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Showing posts with label ice cream. Show all posts

23 November 2012

Indian Buffet Maharaja Review

Where to find good Indian food in MontreaL? You definitely should try Maharaja Indian buffet! It's located at the core of downtown.  I have taken pictures of their different variety of curry and interesting desserts! I have to say, it was quite an mouth-opening experience I had. Now let's see what kind of food they have!

I love the interior decors. It's quite oriental with a few Indian statues, sculptures, paintings...etc. You find bits of cool artifacts in the restaurant. Really. As you can see, the decors are quite lovely. There is a big solarium section on the right side. It is a nice atmosphere for quiet couples or extremely noisy young adults (ahem... my friend threw a party there... and we were pretty loud. Sorrryyy)

This is where the chefs cook live. When I went there, he was probably taking a break after making those crunchy crepes (pretty sure I am not using the right term.) As you can see, it's quite a big space for a buffet kitchen. I'm not quite sure where they cook their food, could be here... maybe. You will have to visit them at the right timing to tell.

Now, I absolutely love this. I had to wait for the chef to leave his post so I can take a picture of this. I felt awkward asking him to be in the picture... solution: Wait till he leaves! Now this is where he makes the crepe. Then he dips the crepe into a sugary sauce. It's very tasty. Kinda like how dipping it in maple syrup. 

Mother of curry... There were sooooo many kind of curry I had no idea which to pick! So I chose the butter chicken curry and some lamb peas. I also tried the spicy beef curry. If you are scared of spiciness, don't worry. The curry are not spicy. They tell you on the tag if the curry is spicy or not. So read and taste.

Look at them! They are so fresh and steaming! Wonderful, isn't it?

Now onto Maharaja's dessert! This is their puddings. They seem to pride themselves in it. There are always this one guy who kept rearranging them and filling up the empty space. 

In my life, I had never seen blue and green jello. So I had to take a picture of those jellos! 

This is my dessert dish. On top, there's vanilla, chocolate and green tea flavored ice cream. I LOOOOVE the green tea one. So delicious. Then you have the colorful jello. Then the two mysterious desserts. I had the most fun tasting those peculiar desserts. They are so different from cakes and normal desserts I am used to. The one on the left is some sort of soft marshmallows dipped in milk. It's actually very good. Then in the middle, I guess it's a pudding. I didn't quite like it. I have no idea what flavor it was since it was like nothing I had eaten before. There are also rice pudding but I was too stuffed to try that out. People said it was good so we will take their words for it. 

Apparently, these are fried cheese! I was staring at it floating in sweet sauce for some time. Wondering how on earth can Cheese look so bad yet taste so good! It's not burnt. Nooooo. It actually very soft when you bit on it. Inside, it's beige color... it's like donuts...

Another Indian dessert that seem so strange. My friends were like "Are those radiated Pretzels?" LOLOLOL. My Indian friend told me that these are liquid that was solidify and fried. I had a taste. It was very sweet and juicy (since it used to be in liquid form). To be honest, it tasted like melted popcorn.

My friends and I had a great time lunching there. The waitress was very attentive to our demand. She didn't leave the water jar unattended. She kept coming to fill it up and clean up our plates. Pretty good service if you ask me! I had two plates of curry and one plate of dessert (you saw above). I was stuffed! Quite delicious. Like I said, if you want to try out curry, go to Maharaja. There are so many variety for you to try. You don't have to waste money to buy one particular curry flavor at food court. With a bit more, you can try as many types as you want there at Maharaja.

The Maharaja Indian Buffet prices:
Monday - Wednesday $12.99 (lunch) $16.99 (dinner)
Thursday - Sunday $13.99 (lunch) $18.99 (dinner)

Buffet Maharaja
1481 Boulevard Rene-Levesque Ouest
MontrĂ©alQC H3G2H5
Buffet Maharaja on Urbanspoon

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Leave your comments below. Share your experience on food with me! I would love to learn more!

19 October 2012

Montreal Amusement Park: La Ronde! (Part 2)

We are back to La Ronde! Now it is getting a bit colder but it doesn't stop people from lining up hours for the ride of their lifetime! Here you see the ball slingshot (the arc-like structure). You seat 2 people in one ball and they SHOOT you up in the air. I was like ohhhhh myyyy goooooddddd just by looking at the thrill-lovers. Crazy I tell you. Next to it, it's the Ferris Wheels and another ride which I will explain later below. You can also see the lake within La Ronde (an island by itself).

Now this is the mild ride called the Toboggan I believe. Pretty relaxing. Appropriate for little kids and family. It brings you uuuuup at fort-like-structure and flows you down. WeeeeEEEEeeeee!

Among many food areas, it is my favorite place. It gives you a sense of Western Cowboy atmosphere. It's after lunch hour, so it's pretty vacant since everyone is lining up for their favorite rides.

Like I say, awesome atmosphere. The bar is also pretty nice. There's a cool cloudy smog in the air like the type you see in cowboy tavern... totally wicked!

I ordered nachos. It's $12 but with my awesome season pass coupon, 50% off! Aw yeah! I'm a little bit disappointed by it because half of the nachos were burned. What the... sad.

A panoramic view of the food court.

This is a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the breeze (with people's cries of terror in the air LOL)

I'm going to introduce you my favorite ice cream at that place, the MINIMELTS! O. M. G. It's soooo delicious. I wish they sell them everywhere! I bought this banana-split for $6 (expensive but worthy). I just have to show you guys how beautiful and fantastic it looks and tastes. Are you drooling now? 
Anyway, I might return to Laronde for Halloween! Boy, I'm sure that place is going to be wickedly decorated! Woohoo! Stick around.

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12 October 2012

Beautiful Malaysia (Part 4)

Last week we talked about the food and the temples, now we are going to see how their malls look like and the interesting craze they had there! Malaysians loooove Baskin Robbins. Do you know that? I certainly had no ideaaa! When I saw how in love they were, my jaw dropped. Seriously... read on to be surprised!

Next, we see the malls. The architectures in the more luxurious malls are very impressive. 

I was surprised to find a Forever 21 all the way in Malaysia. I thought it was a North America franchise... guess I am wrong. 

Baskin Robbins. My goodness. That franchise is going MORE than successful in Penang. It's crazy how people lined up to buy Baskin Robbins. I am not too sure but apparently on a certain Wednesday of the month, you can buy Baskin Robbins on a little bit of discount. This is what it looks like. A bit of discount and gazillion customers. It's crazy. I mean I look at the price and it's not as if it's free. It is still quite expensive for any Tom Dick and Harry to buy it as though ice cream is going extinct! I have no words to express the disbelief I had experienced standing there, watching everyone fighting for ice cream. 

Anyhow, leaving that aside, it was quite an experience! Ouff!

 This is another shopping mall we visited was Straits Quay. Granted, this is a mall for the rich. Everything there is super expensive and the interior looks like a top-notch hotel. I went there during work hours so of course, it's very deserted. Also, it's far from the super crowded city and it's located on an artificially made beach. Very gorgeous. The atmosphere is soul-relieving. Do go!
A relative opened a nail polish/design shop there called the Blossom Nail Spa. Omg... the service is excellent. I was pampered like a queen. I definitely give the shop two thumbs up!

If you shop at that mall, I swear you will feel like you own a big manor in the mountain, waking up to the sea every morning. Beautiful place.

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Next, we will be visiting the beach! Omg. The beach is like none other! It's breathtakingly beautiful. What better beach to go other than an entire island designed to be a vacation beach island? Stay tune and subscribe for more!

Sneak Peak of Paradise:

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28 September 2012

Montreal Amusement Park: La Ronde! (Part 1)

Buckle up! We're in for one hellavu ride! Welcome to Montreal's thriller island: La Ronde! You heard it right! The freaking ISLAND is one paradise for family and young people to hang out and chill! So La Ronde... sweet La Ronde. Every kid-teen-young adult's fantasy world. The price is expensive about $50. I managed to buy the early seasonal pass for $48. Wooohoooo. Totally worthy. With the season pass, you can have 3 free passes! How cool is that? It also comes with a bunch of other coupons for cinema, Beavertails, nachos...etc. Craaazy!

So onto what's La Ronde alllll about! You guys are all here to see what are the rides, right? 

This is Ednor. You are hanging off the trails. You aren't sitting the ride like traditional roller costers. You are like overgrown bats dangling off the rails on straps. Then it goes on high speed, spins you around. I was laughing like a maniac the whole ride! All you hear are scream of terror and my hysterical laughter. 
I. Love. Thriller. Rides.

This is a view of the amusement park-island from above (sitting on another ride to take these photos). What you are seeing is the Saint-Laurent River. Montreal is located in the middle of a gigantic river. The island on which La Ronde is on (Jean Drapeau) is a tiny island beside Montreal.

This steel beauty is the MONSTER. It's crazy. It brings you inside the colossal structure and you are like "WHOA! Where are we? OMG my head is going to smash against the steel! NOOOOO" Yeah that's my reaction. Many people share my fear. That's what Monster is famous for. The line up for this buddy is at least 1 1/2 hour.

This super awesome roller coaster is the newest thriller ride called the Goliath. It's gorgeous to look at and scary as hell to ride on. Look at how steep the first part! At the right side of the photo, you see a flat semi-circle right? You think it's all safe and happy, right? Well, it wasn't! You are 90 degree from the ground! You are like "Holy Cow... I'm going to call off... I see the light!"

The front view of the DROP. See how steep it is? CRAZY! It's almost a free fall! I sat on the front row twice. When it drops, you feel your whole butt levitate from the seat. Holy shit.

This one is another exciting ride called the Vampire. Like Ednor (from above), you are strapped by your shoulders and off you go! From down here, all you see is people's legs sticking out of the ride. It's funny to look, scary to ride! Woohoooo~
The photos are too heavy so I had to split this trip into a few parts. Next week, it will be about the other more... passive rides and the awesome food section at La Ronde!

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