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Showing posts with label camera mug. Show all posts

7 January 2013

Do You Know about Camera Thermos Mug?

When I saw it on the Internet, it was like Love at First Sight. I had to have it. It was too beautiful and unique that I must have it. So my dad got it for me on my Birthday along with other gifts so I'm ubber happy. He bought it on DealExtreme for those who are interested. The shipping is free worldwide. My mug arrived after 6 weeks upon shipment. We thought the supplier had sailed it but on the package, it said it was air mail from Hong Kong... strange. Anyway, it's a lovely piece of work. I absolutely love it! The long wait is worthy.

I took the moment and parade my proud collection of Play Arts Kai figurines. To know more about where I got them, at what price, and how awesome they are: Click here!

I'm very satisfied with the thermos mug. It's very steady. The quality is very good. It looks so sick and cool. Even the little wordings of brands and details on the side of a regular camera zoom are there. I'm very, very impressed. I realized there are also different materials at hand here. There are plastic and some rubbery belts hugging it (the place you typically use to twist and zoom). Top notch details. 
I showed it to many of my friends and they are all as impressed as me. 
Really, this is a fantastic purchase and thank you dad for this magnificent gift. I love it. 
Gonna bring it everywhere with me. I can troll people with it. Pretending to take a picture of them and go *Yao Ming meme* and drink from the lens just to mess with them. Wicked! 
Again, I have to voice how much I love this cute mug. 
Perfect for winter & hot choco. 

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