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Showing posts with label food. Show all posts

30 July 2013

Wonderful Singapore (Part 1)

Have you ever been to Singapore or wanted to go? I'm sure many of you had heard that Singapore is a very strict and organized country. Well... you didn't hear wrong. Heck, the Singaporeans themselves are aware of that and made fun of it. This is what you'll find most in souvenir stores.

This is Singapore's Technology Mall. I bet it's all computer geeks' favorite place to hang out. Look at all the brands and variety the mall has!

Be sure to visit the mall when you visit Singapore.

Then we went to the Singapore zoo (The night safari? I don't quite remember. We went too many zoos!) So here we are with the snake charmer. The yellow one was sleeping after being fed. So the snake charmer let us have the green buddy. I was pretty brave at first, having the snake around my shoulder. Then it started to coil its tail around my neck. I thought I was going to die. Thank god it was just giving me a teasing squeeze. If it was hungry... I don't dare to imagine. Overall, quite fun.  

Next, there's the Fish Pedicure. It was a little bit awkward feeding fish your dead skin. Anyway if you are new like me, you start with the little fish. It's less ticklish. The big ones might nibble your toes away... just kidding. 

You can feed the friendly sting ray with fish meat ($3 per cup).
Look how cute it is! It's like smiling. If I remember correctly, there are two types of sting rays there. One on the left and another breed on the left. How to feed them? So you pinch the meat between your fingers and place your palm against the glass. The sting ray will come and nibble it off. Don't worry. It doesn't bite you. They are super uber friendly. When they close up on you, you can feel the soft texture of their belly. An amazing experience. 

Pretty color changing jelly fish. When one in the tank changes, the others quickly imitate it and change. A beautiful sight to witness. They are like glowing. So pretty...

We tried out this strange activity. It's a tobagan I believe. Basically it speeds down the hill really quickly. This photo is taken at the beginning of the ride where drivers practice how to control the wheels. Then at the end of the line, you get to take the lift back to the starting point. It will probably take hours to walk up that hill by foot. As you can see, it is quite high. I was so scared of falling over. Haha. Silly me. As you ride along, you are granted the magnificent view of the harbor.

Beautiful, isn't it? Next week, we will see the fun side of Singapore and places you can go!
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11 January 2013

Misoya Sushi Review

Misoya is probably one of the most underrated Asian restaurants in Montreal. The food is extreeemely delicious. The outside doesn't look very attractive because of the part of a bigger store next door but you should never judge the book by its cover. My family went in there and booooyyyy, it's quite homey. It's tiny and cute. The waitress was very friendly. There was no other customer beside us so they dedicate all their love in their food. Result: very yummy. 
They serve both Korean and Japanese dishes which are quite authenticated. We had bimbimbap, sushi and some udon tempura shrimp noodle soup (<---- definitely delicious. Must try it)

 Delicious tea. It has a very 'beautiful' taste to it. I can't quite explain. It's just ... beautiful. The taste. I know it sounds weird but it was like a soft layer of creamy feel when you drink it. You have to try it yourself. 
I know I say this many times already but the food is allll amazing. I have never been to a restaurant where I just want to eat every single thing and was sad that my stomach is tiny. The miso is very smooth. The tofu is carefully diced and the ingredients are well cut. 

Ok enough of vintage photos. I didn't bring my camera so I used my dad's phone and I was like "oooOOhhhh it has cool features so we had fun trying those out. So the following pictures are not up to my usual quality. I like natural and pretty. Hohoho... I have an unhealthy love towards my camera. Kidding.  

The sushi are very fresh and delicious. Having worked at a sushi franchise as cashier, I have my fair share of knowledge when it comes to quality and freshness. (Tips for freshness: to know if the sushi is good, look at the state of the avocados. If the avocados are beautifully green with no brown area, it's very fresh.) 

The tempura shrimp is very crunchy and everything was just pure delicious. The sushi rolls are also well rolled (not loose. The ingredients are falling apart.) Overall sushi: A. I will definitely go back again. 
 I love how they decorated the wasabi. They made it looks like blooming flowers. Quite cute. 

 The green salad was okay. I am more fond of their wakame salad (below). The sauce they dipped the wakame in was sweet and yummy. Oh geez, I am getting hungry just by looking at all these pictures as I am typing right now (and I just ate!)

Don't let this soaky appearance disappoint you. It's soooo good. The tempura is so crunchy. The udon noodles are smooth like silk. I love it. Even though it's my little brother's meal, I kept stealing some when he wasn't looking. That's how good it is! I'm not even kidding. Next time when I go back, I am bringing in a crowd so that everyone can order something different and we can all try out their other meals. I bet they are alllll delicious. If you are in Montreal and have a love for Asian food, go to Misoya. 
You won't regret it. 

Misoya on Urbanspoon

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23 November 2012

Indian Buffet Maharaja Review

Where to find good Indian food in MontreaL? You definitely should try Maharaja Indian buffet! It's located at the core of downtown.  I have taken pictures of their different variety of curry and interesting desserts! I have to say, it was quite an mouth-opening experience I had. Now let's see what kind of food they have!

I love the interior decors. It's quite oriental with a few Indian statues, sculptures, paintings...etc. You find bits of cool artifacts in the restaurant. Really. As you can see, the decors are quite lovely. There is a big solarium section on the right side. It is a nice atmosphere for quiet couples or extremely noisy young adults (ahem... my friend threw a party there... and we were pretty loud. Sorrryyy)

This is where the chefs cook live. When I went there, he was probably taking a break after making those crunchy crepes (pretty sure I am not using the right term.) As you can see, it's quite a big space for a buffet kitchen. I'm not quite sure where they cook their food, could be here... maybe. You will have to visit them at the right timing to tell.

Now, I absolutely love this. I had to wait for the chef to leave his post so I can take a picture of this. I felt awkward asking him to be in the picture... solution: Wait till he leaves! Now this is where he makes the crepe. Then he dips the crepe into a sugary sauce. It's very tasty. Kinda like how dipping it in maple syrup. 

Mother of curry... There were sooooo many kind of curry I had no idea which to pick! So I chose the butter chicken curry and some lamb peas. I also tried the spicy beef curry. If you are scared of spiciness, don't worry. The curry are not spicy. They tell you on the tag if the curry is spicy or not. So read and taste.

Look at them! They are so fresh and steaming! Wonderful, isn't it?

Now onto Maharaja's dessert! This is their puddings. They seem to pride themselves in it. There are always this one guy who kept rearranging them and filling up the empty space. 

In my life, I had never seen blue and green jello. So I had to take a picture of those jellos! 

This is my dessert dish. On top, there's vanilla, chocolate and green tea flavored ice cream. I LOOOOVE the green tea one. So delicious. Then you have the colorful jello. Then the two mysterious desserts. I had the most fun tasting those peculiar desserts. They are so different from cakes and normal desserts I am used to. The one on the left is some sort of soft marshmallows dipped in milk. It's actually very good. Then in the middle, I guess it's a pudding. I didn't quite like it. I have no idea what flavor it was since it was like nothing I had eaten before. There are also rice pudding but I was too stuffed to try that out. People said it was good so we will take their words for it. 

Apparently, these are fried cheese! I was staring at it floating in sweet sauce for some time. Wondering how on earth can Cheese look so bad yet taste so good! It's not burnt. Nooooo. It actually very soft when you bit on it. Inside, it's beige color... it's like donuts...

Another Indian dessert that seem so strange. My friends were like "Are those radiated Pretzels?" LOLOLOL. My Indian friend told me that these are liquid that was solidify and fried. I had a taste. It was very sweet and juicy (since it used to be in liquid form). To be honest, it tasted like melted popcorn.

My friends and I had a great time lunching there. The waitress was very attentive to our demand. She didn't leave the water jar unattended. She kept coming to fill it up and clean up our plates. Pretty good service if you ask me! I had two plates of curry and one plate of dessert (you saw above). I was stuffed! Quite delicious. Like I said, if you want to try out curry, go to Maharaja. There are so many variety for you to try. You don't have to waste money to buy one particular curry flavor at food court. With a bit more, you can try as many types as you want there at Maharaja.

The Maharaja Indian Buffet prices:
Monday - Wednesday $12.99 (lunch) $16.99 (dinner)
Thursday - Sunday $13.99 (lunch) $18.99 (dinner)

Buffet Maharaja
1481 Boulevard Rene-Levesque Ouest
MontrĂ©alQC H3G2H5
Buffet Maharaja on Urbanspoon

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2 November 2012

Shabu Shabu BBQ Korean Restaurant

I had passed by this Korean restaurant everyday and saw a lot of people dining in there so I decided to give it a try. The interior decors is quite superb and neat. The place itself is quite spacious and the seats are comfy. The food is also huge in portion. The waitress was very friendly and smiley. Overall experience is pretty good. Now let see what we ate!
As you can see, the atmosphere is splendid. I went there during lunch so I missed out this beautiful sunset. The lighting was nice too during the early afternoon so no big lost! Ah... again just by looking at this place, I feel all hungry again. Hehe. Another cool thing about Shabu Shabu Korean BBQ is the golf stimulation. There is a section in the nice corner of the restaurant with a TV and a golf set (game). I didn't exactly have the chance to see it properly but I thought it was quite a cute idea to include the golf stimulation.
Disclaimer: The three top photos are taken from Shabu Shabu's official website.
So we ordered 3 BBQ dishes (1 Samgeopsal & 2 Bulgogi) @12.95 each and a short rib soup with some transparent noodles called Galbitang ($11.95). They gave us plenty of sidedishes + 4 rice (4 people). I love the tea they serve. Very delicious. Fragrance but not too strong. Just perfect.

You can see the sidedishes and the plate of 2 Bulgogi combined. The sidedishes have some potatoes, kimchi, seaweed (very yummy) 
That is the plate of 2 orders of Bulgogi combined. So it is around $25.90. The portion is huuuge. My dad and I nearly stuffed ourselves to finish it. Don't let the view deceives you. Let your stomach decide once you actually finish the whole plate. By far, it is very worthy compare to other Korean restaurants I had been too. I went to this shabby looking Korean restaurant in Chinatown once. The food is good but the portion is not sufficient. We probably ordered the dish twice and were nowhere near as full as we did with Shabu Shabu. 

This is the Galbitang. It's not very big but it's just for the taste. :) We ordered it for my little brother so it's good enough for a little fellow. 
3 beautiful strips of Samgeoupsal (pork belly). Aren't they beautiful? 

Well, this is what the end product looks like. You see a bit of Samgeoupsal on the top and a bunch of sizzling Bulgogi. I took this shot so that you can see how wonderful those sizzling bubbles are. The smell is incredibly delicious. The low flame that keeps everything hot and fresh. I would definitely return there again! 

Great news is that while doing research for this blog entry, I went to their website and saw they have free coupon to giveaway. (I wish I saw it earlier... *sulk*) Well, good for you readers! To make your life easy, I embedded the official website link in the picture so just click on the picture and off you go! Enjoy!

6180 Saint-Jacques Map.1da4c0b 
MontrealQC H4B1T6
Shabu Shabu BBQ Corea on Urbanspoon

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Leave your comment below. Those are some fineeee looking meals, aren't they? Ooba Ooba! Or share your experience on other Asian food with me! I would love to learn more!