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Showing posts with label fun. Show all posts

30 July 2013

Wonderful Singapore (Part 1)

Have you ever been to Singapore or wanted to go? I'm sure many of you had heard that Singapore is a very strict and organized country. Well... you didn't hear wrong. Heck, the Singaporeans themselves are aware of that and made fun of it. This is what you'll find most in souvenir stores.

This is Singapore's Technology Mall. I bet it's all computer geeks' favorite place to hang out. Look at all the brands and variety the mall has!

Be sure to visit the mall when you visit Singapore.

Then we went to the Singapore zoo (The night safari? I don't quite remember. We went too many zoos!) So here we are with the snake charmer. The yellow one was sleeping after being fed. So the snake charmer let us have the green buddy. I was pretty brave at first, having the snake around my shoulder. Then it started to coil its tail around my neck. I thought I was going to die. Thank god it was just giving me a teasing squeeze. If it was hungry... I don't dare to imagine. Overall, quite fun.  

Next, there's the Fish Pedicure. It was a little bit awkward feeding fish your dead skin. Anyway if you are new like me, you start with the little fish. It's less ticklish. The big ones might nibble your toes away... just kidding. 

You can feed the friendly sting ray with fish meat ($3 per cup).
Look how cute it is! It's like smiling. If I remember correctly, there are two types of sting rays there. One on the left and another breed on the left. How to feed them? So you pinch the meat between your fingers and place your palm against the glass. The sting ray will come and nibble it off. Don't worry. It doesn't bite you. They are super uber friendly. When they close up on you, you can feel the soft texture of their belly. An amazing experience. 

Pretty color changing jelly fish. When one in the tank changes, the others quickly imitate it and change. A beautiful sight to witness. They are like glowing. So pretty...

We tried out this strange activity. It's a tobagan I believe. Basically it speeds down the hill really quickly. This photo is taken at the beginning of the ride where drivers practice how to control the wheels. Then at the end of the line, you get to take the lift back to the starting point. It will probably take hours to walk up that hill by foot. As you can see, it is quite high. I was so scared of falling over. Haha. Silly me. As you ride along, you are granted the magnificent view of the harbor.

Beautiful, isn't it? Next week, we will see the fun side of Singapore and places you can go!
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21 December 2012

My Collectibles on Shelf

For those of you who are interested in collecting little cute things to decorate yourself, this is a post for you! If you aren't the type, scoop around. I will be talking briefly about the collectibles I have and how I acquired them. I probably spent more on them than my other purchases. That should speak volume.
I painted the ceramic dragon at a place called Ceramic Cafe years ago. It was pretty pricey. About $20 an hour to paint there... and it took me 2 hours. Yup. I'm crazy. Basically the ceramic sculpture is already provided. There are teddy bears, motorcycles, vases...etc. I picked a Dragon One. Instead of painting it just one color, I applied many 'gentle' colors on it. Then you leave your sculpture with the store for a week. They will 'bake' the ceramic. Apparently, the store likes my Baby Dragon a lot and even photographed it to add into their album. I'm sooooo proud! *shameless bragging*
Votre piece a ete photographiee et apparaitra peut-etre dans notre livre d'idees! Pour vous remercier, voici un coupon de 5$ applicable sur votre prochaine visite.
It translates to: 
Congratz. Your work is photographed and may appear on our album for ideas. To thank you, here is a $5 coupon that is applicable on your next visit.
Boy, my poor parents have to tolerate my gloating for the rest of the day. 
Oooh, another piece of work I love! I folded this stormtrooper. It took me about an hour. I downloaded the picture from a Deviantart account and I was like "Alright, time for some crafting!" I'm pretty proud of it. :)

On the left, you see my 3 year-old brother's artwork. My dad helped him glued the pieces but it's still super adorable. I asked them to give it to me. Haha. The pink music box is also a soap box. I got it from a Canadian retail store called Winners for $14.99. Then the jar of colorful bubbles was bought from Malaysia for $10. You would of course recognize Gabranth and Squall since I talk about them sooo much in my other posts. They are $51.98 and $38.79 respectively. My precioussss...

One cannot ignore Eustass Kid. I bought him for $4.75. One of the best right-on-spot decisions I had done in my life. I was staring at him for the longest time at Otakuthon. I think the lady was getting annoyed with me because I was like ... OMG OMG OMG! then I walked away... and went back OMG OMG OMG! Yeah, I can't believe I EVEN hesitated. Love this figurine with all my heart! Flawless, very detailed and perfect. Even his grin looks sexy and evil! Kyyaaa~

I bought this artistic craft from a street merchant during my trip to Singapore. I bought it for $10. It was too cool to ignore. LOL queen of spending money on collectibles! Singapore has lots of interesting craftsmen, so does Malaysia and Indonesia (bought some wooden little people, totally cool)

Anyway this is just a small part of my collection. My computer shelf is just desk-sized. Just the tip of the iceberg. Wait till you see the others in my room. Hohohoho!

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19 October 2012

Montreal Amusement Park: La Ronde! (Part 2)

We are back to La Ronde! Now it is getting a bit colder but it doesn't stop people from lining up hours for the ride of their lifetime! Here you see the ball slingshot (the arc-like structure). You seat 2 people in one ball and they SHOOT you up in the air. I was like ohhhhh myyyy goooooddddd just by looking at the thrill-lovers. Crazy I tell you. Next to it, it's the Ferris Wheels and another ride which I will explain later below. You can also see the lake within La Ronde (an island by itself).

Now this is the mild ride called the Toboggan I believe. Pretty relaxing. Appropriate for little kids and family. It brings you uuuuup at fort-like-structure and flows you down. WeeeeEEEEeeeee!

Among many food areas, it is my favorite place. It gives you a sense of Western Cowboy atmosphere. It's after lunch hour, so it's pretty vacant since everyone is lining up for their favorite rides.

Like I say, awesome atmosphere. The bar is also pretty nice. There's a cool cloudy smog in the air like the type you see in cowboy tavern... totally wicked!

I ordered nachos. It's $12 but with my awesome season pass coupon, 50% off! Aw yeah! I'm a little bit disappointed by it because half of the nachos were burned. What the... sad.

A panoramic view of the food court.

This is a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the breeze (with people's cries of terror in the air LOL)

I'm going to introduce you my favorite ice cream at that place, the MINIMELTS! O. M. G. It's soooo delicious. I wish they sell them everywhere! I bought this banana-split for $6 (expensive but worthy). I just have to show you guys how beautiful and fantastic it looks and tastes. Are you drooling now? 
Anyway, I might return to Laronde for Halloween! Boy, I'm sure that place is going to be wickedly decorated! Woohoo! Stick around.

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15 October 2012

Do You Know Devil May Cry 5?

Stop whining people. It's not like Capcom forces you to pick between the old DMC and the new DmC. They are just trying to release new ideas to make the game live. Dante from DMC is done with his story already. He defeated Vergil. Done. Then we have Devil May Cry 4 with Nero. I remember people used to bash Nero and yada-yada. But you have to understand, Capcom is sort of mentally preparing you for DmC. Already in DMC 4, you spent most of your time playing Nero, less of Dante. Dante appears here and then to troll Nero. He wasn't a main character anymore. I think that is a good move. Sometimes, when a hero's story is done. It's done. No point trying to drag him into another adventure that makes fans feel as though they just got slapped across the face with a sloppy pizza. Think of DMC 4 as a transition between the old DMC to DmC.

Here are some of my favorite artwork/screenshots of DMC 4. Aaah the looks in their eyes. So fierce.
The people who creates DMC can't go on making Dante do the same thing in different setting. I think that's why they develop DmC. They know fans are going to be surprised. They know some will judge it. They are willing to take that risk. That should mean something. I would rather them taking this approach than recycling old cliches.  

Anyway, I happen to like the design of Dante in DmC 5. Granted, this young man is no longer our favorite sex on leg Dante who loves pizza. Let's give this game a chance, shall we? There are people dedicating their time and money to make this game a success so I don't think we should just bash on it because it looks slightly different. Accept changes and go with the flow. Again, you aren't forced to like just one version of the game. Just enjoy both version and be a happier person. There. Problem solved.

Besides, the young Dante doesn't look bad at all. A bit brooding for my taste but his design is appealing. 

I suppose this is a trailer that shows more information than the gameplay trailer. You see Vergil and Dante teaming up in DmC. It's going to be interesting. By the end of the trailer, I also sense a split... dun dun duuuun~
I love the graphics and I would definitely give Devil May Cry 5 a try when it is released. Can't wait!

Oh and I've gotta show you my favorite DMC 4 scene. It's the epic battle between Dante and Nero. I absolutely adore it. Oh. Just pure awesome. The fighting. The moves. The humor. Nero is like an angry kitty. Awww.

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12 October 2012

Beautiful Malaysia (Part 4)

Last week we talked about the food and the temples, now we are going to see how their malls look like and the interesting craze they had there! Malaysians loooove Baskin Robbins. Do you know that? I certainly had no ideaaa! When I saw how in love they were, my jaw dropped. Seriously... read on to be surprised!

Next, we see the malls. The architectures in the more luxurious malls are very impressive. 

I was surprised to find a Forever 21 all the way in Malaysia. I thought it was a North America franchise... guess I am wrong. 

Baskin Robbins. My goodness. That franchise is going MORE than successful in Penang. It's crazy how people lined up to buy Baskin Robbins. I am not too sure but apparently on a certain Wednesday of the month, you can buy Baskin Robbins on a little bit of discount. This is what it looks like. A bit of discount and gazillion customers. It's crazy. I mean I look at the price and it's not as if it's free. It is still quite expensive for any Tom Dick and Harry to buy it as though ice cream is going extinct! I have no words to express the disbelief I had experienced standing there, watching everyone fighting for ice cream. 

Anyhow, leaving that aside, it was quite an experience! Ouff!

 This is another shopping mall we visited was Straits Quay. Granted, this is a mall for the rich. Everything there is super expensive and the interior looks like a top-notch hotel. I went there during work hours so of course, it's very deserted. Also, it's far from the super crowded city and it's located on an artificially made beach. Very gorgeous. The atmosphere is soul-relieving. Do go!
A relative opened a nail polish/design shop there called the Blossom Nail Spa. Omg... the service is excellent. I was pampered like a queen. I definitely give the shop two thumbs up!

If you shop at that mall, I swear you will feel like you own a big manor in the mountain, waking up to the sea every morning. Beautiful place.

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Next, we will be visiting the beach! Omg. The beach is like none other! It's breathtakingly beautiful. What better beach to go other than an entire island designed to be a vacation beach island? Stay tune and subscribe for more!

Sneak Peak of Paradise:

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8 October 2012

Do You Know Patapon?

Patapon is one of the cutest and unique PSP games I have ever played. We bought a PSP because we wanted to play this game! You have to try it out... or at least know what it is about!
While I am not the patient time to play a slow game, this game is surprisingly fascinating. It's a little bit boring watching people play but when you play it... boy! It's amazing! I speak from experience. Basically, your little eyeball people move as you drum along with the music. If you are off beat, they will be awwww... The game is pretty straight forward and easy. You don't need to be a music expert to play the game.

(Disclaimer: The pictures are not mine. Just a bunch I took from the internet. I would have screenshot them myself but ... I'm dead lazy.)

Absolutely adorable. My dad and I both enjoy this game very much. It's not very violent so kids and grandma can play. No sweat. You might thing it's like Angry Birds but it's not exactly the same. The art is a tiny bit similar but that's it. Angry Birds is more much more merciless than Patapon lol. Poor piggies are just there hiding in their ruined houses. Anyway, I highly recommend Patapon to anyone. Give it a try, you will love it.

Here is Patapon 2 trailer~ soooo cute! 

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