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Showing posts with label coffee. Show all posts

10 September 2014

Do You Know About Cat Cafe?

Alright guys, we finally have our first cat cafe in North America -Montreal, Canada. So you can imagine how thrilled everyone is... like super excited about. My facebook newsfeed was all about "Omg it's happening" to "Omg when is it opening?" a month ago. Little to people know, the Cafe Des Chats is already opened. At least the first one near Sherbrooke metro. 3435 Avenue Saint-Denis, Montreal.

It's funny because I didn't know a cat cafe was already opened. You know why? Because all we heard in publicity is Cafe Chat L'Heureux and not Cafe Des Chats. Waaaaat? I didn't even know Cafe Des Chats existed?!!!! And are you telling me there will be TWO cat cafes? I am telling you there's one already open and the other is on the way. I'm not sure if they both belonged to the same owner but whatever is going on... the owner of Cafe Des Chats really needs to snatch public's attention before Cafe Chat L'Heureux opens... because that place is all everyone has ever heard of and is anticipating on visiting. If any of you have any cool gossips, write them in the comments below. We would like to know more. Thanks.

Back to the subject...So I am here to enlighten you that YES there is a Cat Cafe already in business in Montreal (and they are within walking distance between each other... huh? yup! Competition might gonna be fierce! Rawr!) If you want to cuddle a cat, go there! Or wait until Cafe Chat L'Heureux is open. It's up to you.

So as a pet lover, I visited Cafe Des Chats (and will visit Chat L'Heureux when it opens eventually.)
It's located on Saint-Denis avenue, which is the hub-hub of fancy restaurants and beautiful little boutiques, at the heart of Montreal. For visitors, please visit that street. It's not too touristic and locals love to dine there. Trust me. You'll like it.

This is the entrance... it says "The Cat is King"... so it's safe to say that the cats there are getting the real pampering of their lifetime. Everyone is going there just to love them. How awesome is that? 

It's a great place for couples and friends. The ambiance is quiet and peaceful, with occasional cats crawling on your table... love it. 
The menu is a bit small, maybe they will expand it later. Don't panic. They have your usual coffees alright. They have Expresso, Meowchiato, Catpuccino, Americano, and bottled soda, ice tea, and some desserts. The price range is from $3.50 to $4.95 if I remember correctly.
I ordered a Meowchiato but I am not a big coffee drinker. So I can't judge if the taste is exceptional or not. You will have to try it yourself and let me know. 
The innocent little kitten... This poor little fellow is hiding under the chair, away from all the fabulous attention it is getting. Like I said earlier, they are definitely not left out. There were like 8 cats for 15 tables. Everyone wants to pet them! Hide yo cats, hide yo back, we wanna pet ya' all!

 This cat is majestic. Despite its grumpy looks, it tolerates your petting. :P

The chill spots for lazy cats. 

 The kitties are friendly. They don't scratch if that's what you are worried about. They will let you pet them (who doesn't?). The store also lets you use cat toys to bait them into playing with you. As shown above, the cashier playing with the cat... or rather trying to get the cat down and away from the fragile cups. 

This cat is really pretty. Totally elegant. Its fur is so soft. 

This is where the cats eat their meals. The place is a bit gloomy but it is expected. It's the place for the cats to rest. They have entertained you enough. Time to relax. Being with people can be exhausting. I don't blame them. They are real champs/hosts.

Sleep now, random kitten. This one will lick you if you go near. :)

Les Café Des Chats on Urbanspoon

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14 September 2012

Beautiful Malaysia (Part 2)

Let's continue with our adventure in Malaysia! Now, we will explore the more trending areas! What kind of food you can find and fancy places Malaysians go. So let's follow this path and see what lies ahead...

This is a seafood restaurant right next to the sea. It's a gorgeous short path. As you walk on the planks, it's like you enter another world. The soft waves rolling beneath the 'bridge', rocking the little boats fastened on the shore... just beautiful. I didn't actually eat there, just passing through. If anyone is interested, the restaurant is located at the end of Gurney Drive (Penang). It's a shore where locals and tourists go to enjoy the breeze and gaze upon the horizon.

For this week, I will show you a very popular cafe shop chain calls the Old Town. Yes, it's one of the hyped places the older folks go because the meals are more expensive than the side-walk food stalls. Surprisingly, you can find the brand Old Town Coffee at an Asian grocery store in North America! My mom absolutely loves that brand and would drink just that! The currency is about 3 times cheaper than Canadian dollars. So let's look at Garlic Butter Toast which costs RM 3.30. It would be approximately $1.10 Canadian! It's so cheap to stuff ourselves silly there with delicious food!

You get to see how the chefs prepare your meal. It's like Starbuck-ish... Old Town specializes in coffee. So I was surprised when they served the local food as well! Like in North America, we eat muffins with coffee. In Malaysia, you eat a proper meal with coffee. How interesting is that? Different culture, different style!

This is the traditional tea in Malaysia! It's called the Teh Tarik! Super fragrance. It's like a mixture of sweet tea and coffee. Strongly recommended to try out. No need to add our own sugar or milk. it's all in there. Gorgeous and all! They even served with the traditional saucers! I love it!

I know this post is pretty short... that's because I'm preparing a biiiig post for next week. You're going to love the upcoming posts. Here is one sneak peek of Paradise on Earth! Oh la la~

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