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Showing posts with label farmville. Show all posts

29 October 2012

Do you Know Awesome Games Parodies

O glorious Youtube... I had come upon many horrors thanks to Youtube. Haha! Well, I'm sure most of you had once in your lifetime entered the "weird part of Youtube". Sometimes, there are hidden goldmines there that people didn't notice. Anyhow, I found some interesting (though may be inappropriate to some) and funny video game parodies that will brighten your day... or not. 

Be warned. You might get traumatized, well more like "AHHH MY EYES BURN!"
I am not responsible if you had a heart attack or an epiphany.
Oh and of course, the following videos might not suit your humor... I showed it to my dad and ... he was like "Okay... am I supposed to laugh?" Sad Era Fey is sad...

Allow me to present you Gamer Poop Skyrim #5
Contain inappropriate contents, actions, words. 
My friend sent this to me and I think I laughed till I had tears in my eyes. Talk about awkward moments! Oh, Manslayer and his Gamer Poop, and transvestite Skyrim men. Ah... my guts. I have never played Skyrim. Now I am not even sure if I want to try it. LOL. But if ever I do play Skyrim, it will be to laugh at those characters. How did Manslayer do to get the characters to behave that way? I am so curious. Nevertheless, despite the inappropriate jokes, he did a wonderful job.

Favorite scenes in there: 

Boy talking to soldiers. The soldier's reaction is priceeleessss.
Black dude with soldier. FAVORITE EVER. The lines, the actions... everything. The punch was a beautiful final touch! No pusssIIIEeeEeee~ *falcon punch*
The last scene was just CRINGING. I was like Oh. My. God. What... WHAAT? Hahahaha. 

Next, we have Amnesia, the Dark Descent. Mod: Crack with Nyan Cat, Troll-face, Pedo Bear!
Fear not. It's not scary. How can it be scary with cute Nyan Cat?
I love the gamer's reactions throughout the walkthrough. 

Favorite Parts:

The plank and Stephano's scene: STEPHANOOOOOO! I laughed pretty bad at that one. 
Nyan Cat's appearance. Nyan nyan nyan~ the dude was like "He has rainbow coming out from his asshole, holy shit" LOL I noticed that too! At first, I was like ... wait... is that what I think it is?
Gamer: Ahhh I'm singing a song! *got killed by man with Nyan Cat head*
Pedo Bear's appearance. "HI KIDS" with the happy song. OMG, that was just pure hilarious. 

Ever get annoyed by those Facebook game invites? Watch Tobuscus's Farmville. He sympathizes with us.

Favorite Lines:

"This game pushes the limit of the imagination... BACKWARD!"
"FARMVILLE CASH! Worth as much as real money after it's accidentally dropped into a VOLCANO!"
"What? You found a golden chicken? Post it on Facebook to ALIENATE YOUR FRIENDS!"

Now, before I end this very interesting blog post, I will show you my love. 
Prepare your diddly-hole. Ready? Go! Watch Vegeta expresses his love.
Admit it. You laugh. You have to. 
Alright, that's it for this week's DO YOU KNOW! Did you have fun?

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Definitely leave your comments below. If you have other parodies, SHARE THEM! I want to know!