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Showing posts with label boys. Show all posts

10 November 2012

Usogui Review

Usogui is truly a gem among the rocks that I stumbled across. While the manga is mainly about gambling, it has amazing fight scenes. What's more? People actually suffer severe consequences in this manga if they lose in a gamble. I had read a few gambling manga (More for the thrill of it) but none had reached the awesomeness of this one. Liar Game wasn't too bad but it's getting boring recently. Anyhow, you don't have to be a gambler to appreciate Usogui. I have no idea how to gamble at all, yet I love the manga. You'll see in a minute what's so good about this manga. 

The story starts with Kaji, your average citizen, meeting Baku "Usogui" (aka Lie Eater). Of course, most plot, Kaji is in trouble and Usogui, a stranger they coincidentally met on the day of trouble, decided to help him. So Usogui has an epic gambler with loan shark and won. 

What we learn about this manga is that Baku (Usogui) is not exactly the saint protagonist. He is capable of watching his opponents getting hanged from losing a game. Well, it's either he dies or the opponents. Nevertheless, Baku is shown to be pretty sadist and manipulative. When he owns his opponents, it's always satisfying. No half ass ownage... but serious kick-ass ownage. 

The art is absolutely breath-taking. I love how the artist draws their body line. And Hooooly shit, the suit. Men in suit are the sexiest. I swear. That was an biiiig bonus for me. I am always busy ogling the sexy male characters than understanding the gamble. 

 Awww Yeah! The art is gorgeous, isn't it? You have to be blind not to agree with me. The flawless detail, the tension, everything! Perfection! It's like drawn by Chuck Norris or something. Seriously, when was the last time you read a manga with such great beauty? I shall now ogle the men in peace... *hide in corner and drool* Anyhow, don't forget to leave a comment below and stay tune for next week's manga recommendation!

To read Usogui chapters: http://mangafox.me/manga/usogui/

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Leave your comment below! Tell me what you think of this amazing manga. If you have any manga/anime recommendations, fire them at me!

3 November 2012

Zetsuen No Tempest Review

Zetsuen no Tempest is a new anime that I fell in love with. The art is magnificent. I love the solemn atmosphere and intriguing characters. The main protagonists are by no mean gentleman. As you can see from this gif (above) and screenshot (below), Mahiro (blond) kicked a woman in the face. That gotta hurts. 

Now, allow me to review Zetsuen no Tempest and introduce you to an anime you might not have considered before. 
On his very first real appearance in the anime, this is how it happens... Mahiro kicked Evangeline in the face. He had teleported from somewhere else to save Yoshino from being attacked by Eva. The story then gets interesting when Eva asked Mahiro if he had met a mage... so at first we are like "huuuh? There's magic in this anime?" LOLOLOL

Mahiro (blond): Lone-wolf, cold, fighter, handsome and rich bad boy.
Yoshino: Don't be fooled by his innocent charm. He can calmly aim a gun at you (happened in the anime)

The story begins with Mahiro being missing for 3 months after the death of his sister Aika (who is secretly Yoshino's girlfriend). Don't worry, I am not spoiling. You will know these fact straight out of episode 1. So Mahiro, angered by the murder of his sister, came across a wooden voodoo doll on the beach. That voodoo doll is sent by a stranded witch (3rd protagonist) who wished to stop a disaster. The two characters then formed a contract. Mahiro would try to stop the disaster (quite an interesting story line) which involved this disease that turns people into iron. On the other hand, the witch will help Mahiro find the murderer of his sister Aika. 

Along the way, Mahiro met up with Yoshino (his 'con-artist' best friend) who was being attacked by Eva the woman with the gun above) while Yoshino was paying his respect to Aika's tombstone. 

Cute Yoshino and Mahiro moment. Yoshino is like a mom taking care of her naughty son... hehe... naughty... *wink* maybe wife... seriously, what's with those hairpins. I can't help getting distracted the whole anime. I kept going... 'ah I love his hair... and where can I buy those hairpins?!'

A sad Yoshino quoting Hamlet.
Forty thousand brothers could not, with all their quantity of love, make up my sum.
Until now I have no idea what he means. He was probably mourning the death of Aika...
This is the disaster he are supposed to stop. This is a fruit that an evil sorcerer clan is trying to plant around the world. This symptom of the fruit causes people (without magic protection) to turn into stone. No only must the boys stop the disaster, they also must fight the evil sorcerers. That's when the anime is awesssoooome. The fight scenes are really beautiful to watch with lots of pretty blue lights (as they teleport here and there). Seriously, you have to trust me that the fight is damn awesome.

Now for the awkward moments in the anime. READY?
I can tell you in advance that the anime has quite a few fanservices. I swear.  So time to feel awkward!

Mahiro wiping a boo boo. It's their first conversation after 3 months of separation. When Mahiro did that, I was like... do best friends do that? I certainly don't do that with my female friends! Let alone 2 young men! Trololol! AWKWARD! NEXT!
NAKED MAHIRO! Well... *Cough* that was unexpected. Anyhow this happens in episode 4, after everyone turned into metal, Mahiro and Yoshino broke into someone's house to rest. It's not like the owners will get angry since they are... metallized. 

Seriously, this is fanservice at its best (for young women). The camera went from knees up to head. I was like (O.o)'''
For yaoi fangirls, this is the moment.
Too bad Mahiro rejects Yoshino. Kidding, Yoshino had randomly barged in bathroom and saw Mahiro naked. The reason Yoshino was surprised was that he had just looked away from Mahiro for a second and when he turned around.... well he got flashed or mooned... whatever you call it.

Sulking adorably for not able to join Mahiro in bath... Mahiro went to cook instead. Such a good wifey! I am sooo teasing Yoshino for being a wife until the day he stops wearing those hairpins! 
My Feels for these boys! 

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Leave your comment below! Tell me what you think of this beautiful anime. If you have any manga/anime recommendations, fire them at me!

29 September 2012

Final Fantasy Gabranth Play Arts Kai

So Gabranth has arrived. This time I bought it from Robert Anime Corner Store because they offer the cheapest Gabranth there is! Trust me to find the cheapest goodies... I didn't buy from Things From Another World as I did with Squall because they don't have Gabranth. So I thought, why not give other online stores a try? So I scooped around and found Toylet. I saw they had Nero for $36.99 and Gabranth for $42.99 with $20 shipping for both. I was like okay, pretty fair and I get to buy Nero which is a rare nowadays. I read good reviews from them and ordered. Sadly, the store did a last minute check and both were sold out! I was very disappointed. My expectation was so high. They compensated their mistake with a 5% discount on one future purchase.
*Sigh* In the end, I bought Gabranth from RAC (They don't have Nero) for $36.99 + $14.99 shipping. It's still a good deal but I don't get to have Nero... *serious sulking going on*

Okay! So back to the magnificent Gabranth Play Arts Kai...

He is amazing. Utterly flawless! Squall sort of pale in comparison to his superb armor design. Look at the design of his armor and sword. Square Enix really did a good job with their blades. Even Squall's Gunblade looks really real. 

You can also join Gabranth's two swords together by the butt. I had lots of fun testing it out! Gabranth's grip on the swords is much stronger than Squall's. Gabranth is also generally more firm and stable. Here is a back shot. The cape is beautiful. Don't you think it looks like it's bellowing? Splendid!

So stunning! The swords are truly a piece of arts. The gold embedded in the silver is just amazing!

Showdown with Squall! (Note: Yeah I took off Squall's white fluffy thingy around his waist because Squall's torso kept coming off... the ball joint around the waist is not very strong. Sad. Fortunately, Gabranth is very flexible. You can make him do a split! LOLOLOL) 

Oh yes, the boys can switch blades. Squall can hold Gabrath's 2-in-1 sword pretty well. He won't be unbalanced by the weight. Gabrath on the other hand can hold the Gunblade but because of his hand position, the gunblade can only be held slanted. It's sort of weird but he can hold it. 

For those who wonder about their height difference. There you go~ as well as how long the blades are. They are gorgeous, both the characters and the sword design. I have no regret buying them and photographed them like camfigurines! If you guys have any question about where to buy them, the reasonable price...etc. Or if you want to recommend me a superb figurine (Play Arts Kai), just comment below. I might be getting Snow Velliers or Ezio from Assassin Creed 2 (He looks so badass!) 

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27 August 2012

Do You Know...Y Girls Like Douchebags?

This week's Do You Know is going to be about... Y Girls Like Douchebags?

I came upon this question far too many times on the Internet (especially 9gag) and it seems like many young men are wondering WHY would girls do that? It seems so illogical and masochistic.

As a woman, I believe at one point in our life, we experienced such crazy attraction to bad boys. It's like ... inevitable. Of course, there will be women who disagree, I totally understand from their POV as well. What I am saying might just apply to some women. You shouldn't take my words too seriously. I'm just offering my own understanding on this topic.

So why would girls be attracted to bad boys?

1) Of course, let's talk about the handsome bad boys. They may look retarded but at least they aren't too ugly. No. Young teenage girls won't go for ugly bad boys. So good looks matters. Generally, around 12-18, teenagers are not very mature yet. They do silly things that get them in troubles. They still think it's cool to do it. The more they do it, the more girls they get... Whyyyyy? Let's not forget that some bad boys used to be good looking good boys who turned bad when they got too much attention and girls started to throw themselves at them. Like villains in movies, they started off normal and when they got too much power, they fell into darkness. Same story. But I'm not saying bad boys are like Darth Vader.

2) Girls Love Glory
For some girls, dating a bad boy can be seen as a challenge. Why would the school's #1 sexy hotshot wants to date you? You gotta have something the guy wants. So what's it is? People will start gossiping and create lots of noise. Some girls like to be in the spotlight. You can't blame them. Everyone wants to be famous. Some just do it differently. Also, girls like to flirt with danger. They think they can be the special one who can save the bad boys from their secret darkness. It's like... a fantasy girls develop. "He treats everyone like crap but not me. I am his special person." That's probably why Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey are popular among the female population. The main heroine is the only one the handsome protagonist ever wants. Bella (and whatever-her-name-is... Anastasia?) eventually helps Edward (or Christian) out of his misery. Big whoop! Girls go gaga over that. I myself am not easily moved by such cheesy plot and cliche characters but many girls are. They lack exposure to literature. Sadly. Anyway. Next!

3) Seduction
One of the main features bad boys have is that they are very good at charming people. They whisper sweet-nothing to your ears and turn you into goo. They are the Don Juan. Once they get what they want, they dump the girls. It's obvious. Bad boys have their reputation to upkeep. They don't want people to think they are "attached". No, that would sound horrible. Almost too horrible. That's why they move constantly from girls to girls like changing clothes. So from a good boy's perspective, bad boys are the ultimate douchebags. They get the girls but they don't give a damn.

You may ask me: 'I'm a good guy, I treat the girls fairly, why won't they want me?'

Answer: Some girls like good guys but most girls will be like "but you are soooo booooring. I'm young and I want to have fun! You are not fun at all! Why would I date you when I can date Don Juan who is so interesting?" Now, I am not saying you must all turn into bad boys the next day. From experience, I know plenty of good guys who are super interesting. They get their girls later on... why later on? Why not when they are in high school or something. Why later? Next point says it all.

4) Natural Selection
Girls like capable men. It's instinct. Even in animals, females only mate with powerful males. If a male lion loses to another male lion, the winner lion kills all the cubs. That sucks. Imagine you must witness some douchebags kill your kids  because your useless husband can't put on a fight. Same goes for humans. In prehistoric period, you need to have an independent man to survive. The guys had to go build a hut, hunt wild animals (Can you imagine a fat bum chasing after a deer?) and go to fight rival clans. They want men who have the highest survival rate. Who wants to mate with a loser who fails in everything and leave you all the burdens? The same apply for men about women. You want to date sexy women who you subconsciously relate to: She can birth me good children. The bigger their boobs or wider their curves are, the more you lust after them. Now that you kind of understand, back to bad boys. You probably realize that in school, bad boys are pretty popular. Why? Natural selection. Nowadays, men don't have to prove themselves as much as before so...? So for young girls, they associate bad boys as someone independent and worthy. Bad boys just seem so wild, strong and confident that girls just can't help but go weak in their knees.

Girls are just attracted to men who they deem worthy. Once they mature, they realize swag and bad boy stunts won't get them good reputation. Bad boys won't give them big cash. Bad boys can't provide them the ideal life they wanted so badly. What now? The answer is they turn to the good boys who used to be very nerdy and boring. Good boys studied a lot and so they become successful. Being successful, it means lots of cash inflow. You hear it so often. Women (not girls anymore) love money. They do anything to have money. Why? Because now that we don't need to go chase deer and build our own huts. Money does all that for us. So obviously, women want money. It sort of compensates for the lack of manliness in men these days. Before: strong husband = high survival rate. Now, having lots of money = better survival rate. The need for capable men suddenly didn't sound so necessary anymore (now that women too work).

So what are you supposed to do as a man?
If you really want to get the girls... be assertive. Don't be a pushover. It's not attractive at all. My advice is: be good boys. Eventually, women will come to you. They will realize they want men who treat them fairly (something bad boys might lack). In the end, people just want to be loved. Even bad boys. Even your grandma, your dogs and hamsters.

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