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11 September 2012

One Piece Chapter 681 Review

Oh my God... this chapter was amazing as expected of One Piece. Oda sensei doesn't drag his plot on and on forever. Each chapter actually has good, revealing mini-plots. That's what I like about One Piece. So this week's release is earlier than usual so I will do the review today instead of my usual Wednesday. 

A quick recap from last chapter, Sanji is battling Vergo who we discovered today that Vergo is an ironman... Tony Stark you have some explanation to do...
Then we have Luffy and Smoker confronting Ceasar and Monet.
And Trafalgar Law's mysterious plan to turn Punk Hazard into a 'hazardous' place. 

To see Smoker get kicked around by Law is somewhat disturbing and satisfying. I'm such a sadistic fangirl. I just love how Law is so calm and analytic about everything. Oda sensei really successful in showing the characters' personality subtly. The characters are so alive on their own. Sometimes I forget they are born from a genius's imagination. Go Law show us what you got!


This revelation makes me want to give Doflamingo a high five. (probably get killed afterward)
Before we have a brief idea that Monet knows Joker (Doflamingo) but now it's confirmed. It's interesting that his subordinates are aware of the danger yet they obey him. That gotta show something about Doflamingo. I just love that pink sadist. 

 AWWWW YEAHHHHH~ THAT EVIL SMIRK WINS MY HEART! TAKE IT! JUST TAKE THE GODDAMN HEART, you heart surgeon. That evil smirk just won me over again and again.

I can soooo imagine him with sunglasses on and say a CSI Miami pun joke. 
CHALLENGE: Which of you are witty enough to come up with a CSI Miami pun joke? (I certainly can't) 
Taken from Tumblir

Anyway, do you guys think the new yonko is Doflamingo? It's quite possible! I mean Law was his subordinate and now is rebelling against him. That's probably why he wants to defeat a 'mysterious' yonko and Luffy is completely okay with the choice! Omg... Oda! Let this prediction be trueeee!

That's it for this week One Piece Review. Don't forget to Like the Facebook (that's where I share hilarious 9gag posts, One Piece awesome pictures, fanarts...etc)
Thanks for reading this guys, you're the best

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10 September 2012

Do You Know about This Blog Facebook Got Locked Out?

Have you ever got locked out from your Facebook? Oh yes, it happens to me. After reading many articles on blogging and ways to improve traffic, I followed their guidance and created a Facebook account for this blog only to have it locked out. *Facepalm* Seriously, I was just getting started. I put on the cover page and a troll face as my profile pic (lol... karma) for the heck of it. So I was happily uploading pictures of Squall, I got kicked out of Facebook. Utterly confused, I logged in again. Facebook kicked me out once more and locked down the account. I was like .... what just happened?

I tried again and again to log in but the lock-out persists. I then tried to change my password and Facebook thought I was the suspicious looking one. Wuuuuuut. They wrote something like "You want to change the password when the account for locked down? Suspicious..." *Cry* Then they wanted me to prove my identity via ID... I was like 'no way I'm handing my ID info to Facebook of all people!' So I just let it be and hope Facebook pity me and let me have my account back.

From a pessimistic point of view, the account was just minutes old when it got locked down. So there's no 'friend' I can use as security questions. AUGH! I haven't even had the chance to set up security questions when I got locked out... frustration. (That's why I am ranting it here... hope the issue will be solved soon)

From an optimistic point of view, the blog had nothing. Just a bunch of Squall's pictures that I'm sure the internet won't mind having. There's hundreds of his pics on the net anyway. I bet fangirls would love the addition. But then again, they might not see the photo since I was 'uploading' them when I got kicked out. I never had the chance to click on the "publish" button. So I guess that account was pretty blank.

Nevertheless, I'm still slightly worried why the hacker was trying to do to my blog Facebook account? The account was so new they might as well create their own account. lol.

Sigh... now I am waiting for Facebook to unlock it from its temporary lock-down.

I really hope it's not a mean hacker. Please let it be a Facebook glitch. Seriously. My friend is worried that the hacker might be my blog's competitors. I just chuckled. "My blog? Rivals? Haha! Since when did I get famous enough to have haters? I just started blogging and mind you... I'm super nice. So why the hate, hackers? Why hack me, a nobody called Era Fey when there's a big shot celebrity called Tina Fey with almost the same name?" Of course, I don't wish for this annoying problem to befall on Tina Fey. In fact, I wish this to nobody at all! I think it's quite possible that it's just a Facebook technical glitch. However, if this is the work of a hacker... then he really needs to get a life and a falcon punch from me.

Oh! While I was searching up fellow Facebook users who are locked out on Google, I stumbled upon this nasty youtube video which teaches you how to lock people out of their Facebook! OH NO THEY DIDN'T TEACH PEOPLE THAT! AUGGGHHH *RAGE* Do they even know how frustrating it is to the innocent users? I'm not that worried about my account since I didn't do much with it yet but to other people... facebook could easily be their life! Those immature pranksters are screwing with people for fun! Don't tell me they don't deserve my falcon punch and nut kick!

Anyway, please don't let it be a hacker or a hater. Also, I'm really glad for my friend's support throughout this stressing moment. Always good to have someone who listens to your trouble while you rant on and on about injustice and your attempts to maim the villains.

I swear you guys better appreciate the LIKE Facebook button you see on my blog eventually because I went through blood and sweat for it. If you don't... *narrow eyes* I might look small but I'll hurt you! Nah...

News update: I just recreated another account with another email last night.

Also, if anyone out there had this locked out problem before, please share your experiences in the comment section... I'm sure many other distressed Facebook users would love to hear them out.

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9 September 2012

Shingeki no Kyokin

There are just so many manga out there and you don't know which to try out? Well, you come to the right place. I have been reading manga for a decade now. So don't worry, I know my stuff. Now skipping those super mega popular manga, I would like to recommend you some really good manga that are obscured to many (a pity, really because they deserve all the likes).

Now, this week's manga will be particularly gory but bear with me. It's totally worthy. The story plot catches my attention (gotta be quite a feat consider how picky I am when it comes to good story plot). Do not let the art discourage you. I'm going to throw you a few pages from the manga. You don't have to read the manga right now. Just enjoy the teaser and be freaked out.

Note: This manga is not for faint heart. If you get freaked out easily, please skip this and wait for next week's manga recommendation. If you have a heart of steel, then let this manga impress you... Allow me to present you this week's Other Anime: Shingeki no Kyojin by Isayama Hajime...

Yes, you must be wondering who are the mysterious enemies the soldiers are fighting? Read on and be freaked out! An invasion had started... the 'enemies' are coming and destroying your world...
The first time I read this, I thought my soul went away. It's surprisingly scary! I mean you see the regularly drawn characters then this weird-looking gigantic man-eating titan appears. My brain wasn't quick enough to digest the shock when it happened.
Then our beloved hero grew up and became all vengeful towards the strange specie that devours human unconditionally. Note: They don't need to eat humans to survive. They just do it for fun. D:
Can you starting to feel the tension building up in you? The desire to know what's happening next? What are the people going to do to get out of their terrible predicament? Can you imagine if you are one of those unfortunate people?
A very touching scene...Heroic Eren saved his friend Armin from a certain death but he himself was less fortunate. Well don't panic, since this is part of the early chapters, main characters can't just die so quickly (though a whole bunch of secondary characters died). He DID get eaten.
It's a gory scene but you just can't help but find this scene beautiful. A tiny glimmer of hope in that mad world. A titan fighting another titan to save humanity. 

But this scene was uplifting. It felt much like looking at the physical manifestation of humanity's anger...

Beautifully expressed. The definition of "Sweet Vengeance". 

For those who are dying to know who this mysterious titan is, I will tell you. [SPOILER AHEAD!!!]

Beautiful, isn't it? The arm reaching to stop the canon from destroying his dearest friends. Yes. You are correct. The handsome titan is Eren who was supposedly eaten by a rogue titan. Why is he so special to survive being eaten? 

That's it for this week's Other Anime. You can also give your manga recommendation by leaving it/them at the comment section below.

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7 September 2012

Beautiful Malaysia (Part 1)

So summer is almost over. I just want to show you a trip I made to Malaysia. It's a beautiful place with a whole different culture and lifestyle. The place in part 1 took place on a small island called Penang. Fly to Malaysia and feel the fun!

When my family landed, it was night. This is how dawn looks like in Penang. You notice the mixture of green and concrete. It's not uncommon in Penang because there are still villages every here and there though the number is quickly shrinking. Old villages are being demolished to build new apartments and shopping malls. 

You can see the coconut trees (yes Penang is famous for their coconuts that seem to be able to grow just anywhere).  You see the little villagers walking about in their village. Children playing tags around the trees. The roads in the villages are very narrowed, so only motorbikes can squeeze through, making it not so dangerous to play on the roads. 

Beautiful pool on above ground level. At night, lights will shine from the bottom upward. It's gorgeous!

 Now we are at the "wet market" meaning it's not the supermarket but the natural "village-ish" marketplace. Merchants sell all sorts of things there: Meat, vegetables, snacks, local dishes, cute accessories, pirated stuff. Locals who are familiar with the prices are able to bargain like crazy. Here we see a vendor who is selling coconut juice. Yummy!

This is one super delicious pastry that I strongly recommend any tourist to try out. It's called Ban Chang Kuih. It's like pancake except it's super crispy. It has flour, butter, coconuts, peanuts and corns. Oh god, sooo good! My favorite snack ever! You can buy a big size for RM 0.80 (that's like $0.25)!!!! Super cheap and super good!

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See you then!

5 September 2012

One Piece Chapter 680 Review

For this week's One Piece Review, we will be looking at ch 680! So Don't you agree that this chapter is so full of satisfying kick & punch! Let's start off slowly page by page. So right now, Smoker and Luffy are heading towards the C section to fight bigshots' ass, leaving the rest to run away from poisonous smoke. Trafalgar Law is off somewhere to rescue the giant kids and plan their escape. The Straw Hats are riding on Brownbeard as they were too tired to walk themselves. Tashigi and the rest of the G-5 are mourning over the death of their comrades when an expected fiend approaches them.... drumroll! This chapter is going to kick ass! Let's see how the characters are going to own up to their awesome reputation.

Zoro. You are the best. I mean his logic is flawless! Haha, he always says the darnest things... I guess that's why we love his character (aside from his kickass skills and sexy looks). 

I wasn't expecting Vergo to make an appearance that soon. It's really tragic what happened to the G-5. I mean they lost their comrades last chapter and now their respectful idol turned out to be a traitor. What was that bullshit like "One day... you might even be able to care for them" line? But I don't 100% dislike him. I still think he is a cool character despite his betrayal. I wonder what is his background connection with Doflamingo and Trafalgar Law. He seems like a pretty good guy... when he is not evil... (could the good-side be an act?)

I totally wasn't expecting Sanji to kick Vergo. It was after a few seconds that I was like "Ah... I forgot how much a lady-man he is!" Still pretty brave of him to confront a Vice-Admiral. Then again... they are the Straw Hats... they have no fear!
I have a feeling Sanji won't be fighting Vergo for long. Vergo is like a big boss... and big boss should be defeated by bigger boss (I'm not saying Sanji is no Boss but you get what I mean). It just didn't feel right that Sanji should fight Vergo... it lacks something I cannot describe. 
Also they can't continue to fight at that passage since Ceasar is going to poison the place... so will there be a truce while they run (again, somehow that doesn't feel right either). Anyway that's my thoughts, onward!

AWWW YEAH! Here comes the satisfying Luffy-punch! Seriously. Luffy always has the best punch... like with Bellamy at Mock Town, the Celestial Dragon at Shabondy, now Ceasar! I love Ceasar's surprise face. I would too if my two badass enemies appear at my front door. 

Poor Smoker though... he flew all the way to C section (lololol C section...) and Vergo isn't there. I wonder what can else can he do there while Luffy fights Ceasar... Do you think he will fight Monet? What do you guys think? Leave your comments below and we'll discuss!

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3 September 2012

Do You Know How to Think Rich?

I read this excellent book called Secrets of Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. While he tells you some basic concepts, the book still manages to blow my mind.
Here are some interesting facts he wrote:

Rich people chose to get paid based on results.
Poor people chose to get paid based on time.

It's super true. If you think about it, poor students (including me) are paid minimum wage. We know we are not experienced so when our boss offered fixed hourly wage, we are happy to grab it. A job is a job, we tend to say. The truth is that we feel secure by the term "fixed". It's safe. Who cares how the business is going or how hard I am working, I get paid a fixed amount anyway. That can be pretty detrimental to both employers and employees. As employee, you are not motivated. If you are a student and you want to break away from this cycle, go be a waiter/waitress. You get tips! What are tips? Tips are money based on your results! Not time! Woohoo! That's right! Your tips reflects how hard you work. You feel super happy when you get big tips right? So work harder! That's the spirit.
When you are an entrepreneur, your income is based on your results. If you suck at running your business, you get nothing. If you succeed, bye bye poor life and hellooooo sweet big Lamborghini!
However, if you are scared of taking risk (not confident in your own performance) then you work on fixed salary. There, safety!

"Rich people believe in themselves. They believe in their value and in their ability to deliver it. Poor people don't. That's why they need "guarantees"." ~Eker

Rich people have their money work hard for them.
Poor people work hard for their money.

It's cool that you want to work hard to earn money but you got to work smart too! Take an example of a writer John. John works super hard, crashing his brain to think of a purple cow that can appeal to his targeted audience. He wrote like chicken without head to reach the deadline...etc. Yeah, John worked endlessly hard. How will he be rich if he just writes boring story? No. He can be rich when his books spread like wild fire because of his eccentric ideas/plot/characters. That's when our John can sit back and relax. He had worked hard for this. So he is going to let the money(in this case, his bestselling book) works for him. With the money he gained from royalty, he can spend it on advertisement for example. Then the ads will bring in more clients, which will generate him more revenues...etc.
John doesn't need to work hard anymore. He had worked hard and smart so now his money works for him. And he is now filthy rich.

"You do have to work hard for your money. For rich people, however, this is a temporary situation. For poor people, it's permanent. Rich people understand that "you" work hard until "money" works hard enough to take your place." ~ Eker

Pretty neat, isn't it? I absolutely love his book. I read it before I hit university and it supposed that book changes my view of the world. I'm always seeking ways to improve my thinking. I want to be rich. Who wouldn't want to be rich? The question is how to be rich! It's easy to just blurt it out but you need action to get to your goal. You can't win a race if you bum around the starting line. You need to man up and start training like mad then go to the race and run like a horde of hellhounds are chasing after you. Then you can't just run and run (working hard) you have to find ways to outrun/hide from them (working smart) that's when you will eventually reach the finish line and shout to the world: "I HAVE SUCCEEDED!"

Wouldn't you like that? I would. So if you want me to talk more on this particular topic, comment below to let me know... otherwise I will be talking about something else next week. Or you can buy the book. Good luck in becoming rich! Remember. Think like a rich man. Work hard AND smart.

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1 September 2012

Yankee-kun to Megane-Chan

This week's Other Anime Discussion, we'll be viewing Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. It's a slice of life, shounen, comedy, school life manga. While I don't read comedy and slice of life, this manga gets my vote! For the more veteran manga readers, you probably recognize the art and its resemblance to Rave Master and Fairy Tail. Not big surprise. This mangaka (Yoshikawa Miki) is in fact Fairy Tail mangaka's assistant. Anyhow, the art is actually quite distinct once you start reading it. Without further ado, here is a teaser of what the manga is all about!

The story is basically about this group of students having fun in high school. There's no dramatic climax or epic battle with lots of angry grunts but the manga does have serious action time. Sometimes, the fight is comical. Sometimes, it's pure awesome. Brief background info: Adachi Hana was a former delinquent who turned a new leaf. She is now clumsy, silly Student President. Then we have yankee Shingawa Daichi who was once an elite student. Together with their other friends, they show us how much fun studying really is. It's great to inspire lazy students (ahem...me) to study and find enjoyment in it.

Their strategy to stay awake is scary. haha. I'm sure everyone experiences that many painful ordeal times as students. Studying last minute, straining your eyes open and cramming as much info as possible...*table flip* Painful indeed.
TROLOLOLOL I laughed. It's just so cute. 
I told you it's cute and funny. Now the student council is playing an online game to persuade a 'hermit' student (who refuses to go to school and indulges in that game) to come back to school.
LOLOLOLOL yeah. They are hilariously horrible in that game. Nevertheless, they train hard... let's see how our favorite merchant Shingawa is upgrading...pffft!!!
I am soooo going around with bananas and say to random people "And I can sell bananas now!"

For more Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, check out the manga at http://mangafox.me/manga/yanki_kun_to_megane_chan/

If you have any recommendation for next week's manga recommendation, leave it at the comment section before. Don't forget to click on Join This Site on the site bar and click Follow This Blog afterward. See you next week!

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(picture by Anon)