not narrating this in person. I told the summary to a friend today and he said, "Is it supposed to be this funny or ..." Me: "God no! It's really dark. I just have a retarded way of telling the story." Him: "Oh... I thought it was a comedy. I would have wanted to watch it otherwise."

I looove this quote in the show. It's the little thing like this that makes the show awesome. The symbolism! I can go on forever talking about Hannibal. Yes, I even joined its fanpage on Facebook... Hannibalism... listed under religious organization. LOLOLOL. Gotta love the Fannibals' dark humor. 

Seriously, you need to check them out. They have some of the darkest yet hilarious jokes on Hannibal. Disclaimer, I don't own any of the photo/images in this post because it's all from there or Hannibalogy. Check them out. 

 Speaking of... weird tension between Hannibal and Will... They have the most unconventional bromance ever. Literally... Hannibal confuses the heck out of fans. One moment he says he considers Will as a friend, the next... he utterly destroys him.

 LOOOOL Will's face!!! 
Well, he is clearly not amused by Hannibal's witty joke!
 Then there is this...
So Bryan... WILL THEY? OR NOT? The suspense is killing me!
On this note, I will leave you with a beautiful fanvid made by Katrindepp.
So guys! Have I convinced you to watch Hannibal? PLEASE WATCH IT! Sooo delicious that it's a miracle my ovaries are still functioning.
And for the Fannibals who haven't seen the trailer for the second season... how could you not see it yet? 
Here is the gorgeous trailer. Spoiler alerts.

Don't forget to subscribe for more goodies. It will be rude if you enjoy something and don't show appreciation for it. I might consider asking Hannibal for a small favor. Hohohoho~
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6 October 2013

Excellent Model POP [Megahouse] Eustass Captain Kid

So after craving for Eustass Kid figure for 7 months, I finally have the guts to buy it. Yes, guts. Because this figure is pretty expensive and the shipping is no joke either. 
I stalked all the online anime websites for the cheapest price. Finally, I got one that is quite decent. 
The retail price for this figure is 12 000 yen which is about $125. And since this figure is more than 2kg, they insisted on shipping on EMS (all stores insist) which is $56 shipping fee. So it would have cost me $175 for one figure. Anyhow, I did some research and got it for 6 000yen and 5400 yen = 11 400 ($118). No regret whatsoever. 

Boy, my shelf is completely full now. Before my anime figurine obsession, it was empty. Anyway, Eustass Kid is quite tall for a figure (with the arm is 38cm) and about 2kg. 

 He comes with 2 interchangeable heads and 2 torsos. The coat and the knife-holder-belt are removable. You only have 1 left arm that is detachable. Above, you have one torso fixed with the gigantic arm. Below is another torso with the regular arm. You can have 4 different combinations with the 2 heads and 2 torso. Personally, I prefer the one above. He looks so much more sinister that way. 

 Strangely enough, he looks different when seen from different angle. It's pretty wicked. But check out those amazing details. My favorite is still his coat. It is one of the heaviest parts of the figurine, the other being the giant arm. I like to keep his coat on because he kinda looks weird topless. I mean the abs is sexy to look at but Eustass Kid in the manga/anime has his coat on, so damn this figure aint gonna stay topless. In all seriously, his abs is pretty a piece of work -- said the shameless fangirl. 

Here is the arm under normal lighting. I think Eustass kid look simply gorgeous 2 years before the time skip. Anyway, maybe they will release a 2 years after figurine later on.  

 The details are incredible. The material is quite solid. So far, nothing seemed to chip off. He can take up quite some space on your shelf. So clean away some junk because this pirate 'king' needs to show off his awesomeness. 

 And that's my favorite head. He looks so evil. Kyaaa~ 
I definitely don't regret buying Eustass Kid. He is currently the most expensive figure in my collection. But hey, it's totally worthy for the amount of details and interchangeable parts that come with it. 

I look forward for more awesome POP figurines. They are just so precious to look at. 

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21 May 2013

Mont Tremblant (Hotel version) Part 1

Wonder where you can go for summer vacation? Here is a place I would recommend if you are living near Canada and love nature calling. My family went on a trip to Mont Tremblant (Province: Quebec) to enjoy the breeze lake and mountain chalet. It was one of the most relaxing trips I have ever gone to. It's perfect for families and peaceful couples. Basically, what you do there (depending on which part of the mountain you are at) there isn't any shopping mall. All you have are lakes (for swimming, canoeing, viewing), mountains (for hikers and mountain bikers) and maybe some tennis courts next to the lake. It's that wonderful. 

So this is the hotel/suite/chalet my family stayed. The place is a beauty of its own. It has always been my dream to have a house just like this one day. So to me, it's like a tease to have the place and have to go back once the trip is over. Now, I am even more motivated to work harder and smarter to achieve my dream. Anyhow, let's go on with the suite. It's a long, deserved rest for my family. Sweet Karamba!

 I marveled at this beautiful decors. When I hauled the suitcase in, I saw my mom came running to me at the door going "OMG OMGGGGGOOODDDD!" I was like "Omg what happened?" She pointed at inside the suite and went "THIS!" My jaw dropped. 

 Splendid. We stayed there for 2 nights. Best 2 nights ever. 

 Imagine waking up to the lake. Yup. My life is completed. 

My future home will look just as good, if not better. 

 We are getting ready for a big feast! The hotel provides us with everything. It's a full kitchen: Pots, plates, cups, utensil, dishwasher, washer, dryer, you name it. 

 The balcony 
 It's soooo beautiful. Mont Tremblant's view is truly something to talk about. 
My hotel also has a nice tennis court, gym, skating rink, big BBQ pit...etc. 

BBQ night! 

My mom has truly outdone herself. 

The night view. You can hear the crickets singing. 

It's raining, giving it a rather gloomy atmosphere but I love rain so extra bonus for me. Yeah, I am a rain child. 

The same lake we see outside the hotel. There are many other lakes at Tremblant. Over 400 I believe. That's craaazy. 

So this is it for now. I have to get back to study for my final and applying jobs for my superb Fall Work Term. Oooufff, student life can be tough. Anyhow, stay tune for another post on Mont Tremblant! Part 2!

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7 January 2013

Do You Know about Camera Thermos Mug?

When I saw it on the Internet, it was like Love at First Sight. I had to have it. It was too beautiful and unique that I must have it. So my dad got it for me on my Birthday along with other gifts so I'm ubber happy. He bought it on DealExtreme for those who are interested. The shipping is free worldwide. My mug arrived after 6 weeks upon shipment. We thought the supplier had sailed it but on the package, it said it was air mail from Hong Kong... strange. Anyway, it's a lovely piece of work. I absolutely love it! The long wait is worthy.

I took the moment and parade my proud collection of Play Arts Kai figurines. To know more about where I got them, at what price, and how awesome they are: Click here!

I'm very satisfied with the thermos mug. It's very steady. The quality is very good. It looks so sick and cool. Even the little wordings of brands and details on the side of a regular camera zoom are there. I'm very, very impressed. I realized there are also different materials at hand here. There are plastic and some rubbery belts hugging it (the place you typically use to twist and zoom). Top notch details. 
I showed it to many of my friends and they are all as impressed as me. 
Really, this is a fantastic purchase and thank you dad for this magnificent gift. I love it. 
Gonna bring it everywhere with me. I can troll people with it. Pretending to take a picture of them and go *Yao Ming meme* and drink from the lens just to mess with them. Wicked! 
Again, I have to voice how much I love this cute mug. 
Perfect for winter & hot choco. 

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19 November 2012

Do You Know Sherlock Holmes BBC?

There are so many great scenes in Sherlock Holmes BBC. So many great lines. So many incredible moments. So many fans. I absolutely love the series. The music is well composed and fitting. The actors are... simply born to play those roles. Benedict was the perfect Sherlock Holmes with his superiority complex in the series. Martin was the nice, patient helper and the fitting John Watson. The series is set in modern London instead of in the 1800s. The directors did a marvelous job of fusing the classic with our technology and creating a brilliant series. 
Each episode is 90 minutes long. 3 Episodes per season. There are 2 seasons so far. Season 3 is coming out next year on January. 
Dr. John H. Watson is just adorable. The perfect sidekick for a superiority-complex, gigantic ego Sherlock Holmes. Look at those big puppy eyes! LOOK AT THEM! My inner fangirl is going bazooka.

Sherlock Holmes' character immediately grew on me. I know Benedict Cumberbatch is not the most attractive actor but his charm certainly won me over. His intelligent, his voice, his badass deduction, silly childishness and his arrogance just... I am his loyal fangirl! I totally am quoting Irene Adler: "Look at those cheekbones. I can cut myself slapping that face." Ahhh Sherlock~ *fangirl squeals*

Can you believe it? Both of them are going to be in the Hobbit!
John Watson (Martin Freeman) will be playing as Bilbo Baggins!
Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) will be playing as the Necromancer/Dragon. 

The most. Badass. Way of calling the police. EVER. Sherlock, you have style! So much style!

(The top photos are taken from http://sherlock.soup.io. Credits go to original posters)  

A collection of hilarious moments in Sherlock Holmes BBC

My favorite episode by far is Scandal of Belgravia (Episode 4). It was the most emotional episode and filled with a lot of characterization. At last! Sherlock falling in love!

Sherlock Holmes's first meeting with Dominatrix, Irene Adler at her home. She greeted him naked. Really butt naked. My jaw dropped, so did everyone else's. This woman... can whip the shit out of you as she did with Sherlock Holmes. 

I couldn't find a clip of her with her whip so we will have to do with music video. It's pretty well done if you ask me! The music and timing of it were perfectly fitting. 

Oh and about Irene, she turned Sherlock's ringtone of her text into her moan. So every time Sherlock got a text from her, it comes with a loud moan. So. Freaking. Funny. Did I tell you how much I like this character? She is amazing.

This part of the episode is just SO BLOODY EPIC. You should CLICK on this and watch it.
The music, the trap, the slow-motion, their acting. JUST FLAWLESS!

Now you can't watch Sherlock Holmes without witnessing some bromance moments. Well, BBC seems to have tons and is a very, very good Gay Troll-er. They had wayyy too many hilarious bromance moments and there are lines that explicitly encourage slash fans. It's ... just pure hilarity. I think it's absolutely brilliant. 

Aside from those shown in this compilation there are... let me remember... 
Upon the second day of their meeting when they are lunching at a restaurant, John decided to get to know his flatmate Sherlock Holmes... 
John: you have a girlfriend?
Sherlock: Girls aren't really my area.
John: ... so do you have a friend? Which is fine.
Sherlock: I know it's fine.
John: So you have a boyfriend.
Sherlock (immediately): No.
John: Oh ok. So you are unattached then. Just like me. Fine. Good.
Sherlock (narrows his eyes suspiciously): John... erm. I think you should know that I consider myself married to my work. And while I am flattered, I am not really looking for any...
John: No! No, that's not what I... no. I am just saying... it's all fine.
Sherlock: Good. Thank you. 
Mycroft to John: And since yesterday you've moved in with him, and now you are solving crimes together. Might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week? 

Mycroft insisted that John looked after Sherlock on Chrismas night, causing John to cancel his date.
John's girlfriend: You are a very good boyfriend. Sherlock Holmes is a lucky man. 
BAM! John got dumped. Poor guy. 

Of course, these are just few of the many. 
While fangirls are absolutely head over the clouds for this... I personally did like Irene Adler with Sherlock Holmes. First of all, I think she is a brilliant character, very beautiful, strong and independent. It's great to see such female character. What really makes me go goo-ey with this pairing is the ending of Scandal of Belgravia.
This scene is fantastically done. The music, the tension. TOO MUCH! MY FEELS!

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