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26 October 2012

Japon Sushi Bar

Looking for a charming sushi bar restaurant? Well, check out Japon Sushi Bar at St-Laurent (Montreal). The atmosphere is perfect. The food are beautiful decorated and the place is perfect for a romantic dinner.  I absolutely adore the contemporary touch the place has. At night, the sushi bar has great lighting ambiance and quiet music. Absolutely breath-taking!

Oh! Isn't the decors amazing! A beautiful touch of contemporary style and a nice Japanese style-ish private room! The decors at night is simply beautiful. I strongly urge you guys to go there when the sun is setting. The light is simply gorgeous, perfect atmosphere for lovely couples. You should also reserve a nice table before you go. Who knows, it might be full. My family called to make a reservation just in case. The waiters are friendly though I find our waitress to be a bit too shy. Nevertheless, the dinner went well. My family had a superb time there.

(Disclaimer: The pictures above are taken from the shop's website. I went there in the evening so the photo won't come out nicely... sad blogger is sad.)

Yummy! Look at those delicious, beautifully rolled sushi!
We were 3 people and we ate $93. LOL. I was so stuffed afterward, I think I can hibernate now. Winter is around the corner anyway! The sushi (5 pieces) are market price, depending on the ingredients. 

We ordered 2 sushi rolls:
Spider -crab: $7.95
Titanic -salmon: $9.95

Then we ordered 3 set meals (pretty big portion): 
$15 (chicken) 
$16 (salmon)
 $32 (Salmon + miso soup + wakame salad + green tea ice cream)

 Since I once worked at a sushi restaurant, if you want good quality sushi, that's the right price. If the price intimidates you, you can always wait for the coupon to come out. Apparently, they do it quite often on a yearly basis. I bought a TeamBuy coupon of $22 for $50 worth of yummy Japanese sushi/gourmet.
No regret, especially with the beautiful decors and handsome waiters (Hohohoh...).
Yay to Japon Sushi Bar Review!

Japon Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

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Leave your comment below. Those are some fineeee looking sushi, aren't they? Yummy!

24 October 2012

One Piece Chapter 686 Review

Chapter 686 is mainly focuses on Zoro's fight with Monet. Finally, you get to see Zoro fights. Everyone already had their turn showing off in Punk Hazard so now it's Zoro's chance. However, as I had predicted, Monet is not Zoro's opponent. Because Zoro is secretly a gentleman who wouldn't hurt a girl. He might be pretty rough with them but he doesn't go as far as wound them. Sanji on the other hand can just exchange some blows but never had the guts to finish the work (his fight with Kalifa CP9 Water 7 arc)
Zoro plans to fight Monet on his own while Nami, Robin and Chopper can go after Mocha and the other children.
Is Monet holding some wooden spears as weapons? Again Zoro looks damn cool in here.

I'm surprised. Monet doesn't have her wings and other harpy features. What does that mean? Does it mean that Monet asked Trafalgar Law to give her those birdie wings? I don't understand. Now that I think about it. Monet is Doflamingo's subordinate. Of course she wouldn't be on the island when Ceasar activated the poisonous gas years ago that ruined many test subjects. So the only thought left is that Monet either somehow had her limbs gone or she purposely asked Law for the implants.

When Monet showed that angry look, I had a feeling she would be fighting Nami. Girls always fight girls in One Piece. Guess I was slightly wrong since Nami wasn't the right opponent. Such a pity, I would love to see them fight. Nami and her climate staff and Monet's snow blast. Now that would be interesting. 

Monet scared the shit out of me when she transformed. I shared the same looks of horror as Chopper. What happened to pretty girl Monet? Women...
Proof that Zoro is secretly a gentleman. Sure he can take the girls on but we know he has a soft spot of the ladies. Sanji would be proud of him. LOL.

I laughed. Oh god. Zoro's surprised look when Sanji charged in, leading the marine. You can't blame him for helping their long-term enemies. 

Hahaha, they are so childish. It's so cute. 

Mother of ... Monet officially scared me nuts. She took a chunk out of the marine! WTF? One of the direct gory details ever in One Piece. Sure you have Law doing his Shambles attack and body parts go flying around but it's not as weird as this scene. Monet just went on full-mode cannibalism! That is so wrong.

 There. The girls-fight we have been waiting for. Tashigi versus Monet. They will be the one sorting out the differences. Zoro can now go fight god knows who. I bet Baby 5 will be dealt with by Nami and/or Robin. Since they are the only girls left to fight Baby 5. So let's see, Luffy will fight Ceasar solo. Smoker fights Vergo. So who are left are Sanji (already battled Vergo), Zoro (fought Monet), Chopper, Brook, Franky and Usopp. So who do you think Doflamingo's other subordinate Buffalo will fight against? Leave your comment below!

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22 October 2012

Do You Know Big Breasts Surgery?

I definitely have to blog about this. A few days ago, a male friend showed me this video and my jaw dropped. Holy cow... how is this even possible to sustain such large breasts? The lady, Chelsea Charms has 164XXX cups. So apparently, her one boob weighs two watermelons. How does she even manage that? The weight must be immense. I'm surprised she is not hunching yet!

I'm not too clear how she did it but she had 3 operations and had some sort of implant (which is banned now) which stimulates her breasts. In other words, her boobs are still growing despite being 164XXX cup. I can't even imagine...

I really want to ask her where she buys her clothes. Not any Walmart or clothing stores have that size... do they? I wonder how her boobs are not sagging under that weight. It's crazy.

She said she sleeps on her back. How? Just... how? Won't the weight crush her? Imagine 4 watermelons pressing on your ribs and lungs. That must hurt. A lot.

I mean in the interview, she looks very nice and charming... and pretty. But the boobs are really distracting just like the female host said. Even as a woman, I just can't help but stare and be horrified. My brain hurts just by staring at them. I think she is a lovely woman but I ... just don't think having that big breasts is a good idea. People will just look at her like a freak and not appreciate her charming character. It's just sad.

I also find it sad that women now are so obsessed with plastic surgery that they would go to such extend. I know more or less why they turn to plastic surgery but this is really extreme. They aren't making themselves pretty anymore, they are just ... in a way ridiculing themselves. I bet men will be happier to have bigger bust girlfriend but that's unfair. Why must women suffer (I'm sure those plastic surgeries come with a big consequences now or later) to please men? Anyway, I am not going to bash those women and men who enjoy plastic surgery. People are free to do whatever they want. I would very much like to say "As long as they are happy", but I find it difficult. I do hope they know what they are doing.
This is the video my friend showed me. 

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Definitely leave your comments below. I'm sure you have tons! I had lots to discuss with you guys too!

20 October 2012

Nero Devil May Cry 4 Play Arts Kai (Part 3)

So I brought Nero dearest with me on my trip to Ottawa, Capital of Canada. I think he had more fun than I had. So we visited the Museum of Fine Arts there. There was this huuuuge spider structure outside the museum. You can see in the photos that the spider is about ten times a regular person's height. Imagine little Nero there. He was like an ant.

Spider vaguely in the background, slowly approaching Nero from behind....

The Spider is getting closer... Nero is still unaware of the danger...

The Spider is now right above Nero!!!! NERO TURN AROUND!

 Nero turns around and gasped. "Oh snoooooppp~"

Behind Nero (next to the Museum of Fine Arts) is a nice church where a couple had just married minutes ago. They had driven away in nice beeping jeeps. It was a cheery moment. 
Nero then escaped the giant spider into the Museum of Fine Arts...

This is how Nero was found when I took him out of my handbag inside the museum. 
Nero: Oh for the love of God, what now? Don't tell me she wants to take my pictures again? I should be paid for putting up with this nonsense!

So there you go, Nero posing like a boss. I didn't dare to take him with real artwork (since camera are forbidden). Anyway the lobby-ish place is pretty wicked. The ceiling is really something when you are actually gazing at it. Like I said, Nero had fun in Ottawa. 
Nero, what are you doing? Nero. Staph. 

Nero: I think I'm lost. I'll still look cool for reputation sake. Does this angle make my ass looks bigger?

You notice the tulips banners in the background? Ottawa is very famous for its tulip festivals. In front of the parliament, you see a whole stretch of tulips. Absolutely gorgeous. 
I thought it would be cool to take Nero with a Canada flag. People must be looking at me weirdly. I look absolutely like a hardcore otaku with Nero Play Arts Kai and a camera. I didn't even see where I was going. I was constantly searching for cool places so I can show off Nero. Hohohoho! 

Stay tune for more Play Arts Kai reviews, or you can check out older reviews in the link below.

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19 October 2012

Montreal Amusement Park: La Ronde! (Part 2)

We are back to La Ronde! Now it is getting a bit colder but it doesn't stop people from lining up hours for the ride of their lifetime! Here you see the ball slingshot (the arc-like structure). You seat 2 people in one ball and they SHOOT you up in the air. I was like ohhhhh myyyy goooooddddd just by looking at the thrill-lovers. Crazy I tell you. Next to it, it's the Ferris Wheels and another ride which I will explain later below. You can also see the lake within La Ronde (an island by itself).

Now this is the mild ride called the Toboggan I believe. Pretty relaxing. Appropriate for little kids and family. It brings you uuuuup at fort-like-structure and flows you down. WeeeeEEEEeeeee!

Among many food areas, it is my favorite place. It gives you a sense of Western Cowboy atmosphere. It's after lunch hour, so it's pretty vacant since everyone is lining up for their favorite rides.

Like I say, awesome atmosphere. The bar is also pretty nice. There's a cool cloudy smog in the air like the type you see in cowboy tavern... totally wicked!

I ordered nachos. It's $12 but with my awesome season pass coupon, 50% off! Aw yeah! I'm a little bit disappointed by it because half of the nachos were burned. What the... sad.

A panoramic view of the food court.

This is a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the breeze (with people's cries of terror in the air LOL)

I'm going to introduce you my favorite ice cream at that place, the MINIMELTS! O. M. G. It's soooo delicious. I wish they sell them everywhere! I bought this banana-split for $6 (expensive but worthy). I just have to show you guys how beautiful and fantastic it looks and tastes. Are you drooling now? 
Anyway, I might return to Laronde for Halloween! Boy, I'm sure that place is going to be wickedly decorated! Woohoo! Stick around.

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17 October 2012

One Piece Chapter 685 Review

Luffy meets Momonosuke, the dragon zoan logia. Of course, Luffy's first thought is to fill his stomach. So typical of him. Haha. The interaction between Luffy and Momonosuke is adorable. The dragon's expression is soooo cute. 
We see Momonosuke, a prideful samurai boy who was kidnapped from his samurai Washu Island. He is detached from the other kids, refusing to eat food and candy (that's why he is not addicted). Instead, he wandered into Vegapunk's old laboratory and ate the Man-Made Devil Fruit which was apparently a failure. Anyhow, Momonosuke escaped from Ceasar and hid in the waste room, hoping to get out and warn the other kids about evil Ceasar until Luffy came along. 

I am 100% sure that is Doflamingo that Momonosuke saw! That grin! That glasses! It GOTTA be Doflamingo! I don't quite understand what is their past together. Unless Momonosuke had seen Doflamingo when he was at the facility, there is no way they could have known each other. It seems too unlikely. So unless they know each other beforehand or Doflamingo sent his fear over from his vacation island to frighten Momonosuke. Wow. 
I hope Oda sensei will explain this appearance of Doflamingo soon. 

So Momonosuke was scared by Doflamingo's apparition in his mind and flew Luffy out of the waste room (as I had predicted last chapter!). I wonder who Luffy is going to fight soon, probably Ceasar since the rest of the crew will handle Doflamingo's men: Baby 5 and Buffalo.

 In D section, Law is watching the fight between Smoker and Vergo, unable to interfere because Vergo has his heart. Smoker gave Vergo an elbow punch! Aww yeah!

The rest of the Straw Hat crew (minus Luffy and Sanji) made it into the R section which was freezing (due to Snow Snow woman Monet). Monet attacked Robin when she tried to slow down the addicted children. Zoro came in and interfered! I doubt this battle will last long since Oda always lets the female characters fight each other. Always. So I expect this fight to end without a deciding victor very soon. 

Again, I can't wait for next week's release. This week's release happens on my birthday! So I am ubber happy! Happy Birthday myself! and belated Happy Birthday to Trafalgar Law on October 6! Hahaha.

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