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Showing posts with label devil may cry 4. Show all posts
Showing posts with label devil may cry 4. Show all posts

9 August 2013

The Immature Hunting Adventure of Play Arts Kai Boys

Well, it has been ages since I last updated on my Play Arts Kai and I have gotten quite a few now. Today, I have some free time and decide to let the boys out for some adventure. Therefore, we are having Raiden (Metal Gear), Nero (Devil May Cry 4) Snow, Gabranth and Squall (Final Fantasy)
Our guest is my pet baby dwarf rabbit, Timber

The boys set off on an adventure to tame the wild bunny that has been terrorizing the forest.

Raiden: I am ready for battle on my fabulous high heel boots (seriously... those heels are weird)

Snow: Holy shit! Wild weeds. Awww yiiisss (and I really need to mow my yard)

Snow: Screw adventure, I am going to be lazy sitting up on this laser machine. Pew Pew mofo.

Nero: Goddamn it Snow! Get your lazy ass down here.

Gabranth: Seriously guys, Raiden went off by himself.

Squall: I really don't give a shit about anything.

Raiden: Come here bunny, bunny.

Raiden: Aw shit, I am stuck on mud. Help guys? .. Guyyyys?

Nero: AUUUGGHHHHHAAAA! Shit guys, it's after me! Omg... it's barging in! Oh my goooooddd.

Timber: nom nom nom. Mini human flesh.

Nero: Assist, guys! Assist!

Gabranth: Fear not, brother. I shall slay this creature as it stands. 


Raiden: This is bullshit. I miss out on all the actions and my fabulous boots got mud all over. Worse. Advenure. Evvveerrr.

Well hello, boredom. I love taking photographs of my figurines on my free time. It has been awhile since I last got the chance so I am really happy. 

I will be attending Otakuthon (Montreal, Palace of Justice) Saturday August 17 2013. I will dress up as Ada Wong from Resident Evil 6. Let's see how much my cosplay will fail/impress. So if you recognize a rabid Ada Wong cosplayer raving on the figurine section... chances that she is me. Just scream Era and I will turn around. LOL. I will be glad to meet any of my blog reader. Looking forward to meeting you!

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13 January 2013

Play Arts Kai Review: Nero, Gabranth & Squall

I've decided to take the boys (Play Arts Kai) out to play in the snow. They are just so cool posing there. Besides, the lighting was perfect. I mean it brings out the cold atmosphere. I particularly like Nero's photos. His colors blend very well with the snow. They are the first who stepped on the virgin snow in my backyard.

Awesome Play Arts Gabranth and Nero posing. I lost Nero's sword in the woods (when I was photographing him among the autumn leaves... sad...). He just has his gun left which I forgot to put it on him. Still, we had a great time freezing our feet off. Gabrath's wicked swords posing. 

Gabranth is very worthy for the same price as the other figurines. I mean his armor is just siiiick. Squall looks dull in comparison. But Squall has a special spot in my heart since he was the very first Play Arts Kai I bought myself. Then I was gifted Nero from Devil May Cry 4 by my amazing friends on my birthday. So they all have the same importance to me and I love them all equally. I'm like their mommy... or pimp. Hahaha.

Didn't I tell you? Nero's colors are fantastic with this lighting. It makes him so much more alive. His clothes look so real than he would look like a real man if I took a pic of him from far away. 

Nero is like "I'm sexy and I know it." My beautiful boy~

Nero fell into the snow. So freaking cute. "Save me... woman... stop taking embarrassing photo of me in misery. My honor... what would Dante say?" Speaking of Dante, I really should get a Dante too... just to spike Nero. Troll Era Fey.

I nicknamed Squall the lost, pretty boy. He looks so confused. Gosh his blue eyes are so pretty. They are like... sparkling with life. So beautiful. 

I was posing him with his gunblade when he toppled backward. Dayum...

And there you go. My harem of very expensive and gorgeous boys. I will be posing more photos of them in different places when I have the chance.

I also bought Jeanne (from Bayonetta) and Snow (from Final Fantasy) and will be reviewing them shortly. Stay tune for more Play Arts Kai reviews, or you can check out older reviews in the link below.

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20 October 2012

Nero Devil May Cry 4 Play Arts Kai (Part 3)

So I brought Nero dearest with me on my trip to Ottawa, Capital of Canada. I think he had more fun than I had. So we visited the Museum of Fine Arts there. There was this huuuuge spider structure outside the museum. You can see in the photos that the spider is about ten times a regular person's height. Imagine little Nero there. He was like an ant.

Spider vaguely in the background, slowly approaching Nero from behind....

The Spider is getting closer... Nero is still unaware of the danger...

The Spider is now right above Nero!!!! NERO TURN AROUND!

 Nero turns around and gasped. "Oh snoooooppp~"

Behind Nero (next to the Museum of Fine Arts) is a nice church where a couple had just married minutes ago. They had driven away in nice beeping jeeps. It was a cheery moment. 
Nero then escaped the giant spider into the Museum of Fine Arts...

This is how Nero was found when I took him out of my handbag inside the museum. 
Nero: Oh for the love of God, what now? Don't tell me she wants to take my pictures again? I should be paid for putting up with this nonsense!

So there you go, Nero posing like a boss. I didn't dare to take him with real artwork (since camera are forbidden). Anyway the lobby-ish place is pretty wicked. The ceiling is really something when you are actually gazing at it. Like I said, Nero had fun in Ottawa. 
Nero, what are you doing? Nero. Staph. 

Nero: I think I'm lost. I'll still look cool for reputation sake. Does this angle make my ass looks bigger?

You notice the tulips banners in the background? Ottawa is very famous for its tulip festivals. In front of the parliament, you see a whole stretch of tulips. Absolutely gorgeous. 
I thought it would be cool to take Nero with a Canada flag. People must be looking at me weirdly. I look absolutely like a hardcore otaku with Nero Play Arts Kai and a camera. I didn't even see where I was going. I was constantly searching for cool places so I can show off Nero. Hohohoho! 

Stay tune for more Play Arts Kai reviews, or you can check out older reviews in the link below.

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15 October 2012

Do You Know Devil May Cry 5?

Stop whining people. It's not like Capcom forces you to pick between the old DMC and the new DmC. They are just trying to release new ideas to make the game live. Dante from DMC is done with his story already. He defeated Vergil. Done. Then we have Devil May Cry 4 with Nero. I remember people used to bash Nero and yada-yada. But you have to understand, Capcom is sort of mentally preparing you for DmC. Already in DMC 4, you spent most of your time playing Nero, less of Dante. Dante appears here and then to troll Nero. He wasn't a main character anymore. I think that is a good move. Sometimes, when a hero's story is done. It's done. No point trying to drag him into another adventure that makes fans feel as though they just got slapped across the face with a sloppy pizza. Think of DMC 4 as a transition between the old DMC to DmC.

Here are some of my favorite artwork/screenshots of DMC 4. Aaah the looks in their eyes. So fierce.
The people who creates DMC can't go on making Dante do the same thing in different setting. I think that's why they develop DmC. They know fans are going to be surprised. They know some will judge it. They are willing to take that risk. That should mean something. I would rather them taking this approach than recycling old cliches.  

Anyway, I happen to like the design of Dante in DmC 5. Granted, this young man is no longer our favorite sex on leg Dante who loves pizza. Let's give this game a chance, shall we? There are people dedicating their time and money to make this game a success so I don't think we should just bash on it because it looks slightly different. Accept changes and go with the flow. Again, you aren't forced to like just one version of the game. Just enjoy both version and be a happier person. There. Problem solved.

Besides, the young Dante doesn't look bad at all. A bit brooding for my taste but his design is appealing. 

I suppose this is a trailer that shows more information than the gameplay trailer. You see Vergil and Dante teaming up in DmC. It's going to be interesting. By the end of the trailer, I also sense a split... dun dun duuuun~
I love the graphics and I would definitely give Devil May Cry 5 a try when it is released. Can't wait!

Oh and I've gotta show you my favorite DMC 4 scene. It's the epic battle between Dante and Nero. I absolutely adore it. Oh. Just pure awesome. The fighting. The moves. The humor. Nero is like an angry kitty. Awww.

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14 October 2012

Nero Devil May Cry 4 Play Arts Kai (Part 2)

I can't believe I smuggled Nero (Devil May Cry 4) with me to my family trip. I admit... I was behaving like a little kid who is so attached to her toy she won't let go. When I took Nero out from the luggage at the hotel, my mom was facepalming. LOL! I am that immature. For the rest of the trip, I had him in my handbag so I could take pictures of him anywhere. Yup. I would love to bring Squall and Gabranth along but I don't dare to push my luck. XP 
Anyway, this post is dedicated solely on Nero Play Arts Kai!
Nero rolling in autumn leaves. So. Freaking. Happy. 
Nero: Hurray! I love dried leaves and Canada!
I am envious of his freedom. If I were to start rolling in leaves in public...nahh
Nero: This tree is so fascinating... philosopher mind.

We are actually at a playground. I am way too obsessed with Nero to care about the children running around. I am the cute-fiction-boys-pedo-noona. Absolutely harmless. The lighting was perfect for photography so why not? Beside, I was really excited to take his pictures. He looks so handsome I just have to do it asap! Seriously, you have to admit, he looks good. Really. Uber. Good. *grin*
Nero terrorizing children in the playground. 
Like I mentioned in my older post, Nero is super stable. For far, he hasn't broken a single limb despite my rough handling (sometimes). So I am very pleased with Nero's design and quality. 

RAWR~ so sexy! Nero holding his Blue Rose and Red Queen. The second picture is absolutely gorgeous. The sun was shining his legs but the torso is in the shadow... *throw confetti*
We are actually at the capital of Canada (Ottawa) for Thanks Giving. A beautiful, peaceful place with lots of trees and lakes. I was like omg... if I live here... I will be taking photo of my boys every single day. I wish I had brought Squall and Gabranth along. They would have had an epic battle in the children's playground. Oh well. 

 Next week, it'll be aaaalll about Nero's adventure combatting a gigantic spider. Here is a sneak peek! Teehee!

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6 October 2012

Nero Devil May Cry 4 Play Arts Kai (Part 1)

My collection of sexy men has just increased by one! So for my birthday, my friends collectively bought me Nero from Devil May Cry 4! OMG Thank you guys! For those of you who follow my blog, you probably know how much I wanted Nero from my ranting on Gabranth's post. When I opened the present, I was like OOooooOOohhh Noooo, you guys didn't do thaaattttt! I hate youuuu~ You are sooo nasty surprising me like that (while grinning and squealing like an idiot) I am very happy to have wonderful friends. Let's see what Nero has in store!

So yup! Squall and Gabranth, welcome your new friend Nero! 
The first thing I noticed when I placed these hotties together is that Nero is bloody tall! Squall dwarfs him like 1 1/2 head! Well... Nero has long legs! *wink*
This picture is so baws! Gabranth looks ready for battle. Squall is sulking and brooding as usual. *pat pat* you are now the shortest... Nero is like Awww Yeaaaah~ I'm sexy and I know it!

Nero out of the [genuine] box while after eating birthday cake. He is lovely! I was immediately in love with it when I lay eyes on him. I had wanted him for so long. After a few disappointment snooping around the internet, my friends bought it for me! They bought him from Geekplastiq for $39.99. So in total, it should be around $65. True friends are amazing. *wipe tears* Fear not my friends, I will be taking lots and lots of pictures of Nero and his new buddies.
Nero is like "Whatever. I'm out of here!" ------>

New update: I would recommend people trying out Geekplastiq. The customer service is TOP NOTCH! The owner had just contacted me to thank me for blogging about their product. I think that is a very polite thing he did. I talked to my friends who bought Nero, surprisingly, they knew who I was talking about because they had contacted him before (for questioning). Apparently, Geekplastiq answers your questions very quickly. Overall experience: FANTASTIC!

His figurine is awesome. Very detailed and steady. Unlike Squall (most fragile of all 3), Nero is easy to 'stand' and twist around. His waist, lets, thighs can go 360. The only thing I was a tiny winy bit sad is that because he is sooo sturdy, his articulation is kinda limited. His arms aren't open or move around as much as Squall and Gabranth but still movable. You can probably tell just by looking at his elbows. Sooo firm and sexy. I hate how his hair blocks his beautiful eyes. *table flip*

One thing I absolutely love about Nero is his clothes. Mother of God, his outfit is amazing! They felt rough, not all plastic-ish, and it's sooo cool. It's like real leather except it's probably some sort of rubber. The texture on his clothes is Aaaamazing. Though his pants are too stiff compare to Squall's sexy pants.

I couldn't decide which shots I like best so I post them both. The camera angles gave out 2 different atmospheres and I really want to show you guys the differences. 
Nero is pretty serious as a figurine. He looks way too mature than his baby-face in DMC 4. I love how his coat is bellowing (frozen forever in that position). 

Oh yeah. Nero slashed Squall in half...
As I said, Squall is the most fragile of the 3 so his body tends to detach... which my eye twitched whenever it happens. Thank god for ball-joint! It always pains me to plop him back. Y U SO FRAGILE SQUALL? You already look like a girl, no need to behave like one... Man upppp.
Nero turning on Red Queen... Brooom! Brooom! Nero! I wish there's fire coming out from his sword. 

 Gabranth joined the stabbing. Poor Squall. he is still fighting the 2 foes. Fighto my pretty boy!
You see Nero's demonic hand. The detail is amazing. You can twist the hand around. Oh and his human hand has a small bum sticking out so that you can poke it through the sword (has a hole). That way, you don't have to force the sword on his delicate hand. Just stick into the hole and voila. lololol The same applied to his Blue Rose (gun). Interestingly, his back has a similar an edge that you can hook the Red Queen (sword) on. Super special awesome. (See top pictures for that position)
If you want to sell how Nero articulates, there are reviews on Youtube. Me? I'm just bragging about Nero and take pretty pictures of my boys! XD

O.K. Squall gave up. Lower the gunblade. Poor Squall... I bully him way too much. That's because he looks so fragile and feminine... mouhahahaha!
I know Nero's arm looks a little bit weird but it's actually normal. I tried to pose the same way as he did and my arm did that awkward bend. 
Again, you can see the difference between the 3 figurines. Gabranth is the most shiny! Love his armor!

Nero: Ok dude, stop stabbing Squall. He probably is going to cry and brood forever after this.  

We threw a sad funeral for Squall with wild weeds... I mean beautiful yellow flower and clover... 
Nero makes a good mourner. He looks almost TOO sincere in his mourning. The color is so beautiful in this picture. Nero's costume is naturally this colorful. 

Nero: ENOUGH! Stop. Taking. My. Pictures. Woman! Or I will go Devil May Cry on you!

Overall, Nero is a splendid figurine. He just looks so cool. I didn't do any photoshop (an essential skill I should learn one day...) so if you want to buy Nero, you won't regret it! He is prefect! ...and hot. 
The gang and he are gonna stay forever by myself. I can't imagine giving them away. My precioussss. I would like to thank my friends for gifting me this expensive figurine. Love you guys! 

Nero Part 2
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